American women are sharing horror stories about discovering Apple AirTag tracking units hidden in bags, cars and coats. 

Although the $30 wireless device was originally designed to keep track of lost items, such as keys and wallets, it has been increasingly revealed that they are used to stalk women. 

One young Texas mother claimed that she discovered an AirTag in her bag while traveling from Texas to Maine. 

They would definitely have hurt me, I think. Inside Edition told her that she doesn’t believe you would do such a thing for no good reason.  She said that it took her almost 14 hours for her to tell me this was occurring. 

It is intended to prevent ‘unwarranted monitoring’ of an iPhone by notifying it if an AirTag has been removed from the user. An example: If an AirTag is placed on a car by someone who does not intend to use it, then the AirTag should alert its owner that they are nearby. 

People are calling for Apple to discontinue their AirTag tracking devices as women are increasingly reporting finding the devices has been tracking them to their houses

Apple must stop tracking AirTags, which are being reported by women as having been tracked to their house. 

'I think they definitely would have hurt me. I don't think you do that for no reason,' a mother in Texas said after finding the device in her duffel bag after 14 hours

I think they certainly would have been hurtful to me. A mother from Texas stated that the device was there for a reason after she found it in her backpack after being away 14 hours.

Apple AirTags were released in April as small tracking devices intended to be placed on items that are often and easily lost such as phones and keys

Apple AirTags are small, trackable devices that attach to objects easily lost like keys or phones.

AirTags should start to make a sound that lets people know it’s whereabouts. It has been shown that both the sound and alert can take up to days for them to reach their destination. They are also able to turn off. These devices can also be easily hidden because they are small.  

Apple’s website states that the AirTag’s position is automatically sent to iCloud, where it can then be viewed in a map. This app gives step-by–step directions for its owner to find the tag and missing products. 

Apple released tracker detect, an Android-friendly app that alerts users when an AirTag is moving.  

Kaiann Drance from Apple, vice president for iPhone marketing, stated that these are an industry-first and strong set of proactive preventative deterrents in an interview with The Washington Post. It’s smart and flexible, so it’s possible to improve logic and timing in order to increase the deterrents. 

Some officers are unsure what to do when finding these tracking devices in unwanted places

Some officers don’t know what to do if they find these devices hidden in undesirable places. 

In several states, it is not illegal to place a tracking device on another persons vehicle

It is legal in several states to install a tracker device on the vehicle of another person

Most women have found AirTags hidden in or on their cars but sometimes they have even been located in personal belongings such as duffel bags and coats

AirTags are often found hidden on or in cars by women, and sometimes in items such as bags and coats.

The small tracking devices cost $30 and can easily be hidden in very inconspicuous places

This small device costs $30 and is easily hidden in inconspicuous areas.

Atlanta woman called the police following being informed that her AirTag was tracking her. 

The woman stated to police that she received an alert on her phone randomly stating that there was an AirTag with her that wasn’t mine.

Camera footage captured the moment as officers helped the woman search her car. They eventually discovered an AirTag in the tank. The terrifying situation is a challenge even for police officers. 

The officer stated to her, “This is my first time running across something like that, so I really don’t know how to try to identify it.” 

Atlanta woman also received notification that the AirTag had moved with her vehicle. However, she has not been able to locate it. 

‘It scares me to death. Inside Edition told her that she felt helpless and took her to the auto shop where a team was to search for the vehicle. They couldn’t find it.  

It is legal in Georgia, and other states to install a tracker device on another person’s car.  

Sarah Jones from the University of Southern Indiana found out that an AirTag had been tracking her on Thursday. Although she didn’t find the AirTag, Jones was informed that it had been tracking her for several days. It even went to her home. 

‘I haven’t found it, so if the person did remove it, they already found out where my home is,’ Jones told News 14. Jones said that they already knew where my home is and the addresses of all the vehicles. What’s scary is someone could track you and then six months from then, a year from then, two years from then, then try to do something.’ 

‘I try to take daily precautions to not do things that are going to put me in these positions, so it just really frustrates me that no matter what you do, even if you’re in public or at a school, someone would feel the need to do that,’ she said. 

After receiving AirTag alerts saying they had been tracked from a cinema tavern, an individual in Pennsylvania called police on Friday.  

Safety Alert: The owner of this item can see your current location. The Item could be nearby or you may have it. The item can be disabled if it is not familiar to you. A second notice will also include a map showing the route they took from their theater to their home. 

The person is then A strange vehicle was seen outside the residence. The person approached the vehicle. It slowly drove away and the third notification advised the homeowner that the device was still moving. Then, it was disconnected. 

AirTags has made it headlines for the reporting of two Chicago women, two Southern California women and one Florida woman. 

Brooks Nader (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model) made headlines in April when Brooks Nader revealed that a stranger had placed an AirTag inside her coat and followed her home.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Brooks Nader revealed she was stalked for five hours last week using an Apple AirTag as she grabbed drinks with friends in New York City

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Brooks Nader revealed she was stalked for five hours last week using an Apple AirTag as she grabbed drinks with friends in New York City

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooks Nader said she was followed for 5 hours by an Apple AirTag while she was out with her friends in New York City.

She didn't realize until hours later - after receiving a notification that told her an unknown item had been 'moving with her for a while' and that 'the owner could see its location'

After receiving notification telling her that an unidentified item was’moving along with her for some time’, she didn’t realise it until much later.

