Only four of the original 51 foreign offenders were sent from Britain to Jamaica by a Home Office chart plane. This was after activists attempted to stop the departure of the charter flight.

Criminals were sentenced to a total of 135 year imprisonment, for crimes such as rape and kidnapping, in addition to other ill-treatment. Other were criminals who were convicted of illegal immigration and had no rights to remain in Britain.

Lawyers mounted several challenges that included laws to help people avoid modern slavery. The list was eventually narrowed. An outbreak of Covid at Colnbrook (an immigration centre) led to the deferral of more flight plans.

Last night, activists met a convoy of people leaving Brook House’s immigration removal center near Gatwick Airport. They locked their hands to steel pipes to stop them being deported. This failed attempt and the flight, which could hold 350 passengers, left Birmingham Airport around 1am.

A convoy leaving Brook House immigration removal centre near Gatwick Airport last night was met by activists who locked themselves to metal pipes in a bid to prevent the deportation

Yesterday night activists met with a group of Brook House immigrants who were leaving Brook House near Gatwick Airport.

Leigh Day solicitors’ specialist in migration law tweeted that only five of the 51 people would be expelled. Later, however, she announced that the deportation of her client with high blood pressure, a fractured wrist and other health issues had been delayed.

At the tender age of 10, he came to Britain and was sentenced to an eight year term for kidnapping.

After being identified by county lines drug dealers as victims of trafficking, 51 of the original 51 had to have their removals delayed. Some others were born in Jamaica and have never been to the UK.

Priti Patel expressed her frustration and deep anger in August after murderers and sexual offenders were evaded from deportation during the charter flight to Jamaica.

The Home Office stated at the time that 43 criminals were able to avoid deportation by using’specialist law firms’.

After an explosion of legal cases, seven Jamaican citizens were on board a charter flight that took off from Stansted Airport in the early hours August 11, with only seven others.

Collectively, the 43 people who managed to evade removal were sentenced for a terrible range of crimes including two murderers.

The attempt failed and the flight left Birmingham Airport at around 1am on a plane that could seat 350 people

The attempt failed and the flight left Birmingham Airport at around 1am on a plane that could seat 350 people

Others were also convicted for attempted murder, child, multiple, or serious rape of children, violence, and firearms crimes. Some others were also convicted for drug crimes.

The sentence included a 15-year term for one man who raped a child.

The claims of 18 people were made within 24 hours prior to the departure.

Miss Patel claimed that seven people were removed for being convicted of “violent, obscene and abhorrent crime.”

For offences such as rape and sexual offenses against children, they were sentenced to 46 years imprisonment.

Both were sentenced to minimum tariffs of 20 years each for murder and one was placed in long-term jail for four counts. He was indicted for murdering a young girl under 16 years old.

In August Priti Patel voiced her 'deep anger and frustration' after murderers and sex offenders dodged deportation on the previous charter flight to Jamaica

Priti Patel, a victim of sex crimes and murderers who were evaded deportation by the charter flight to Jamaica in August 2017, voiced her frustration and deep anger.

At the time, the Home Secretary stated that he was determined to change our laws so foreign criminals can’t abuse our system or laugh at us.

Labour MPs had voted in support for all 50 criminals during August. Former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott described the Home Office’s attempts to deport offenders as “racist dragnet”.

All foreign criminals who have been in prison for more than 12 months under Labour’s laws must be deported by the Home Secretary.

The Home Office claims that all foreign nationals who are due to be expelled have had the opportunity to appeal. This includes many cases which are reviewed by courts.

However, lawyers and campaigners sometimes file claims last minute – often employing legal arguments that were not used in a case. These are usually made in an attempt to delay the deportation process. Many people claim that they are protected by human rights laws.

From April 2020 to date, the Home Office has operated 95 charter flight deportation operations, which took place in countries such as Albania, Poland, Lithuania, and Romania.

Stop The Plane spokesmen told Guardian that they reject the legitimacy and use of deportation. This deportation regime is racist and basing on racist ideas of black, brown, and racialized people.

Bella Sankey, Director of Deportation Action, said: “Our deportation laws are in urgent need of reform. It defies common sense and basic decency that people who have grown up here -arrived as babies and gone to primary school & secondary school- should be deported to a country they barely know.

‘It serves no one least of all the traumatised families they leave behind.” 

According to the Home Office, “Those with no rights to enter the UK or foreign national offenders should not be in any doubt that we will take all necessary steps to get them out.”

“This is what people expect and this is why we frequently fly to other countries.

All immigration removal centers have 24-hour medical support, which includes independent doctors, nurses and healthcare support throughout the process.

“A person’s medical requirements are established by an independent physician and they will be taken into consideration when taking them out.”