The hit-and run driver who ran over a teenage cyclist, killing him and leaving him with his injuries after brags to his friends about how drunk he was, has been sentenced to six years.

Milan Gugyel (34) spent five hours consuming beer and whisky, before he hit Adam Barry (who was riding back on his BMX).

When he was beaten on April 25, 2011, the teenager was out exercising and was not in tight lockdown.

Gugyel sent his friends texts shortly before the accident boasting that he was ‘drunk’.

Adam Barry (pictured) had been out for his 30 minutes of exercise while the country was in strict lockdown measures when he was hit on April 25 last year

Adam Barry (pictured) was out running for about 30 minutes during the tight security measures that were in place when he was killed last April 25th.

Milan Gugyel (above), 34, spent five hours drinking beer and whisky before hitting Adam Barry who was riding home on his BMX

Milan Gugyel, 34 (above), drank five hours of beer and whisky prior to hitting Adam Barry on his BMX.

Adam was biking along Derby Road in Derbyshire between Borrowash & Risley, Derbyshire when Gugyel’s Audi A2 struck him at 9:15pm.

Gugyel was talking on his phone just before he got into Adam’s back bike and sent him to a grass verge.

Instead of calling 999 or checking on Adam, Gugyel raced back to his home and researched on the internet the best ways of scrapping wrecked cars.

Adam died from his injuries after being rushed by a passerby.

Gugyel from Hungary was captured by police when they found wreckage at his vehicle’s crash site.

The officers matched the damage done to his damaged Audi, which had been parked in front of his house in Heanor (Dereshire).

At Derby Crown Court, he admitted to causing death through dangerous driving and was sentenced to five years and eleven months in prison on Thursday.

Robert Egbuna asked the Home Office for a review of his right to remain in Britain when he was released. 

Peter Adam, Adam’s father, said it: “It’s utterly heartbreaking and grief on another level.

“The overwhelming feeling of loss can consume you each day.

“The desire to see him again is unquenchable.

Shortly before the fatal crash, Gugyel, who was on furlough from his lorry driving job, sent texts to his friends boasting about being 'drunk'

Gugyel sent text messages to his friends shortly before the fatal collision boasting of being drunk.

Adam was cycling along Derby Road between Borrowash and Risley, Derbyshire, when he was struck by Gugyel's Audi A2 at around 9pm

Adam was biking along Derby Road in Derbyshire, between Borrowash & Risley, Derbyshire when Gugyel’s Audi A2 struck him at 9pm.

We wake up every morning to see the horrible reality of his disappearance. When it turns dark at night, we remember him alone lying on the grass verge.

“The circumstances surrounding Adam’s passing make it more difficult to comprehend, and it is a state where we feel like we’re in horror movies, when in reality it’s our lives.

It is not possible to live. You just exist. You are only wasting your time.

Derbyshire Police Detective Scott Cooper stated that Milan Gugyel didn’t set out to murder anyone, but that the fact remains that he shouldn’t have been driving on roads.

“After violating lockdown rules he got behind a wheel while, according to his own words, being drunk, and began a telephone conversation.

“This mix of factors made Adam unable to see the other drivers, Adam on his bicycle.

“The previous decisions were selfish but not the best.

“He abandoned Adam by the side road that leads to death.

“In such situations, every second matters and Adam was not able to get any help for 20 minutes. By that time it was too late.

“Rather than calling for an ambulance, his sole thought was to figure out how to get away from the crime.”