She later discovered that it was an Apple AirTag - a device designed to help keep track of items you often misplace, like your keys or your wallet

It was later revealed that the device was an Apple AirTag, which is a tracking device for items like keys and wallets.

However, Brooks warned others about the dangers of the item, pointing out that anyone could put one into your pocket or purse and use it to track your movements

Brooks cautioned others regarding the potential dangers associated with the item. Brooks pointed out that any person could carry one in their pocket or purse, and then use the device to track where you are.

The scary incident happened while she was out at the Odeon bar in TriBeca, New York City

She was at TriBeca’s Odeon bar when the scary incident occurred.

To her horror, the fashion star didn’t realize that the AirTag had been concealed in coat until hours later — after she received a notification on her phone that told her an unknown item had been ‘moving with her for a while’ and that ‘the owner could see its location.’ 

“I don’t share things like this, but I’m curious what this means.” She wrote the following on Instagram along with a picture of her iPhone’s Apple notification. 

“This ‘device” followed me to each location for the past five hours and wasn’t part of my ‘network. The ‘item’ it was, not a smartphone or tablet. It was actually an AirTag, which she later found out.  

Brooks cautioned others about the potential dangers associated with the product, noting that any one could carry it in their pocket or purse to monitor your movements.

In a second posting, she added, “@Apple, have you considered the potential dangers and fatal consequences of this device?” Check your bags, wallets, pockets and surrounding areas, ladies. It’s not the right word. was also interviewed by the model about this horrendous incident. 

“I was going to the bathroom, and I left my coat on the chair. That’s when someone stole it from me,” he said. I was then followed by them for 5 hours to my home.

Brooks stated that Brooks had never imagined anything similar to this happening to her and she was determined to tell others about her experience in hopes of inspiring them.

Elle added that she hoped her story could help to raise awareness. 

“I had no idea that something like this could occur to me. It did. If something like this happens to you, and you discover an AirTag that you believe is the perpetrator of the crime, call Apple immediately and notify the police. We women need to be together in warning each other about situations such as these.

In one last Instagram post, she shared another piece.

“Another side note to my ladies, my lessons the hard way,” she stated. ‘If you’re going to post at a restaurant, drinking with your girlfriends, working out, whatever you’re doing — if it has a location that’s obvious or geotagged, wait until you leave to post it.

“I have made the same mistake several times. It’s easy to avoid. Wait until you get home, or walk home. Or whatever you do until you can post this. 

TikTok is home to hundreds of stories from women who have shared their tales of finding mysterious AirTags on their belongings, and how the device tracks their locations since April. 

Kayla Malec from TikTok shared her experience with an AirTag in viral video. She discovered it after she received a notice that the AirTag was “moving with” her.  

To find the tracker, the woman recorded herself looking behind her plate, as well as any other possible hiding places around her vehicle, such her vent, cracks and gaps.

Kayla Malec, an artist, filmed herself searching her car for an AirTag after receiving a notification that the tracker was 'moving' with her

Kayla Malec, an artist, filmed herself searching her car for an AirTag after receiving a notification that the tracker was 'moving' with her

Females have started posting online about strangers placing AirTags onto their cars to track their movements. Kayla Malec (an artist) filmed her searching for the AirTag in her car after she received a notification from her tracker that it was “moving” with her.

She was not able to find the tracker outside her car after a second sweep.

Then she moved to the interior of the car to search from the glove box to the underside and between the seats. She did not come across anything.

Kayla eventually said that she had found the tracker and was feeling sick. 

‘I believe I would cry more now that it’s been found. It feels as if my heart is going to burst. “Someone came up to me while I was parking somewhere and put it in,” she said. 

“And it would not have been there, but some of the white was peeking through,” she continued.

Kayla wasn’t able to find the device, so she was not sure what to do. Kayla also didn’t know if she should contact her local police department.

“I don’t know how to proceed now that I have found the item, and I don’t know where to contact for help. Do I call the police?” She asked, “What are they going to do?”  

Angel from Texas, who is a TikTok user, said that similar notifications had been received. Although she claimed that she had deactivated Bluetooth and lost her location, the tracker device’s owner continued to follow her.

Apple has established safety measures such as notifications and sound alerts to notify people when an AirTag that does not belong to them has been moving with them

Apple established security measures like sound and notification alerts in order to inform people when their AirTag is not registered to them.

Each AirTag has a serial number physically written on it which connects it to its owner and can be used by law-enforcement to find that person

Every AirTag is physically marked with a serial number. This allows law enforcement to locate the owner.

The AirTag could not be deactivated because it was lost and she was unable provide a serial number.

Angel stated that he posted some details about the incident on his Instagram Story. A friend called me to tell me that his little sister received identical notifications. He had brought her iPhone into her house a few weeks back and found an Apple AirTag. 

Angel said that Angel had spoken to law enforcement and was waiting for more information.  

Every AirTag is physically identified by a serial number and can be connected via Bluetooth. Apple can reveal the owner of an iPhone that is registered by it if required by law enforcement. 

Women are advised by law enforcement officers to report to the police immediately they receive an AirTag notification. While they recommend not returning to your home, most women do learn of the tracking devices when they return to their home.