According to the family, a mother lost her life hours after she gave birth to her third baby due to complications from multiple C-sections. 

Hayley Roberts, 34, died after suffering a massive haemorrhage in hospital, a complication caused by placenta percreta, a pregnancy condition where the placenta penetrates through the uterine wall and attaches to another organ such as the bladder. Each Caesarean that a woman receives increases the risk.  

Speaking to exclusively FEMAIL, Hayley’s mother Jackie George, 63, from Wirral, Merseyside, told how her daughter had been offered the option of terminating the pregnancy once the condition was diagnosed, but chose to put her unborn baby first.

Jackie said: ‘Hayley’s children meant everything to her and she was so excited about having a third baby. 

“When she was first diagnosed with percreta, she received an offer to end her pregnancy. But she chose to have her baby and decided to continue.  

Hayley Roberts, 34, from Wirral, Merseyside, bled to death undergoing her third C-section after suffering from the high-risk pregnancy complication, placenta percreta. Pictured, Hayley with husband David on their wedding day

Hayley Roberts was 34 years old and hails from Wirral. Hayley and David, on Hayley’s wedding day

Mother-of-three Hayley has left behind her children, Lilly and Oliver and baby Ivy (pictured)

Hayley, mother-of-three, has died leaving behind Lilly, Oliver, and Ivy (pictured).

Jackie (pictured with daughter Hayley) is now hoping to raise awareness of the condition and the dangers of repeat C-sections

Jackie, pictured here with her daughter Hayley. She is trying to spread awareness about the problem and the dangers associated with repeat C-sections.

Her mother continued, “We were informed that the condition can cause serious complications. Hayley will need to have a hysterectomy following delivery. Hayley may also need her bladder removed. However, we did not know that she might die. 

“Her precious little girl Ivy survived, but she will not know her mother.” Hayley was a person who helped others, and her death is not in vain if it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Jackie said Hayley, the youngest and second-oldest of her four children, was gorgeous inside and outside.

“She was so caring, and even as a kid she always looked after others,” she said. “When she was older, she worked as a mobile stylist for a while. Her job was to go around and do all of the elderly’s hair. After that, she offered to clean up their homes.

Hayley was delighted to have fallen pregnant after meeting David her husband.


Placenta refers to an organ in the uterus that is formed during pregnancy and serves to nurture and sustain the foetus by the umbilical cord.

Placenta percreta is a disorder where the placenta doesn’t get the signal to stop growing, Dr Chavi Karwowsky, a maternal foetal expert at Montefiore Medical Center, New York, explains.

The placenta is accreta refers to the continuous spreading of this hormone through the linings of the uterus.

You can also allow the placenta to grow through the wall of your uterus, a process known as a “placenta increta”.

It is able to penetrate the uterus.

One previous caesarean puts a woman at risk. Two subsequent caesareans increase the risk by 3 percent. The second, 40 percent and fourth caesareans raise the risk. Sixty percent of the women who have had placenta accreta are affected.

Source: A Placenta Attempts to Kill a Mother

She stated, “They made a nice couple and I knew from the beginning that Hayley would make an amazing mother. She was such a natural.” 

Hayley also planned for a natural baby. However, in 2011 Hayley went into labor and the baby was distressed. She needed an emergency Caesarean.

Everything went smoothly and Lilly is now healthy.

Hayley became pregnant again three years later. It was assumed that Hayley would have another C-section after having had one with Oliver.

Jackie recalls that Oliver was an adorable little guy and everything worked out as expected. “When Oliver was 2 years old, Hayley (30) and David (32), were married in their local church. Lilly (5 at the time), and Hayley served as bridesmaid and pageboy.

“Hayley, in her vintage lace gown, looked great. But she didn’t think so. Her children were so cute, she loved that they stole the show.

In summer 2019, Hayley also announced that she was having another child. 

Jackie stated, “She was so happy, she couldn’t wait,” “But we soon discovered that this pregnancy was not like her other two due to the issue with her placenta. 

Hayley received a scan at 17 weeks that revealed she had placenta. Hayley’s consultant said there might be other complications. 

Jackie explained that Hayley was asked by Jackie if Hayley wanted to end her pregnancy. She wanted her baby to stay. This was her choice and, although it was a difficult decision for me to make, I respected the decision as well as David.

Two weeks later, another scan showed that the condition was worsening to percreta.

Hayley’s placenta had now burst through the wall of her womb and a further scan at 23 weeks showed it had attached to her bladder.

Jackie stated, “I sat beside Hayley as she explained to me that Hayley would need to have her baby earlier than expected.” She was also advised that she might need her bladder out and would require a complete hysterectomy.

“I felt so sorry for her. She did not want to have more children. I, however, struggled to cope with the sheer magnitude of her situation.

But she was able to accept it, and then calmly said that as long the baby’s OK that is all that matters. It was typical of her to put others first.

When Hayley was diagnosed with percreta she was offered a termination but she put her baby first and made the decision to keep going. Pictured, Hayley on her 30th birthday

Hayley was diagnosed as having percreta. Although she was offered termination, she decided to put her baby first. Hayley, on her 30th anniversary

Hayley had already found out that it was a girl, and David was also informed. Hayley wanted to be 24 weeks old so she could have the child.

