Why has Sophie Robinson painted her living room in black because she is the colour queen? Sophie Robinson, interior designer and host of Dream Home Makeovers returns to TV

  • Channel 5’s Dream Home Makeovers starts tonight at 7pm
  • Sophie painted one couple’s ceilings, walls, and ceilings in the episode’s first episode.
  • Sophie talked to us about her favorite part about transformations.

Sophie Robinson, an interior designer is well-known for her passion of bright color and appearances on DIY SOS (The Great Interior Designer Challenge).

She is now a part of the Channel 5 Dream Home Makeovers series with Sophie Robinson.

This evening’s show starts at 7pm. Sophie transforms two homes. They include large spaces in a Nottingham old schoolhouse as well as rooms in grand Georgian houses.

Sophie spoke only to us about what she loves most about the transformations that took place in episode one of the new series. We also asked her about painting the ceilings and walls of one particular room completely black.

Channel 5's Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson starts tonight at 7pm (Sophie is pictured left with homeowning couple Martin and Kirstie)

Channel 5’s Dream Home Makeovers begins tonight at 7pm. Sophie Robinson (pictured left) is joined by Martin and Kirstie the homeowner couple.

The first episode features a couple who transforms an abandoned assembly room into a renovated schoolhouse in Nottinghamshire.

Both the couple want the space to have a different feel. Martin wants a big snooker and dining room table that doubles up. Kirstie prefers a more boutique-like vibe.

Sophie said that in such a space, her strategy is to maximize impact by painting the entire room black.

According to her, painting the room all black made it feel more cozy. This is especially true when you use lots of layering and add-ons like plants.

After painting one of the rooms black, Sophie used plenty of layering, using accessories such as plenty of plants, to help soft the impact

Sophie painted one room black and used lots of layers, including accessories like plants to soften the impact.

Sophie helped to transform a bland living room in Nottinghamshire
Sophie used black to paint the walls and ceilings as part of the transformation

Sophie transformed a boring living room in Nottinghamshire with black paint

Banning the beige: Sophie knew that the couple liked black as they had used it in their kitchen

Banning the beige

Speaking to MailOnline Property, Sophie said: ‘I knew that Kirstie had just ordered a black kitchen and so I knew it was a colour they liked.

Dark colors can create an atmosphere of drama and space, which makes it the best choice.

“There was nothing pleasant about being there, apart from the bright sunlight from the windows.

She went on to admit: ‘I’ve never painted a room all black before and so I was interested to see the result.

“I am known for my bright and vibrant colour choices. What I really wanted was to go beyond just do what was asked of me.

“I was trying to respond to homeowners’ personal tastes and space. You will see a lot of colour in this series, although I used neutrals and dark colors. 

“There are many shades of color, and I don’t just love bright colours.

Sophie Robinson's newTV show Dream Home Makeovers starts tonight at 7pm (pictured left with homeowning couple Arabella and Mark, who also appear in the first episode)

Dream Home Makeovers is Sophie Robinson’s new TV series. It starts tonight at 7.

Before the transformation: Arabella and Mark's living room with bland and uninspiring

Arabella and Mark’s living space before transformation.

After the transformation: Arabella and Mark have seen their living room been given the Sophie Robinson magic

Arabella and Mark are now able to see their living rooms transformed by Sophie Robinson.

Sophie is helping to renovate the living and hallway in Middlesex’s large Georgian home owned by Arabella & Mark.

Sophie pointed out that although the living room seems overflowing, it’s not the only one in the house full of Arabellas collection.

Designer explains that there are many items that could be included in her new design. However, she must be careful to not make the space look like it is a museum.

Sophie chooses a dark red color and large patterns for her hallway. She also uses a dark ink for her living room which has not been decorated in 13 years. 

Sophie stated: “Arabella was passionate about interiors, but she brought too many things and I had to ensure she didn’t bring it all in.

“It was all about colour, all patterns, so it was a lot fun to design with her. And I loved being in her lane, designing for her.

Dream Home Makeovers begin Wednesday, 7pm on Channel 5