If you want faster speeds, shout! Daredevil lets loose terrified screams as he slides down a five-storey slide at Azerbaijan Mall

  • Footage shows man sliding down 190ft (58.3m), in Baku’s Deniz Mall. 
  • The slide starts slowly, but it gets faster and faster until the rider becomes terrified.
  • His shrieks become louder as he slides down from the fifth floor slide.

This is when a thrill-seeker runs down a five-storey helter-skelter in Baku (Azerbaijan). 

The unnamed man recorded his ride as he slid down the 191ft (58.3m), long twisting slide.

The rider speeds down the slide from the fifth floor of Deniz Mall, which is 80ft (24.2m).

There are two separate slides in Deniz Mall, Baku, designed for adults and children. The small one for those over the age of seven is on the third floor and the large one for those over 14 is on the fifth floor

Deniz Mall Baku has two slides. One is for children and one for adults. The smaller slide is for children under seven years old, while the larger one is for those aged over 14. It is located on the third floor.

Two separate slides are available at the mall, one for children and one for adults.

The small one for older children is located on the third level, while the large one is for those over 14 years. 

Footage begins with the rider on a mat, setting off slowly.

His shouts begin low pitched but as the ride gets faster, the rider’s squeals get higher pitched as he is clearly terrified.

The video, taken in Deniz Mall, Azerbaijan, has the rider speeding down the slide through the complex, taking him down to the first floor from the fifth

The video was shot in Deniz Mall, Azerbaijan. It shows the rider speeding through the slide, taking him down to floor one from the fifth.

He accelerates through bends in the tubular slide as his screams echo. 

When he gets to the bottom, his screams are so high that they sound almost like a dolphin’s.

The video cuts at the moment he crosses the red barriers at the end of the ride.

Deniz Mall in Baku (Azerbaijan) opened in March 2020. This entertainment, leisure, dining and shopping complex is located in Baku.

It features a flaming tower that serves as the centrepiece for eight star-shaped wings.

These were inspired by Azerbaijan’s national emblem.

The mall has go-karting, a cinema, and many shops and restaurants. 

Deniz Mall in Baku, Azerbaijan, opened in March 2020 and is an entertainment, leisure and dining complex

Deniz Mall in Baku (Azerbaijan) opened in March 2020. This entertainment, leisure, dining and shopping complex is located in Baku.

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