The next milestone was reached when she continued to work until the following week.

Jackie recalls, “Feeling anxious I went with her all her fortnightly appointment’. David was concerned too, but Hayley wanted his support.

“But she could not relax. She constantly worried – for herself and her baby. While cradling her baby in her arms, she said repeatedly “I just want it to be okay”.

Hayley was feeling breathless at 30 weeks and her legs started to swell.

An ultrasound revealed that her percreta was straining her heart. She was therefore referred to an additional hospital two hours away.

Doctors gave Hayley steroids to boost her lungs. A week later, in March 2020, they declared Hayley healthy enough for birth. 

Jackie stated, “I saw her last night and could see she was afraid, but she didn’t let me know.” I tried to conceal my worry by telling Jackie, “You’ll both be back before you know it.”

Jackie said that Ivy (pictured, now 21 months) is 'amazing' and is a 'little ray of light'

Jackie claimed that Ivy (pictured at 21 months old) is “amazing” and a little ray of sunshine’ 

David was there with Hayley the next day as Hayley was being taken to theatre. Jackie called him at 11:00am to announce the birth of their daughter, Ivy.

Jackie said, “I was delighted and I have never felt so relieved.” Jackie said, “I couldn’t be happier to see Hayley again and to have my first grandchild.”

David phoned Jackie shortly afterwards, panicking. David was taken to the family room, and he guessed that something was wrong. 

She replied, “At the beginning I thought he meant Ivy, but it was Hayley,” I was shocked when he informed me that he thought I meant Hayley. My head was shattered when I got into the car. I can’t even remember how long it took.

‘When I arrived along with Lawrence my partner, and Rachael our daughter Rachael to meet David we were told Hayley was still in theatre.

“While we waited for the news David took us to Ivy. Her birth weight was only 3lbs 4oz. She looked tiny and perfect as a doll.

They sat down in the family area, and over the next few hours different nurses and doctors came in to tell them that Hayley was in their care.

Jackie was surprised that it took so long. 

I thought to myself, “My poor girl! What was she going through?” Jackie said Jackie, “But we all would pitch in while her recovery is complete.” 

Around 7pm Hayley’s surgeon arrived with his team of medical professionals. He looked grave. Hayley’s surgeon explained to them that Hayley had experienced a major haemorrhage. This was a result of the placenta percreta. He had to fight for her life, pumping 72 units into her.

However, her blood loss was beyond control. Now he needed to tell the shocking news. Hayley was not going to be able to do it. 

Hayley was the second to last youngest of Jackie's four daughters and Jackie says she was beautiful inside and out. Pictured, Jackie with Hayley as a baby

Jackie had Hayley as her second youngest daughter. Jackie describes Hayley as beautiful from the inside out. Jackie holding Hayley when she was a baby

Jackie said that ivy is now 'thriving.' Pictured, wearing the same dress as Hayley when she was a baby

Jackie stated that the ivy has ‘thriving’. As Hayley was when Hayley was a baby, Jackie is wearing the same outfit as Hayley.

Jackie said, “When he informed us that we must say goodbyes, I shouted and felt the legs giving way.” 

“Lawrence held me in his arms. I didn’t understand how I was able to move, but I eventually did. I was taken into the room by Lawrence, who held me in his arms. Hayley was asleep and I was hooked up to an oxygen machine. That was truly the most awful sight.

Jackie requested Ivy’s entry. After the priest read out the last rites, he asked Jackie to bring in Ivy.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she placed Hayley on her chest and promised Hayley she would take care of her children.

After saying their goodbyes, Hayley’s machine went off. She died at 34.

David, then 8 years old, was too scared to share his trauma with Lilly, 5 years later. Jackie took them to Hayley’s three sisters Vicky, Rachael and Sarah to break it down.

Jackie explained that Oliver was too young to comprehend, but Lilly shouted for 10 mins for her mama. “We took them to Ivy a few days later. She was a beautiful girl, but the children expected her to be their mother.

Now, 21 months on, Jackie (pictured, recently) still can't believe that her daughter has gone

Jackie (pictured here recently), still isn’t able to believe her baby has left after 21 months.

Hayley was buried three weeks later. However, due to lockdown restrictions, only few people were able to attend. 

Jackie can’t believe her little girl has left after 21 months. However, she claims David, her only child, is amazing. Jackie helps at school and takes care of the children.

“It is the children that keep us going,” she said. Ivy, a tiny ray of sunshine, has been an amazing support system. She is now 21 months old, and she thrives despite being prematurely born. We’ll be telling her all about her brave, beautiful Mummy when she is old enough.

Hayley’s death was not something we were aware of. This condition is related to repeat Caesareans was not something we had heard about before she was diagnosed.

Current UK statistics show that 1 out 4 babies are delivered via C-sections. The family believes women need to be aware of this fact, particularly if multiple Caesareans.

Jackie has launched a fundraising site in her memory. She said that Hayley was someone who helped others, and by sharing her story, we can stop it happening to anyone else.

Kate Edwards (UK Global Ambassador for National Accreta Foundation) said: “We are sorry to hear about Hayley’s death and unfortunately Placenta Accreta spectrum becomes more common.

“We are located on Facebook as the Placenta Accreta UK support group and can provide support to women and make sure they have all of the necessary information.”