A Detroit mural artist has been accused of hiding alleged Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley’s alleged fugitive parents at  studio.

Andrzej Skora admitted to giving James Crumbley and Jennifer shelter from death threats in the aftermath of the Oxford massacre that their son Ethan, in Michigan, allegedly committed last Thursday. 

He claims he didn’t know the couple had been staying at his Detroit studio overnight, but he only learned of the Crumbleys presence at his Detroit office at 1:30am on Saturday. 

Jennifer, a real estate agent, is familiar with Sikora’s work and has helped her complete at least one project. 

Clarence Dass of Sikora’s legal team told DailyMail.com the Polish-born painter had never knowingly protected Crumbleys from law.

Dass stated that the couple had told Dass on Friday they would only stay for a few more hours in order to not be threatened with death.

Andrzej Sikora (pictured) is friends and business associates with the Jennifer and James Crumbley, the parents of alleged school shooter Ethan Crumbley, according to his lawyer Clarence Dass. The pair were found at the artist's studio on the 1100th block of Bellevue Street on Saturday at 1.30 am

According to Clarence Dass, his lawyer, Andrzej Sikora is friends with James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley. These are the parents of the alleged school shooting victim Ethan Crumbley. They were both found in the studio of the artist on Bellevue Street at 1:30 am.

Dass stated that there were no warrants, charges or court dates. “My client didn’t know they would be staying over night – he had left the house earlier that day.” 

Sikora said that he was aware of the investigation, and had been in conversation with others, despite the fact that there was an arrest warrant for them and they were subject to a huge, publicized manhunt. 

 He didn’t specify whether he meant law enforcement or lawyers, and declined to comment further, and told the outlet that they ‘will see more information.’

Jennifer Crumbley

James Crumbley

James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley were both charged with involuntary murder after they bought their son the gun that was used to shoot four Oxford High School students.

James and Jennifer Crumbley were subject to a federal manhunt. US Marshals offered a $10,000 reward for information that leads them to arrest. They were both charged on Friday with involuntary murder. 

Ethan Crumbley, 15, is seen in his booking photo released by Oakland County sheriff's office

Ethan Crumbley (age 15) can be seen in his Oakland County sheriff’s photo.

In actuality, charges were made at the time. 

Karen McDonald, the prosecutor of Ethan Crumbley was able to announce that his parents would be facing four charges for involuntary murder on December 3. 

DailyMail.com was told by Dass that Sikora had not been informed of the fact that Crumbley’s had switched off their phones. 

“He ordered them to go, but they continued without him knowing until 2 AM when they were taken into custody. He went straight to police when he discovered.      

Before he moved to the U.S. in 1990, Sikora (pictured) studied, painted and worked as an art professor in Poland, according to his biography on the My Finest Art agency's website . His work has been displayed in mansions, restaurants and an opera house in Michigan

According to Sikora’s biography at My Finest Art agency, he studied and painted in Poland before he came to America in 1990. Sikora’s work can be seen in Michigan mansions and restaurants, as well as in an opera house.

Andrzej Sikora (pictured) 'had no idea they were staying overnight' at his studio, according to his attorney - 'he left earlier in the day'

Andrzej Silkora (pictured), reportedly had no idea that they would be staying over at his studio. According to his lawyer, he departed earlier than usual.

Pictured are artworks by Andrzej Sikora, the artist who let 'fugitives' James and Jennifer Crumbley into his art studio in Detroit

These are paintings by Andrzej Silkora. He was the one who allowed James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley to enter his Detroit art studio.

The attorney was asked when the couple arrived at Sikora’s studio. He replied that it was in the morning on December 3. However, this is a pending investigation. 

It was unclear if the pair took out $4,000 at an ATM before they arrived in Sikora’s office. The pair were last seen Thursday when they tuned into their son’s virtual court appearance from a car.

Michael McCabe of Oakland County said that a woman who was being smoked near the couple’s Kia close to the studio, and then ran off when the owner called 911 for help. 

Detroit law enforcement had been searching areas near the water, raising questions about whether the couple was attempting to cross the border – but questions regarding that theory weren’t answered  at a Saturday press conference.

The U.S. made their arrest without any incident. They were arrested without incident and after the U.S. announced that they had offered them a $10,000 reward for information.  

 On Saturday afternoon, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that his office was considering charging a person who had ‘clearly helped them into that location and made it available to them with obstruction of justice or aiding-and-abetting. 

 The Crumbleys were ‘friends and business acquaintances’ for a few years – ‘mostly just friends more than business.’

‘[Jennifer]I did marketing for my client and helped with his website. 

According to the Oxford Leader, Sikora completed a mural at Red Knapps American Grill. This bar is just around the corner of Crumbley’s home. A picture of the artist standing in front of his artwork was previously attributed to ‘Jehn Crumbley,’ a nickname that the realtor-turned-marketing director goes by socially and professionally. 

While the article was updated to delete the caption from the photo, it remains in a WayBack archive.

According to Sikora’s biography, which can be found on the My Finest Art website, he studied in Poland and painted before he came to America in 1990. Sikora’s work can be seen in Michigan mansions and restaurants, as well as in an opera house. 

According to their lawyer, the Crumbleys bought their Oxford home in 2015. Sikora was also associated with property in Lake Orion which is six minutes from Oxford Charter Township. 

DailyMail.com did not reach out to the writer of the Oxford Leader article featuring Jennifer Crumbley’s photo, and neither did Mariell Lehman or Shannon Smith, the Crumbleys lawyers. 

Rudy Harper (second Deputy Chief) of Detroit Police told The Daily Beast the department had not yet identified a third individual. [his] knowledge.’

Detroit Police Chief James White stated that the department would not take any advantage of another person who is assisting. [the Crumbleys,]You could also be subject to additional fees.

According to The Daily Beast, the Oakland County Prosector’s Office will review the Sikora case. 

“Obviously Finding” [the Crumbleys]According to the Sheriff, Detroit’s building doesn’t lend itself for cooperation. This was Saturday, the day after police issued an alert to the public to search for the parents of the Oxford High School students who were allegedly fugitive. 

Ethan Crumbley’s tears-filled parents plead not guilty Saturday morning to the four charges of involuntary killing for Tate Myre (16), Hana St. Julia (14), Madisyn Bald, 17 and Justin Shilling (17). 

James, 45, (top left) and Jennifer, 43, (top center) Crumbley were each granted a $500,000 bond, which must be paid in full

James Crumbley, 45 (left) and Jennifer Crumbley, 43 (right) were both granted $500,000 bonds, which must each be fully paid.

 McDonald charged the couple for their ‘egregious’ conduct – from buying their son a handgun four days before the shooting, to keeping it in a bedroom drawer unsecured, to failing to mention that gun to teachers when their son Ethan drew a disturbing drawing about shooting people just hours before he killed four students. 

Smith stated that Smith believed the couple intended to be turned in. McDonalds, however, stated that they cannot be sure that the Crumbleys will return to court alone.