Cleo Smith’s devastated mother has shared a new adorable photo of her four year-old daughter as part of a desperate plea for answers. 

The audio was captured from a CCTV camera placed in a beach house just 20m away from Cleo’s family tent. 

WA Police confirmed that the voice from the missing four-year old can be heard on the motion sensitive camera. This also captures wide-angled photos of anyone entering or leaving the shack.  

Missing girl Cleo Smith's voice was recorded on this CCTV camera the day before she vanished from her family tent at the Blowholes Campground

Cleo Smith, the missing girl, was captured on this CCTV camera just days before she disappeared from her family tent at Blowholes Campground.

WA Police have said the audio of the little girl has helped place Cleo (pictured) at the campground on the day before she went missing

WA Police say that Cleo (pictured) was placed at the campground by the audio of her little girl the day before she vanished

Officers reviewed copies of CCTV footage and concluded that Cleo was at the campground the day before her disappearance.

This development is significant because it dispels any suspicions that her parents never brought the child to the camping ground.

“It was right after they arrived, it was motion-sensitive so it had been by [their vehicle],’ Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde said.

‘It’s very limited… we’ve reviewed that and we believe it’s Cleo’s voice that’s heard on the CCTV.’

The camera captures audio and pictures from inside a wooden box with a glassfront. It is not obvious to passers-by. 

Cleo Smith vanished in a tent at a camping ground near Carnarvon on Western Australia’s northwest coast, around the early hours October 16. Police believe she was abducted and not just wandering off.

Ellie Smith, Ellie Smith’s devastated mother, continues to post appeals for information to her Insta page. Recently, she shared a sweet picture of her two daughters. 

Cleo, four-year-old, is seen kissing Isla Mae on her forehead in the photo. The caption reads: “We all need her home.” 

She posted another photo of Cleo, enjoying a day on the beach, with the caption: “Where are your baby?” A second shot of her daughters smiling at camera described the missing girl as the “best big sibling ever.” 

Cleo's devastated mother Ellie Smith continues to post fresh appeals for information on her Instagram (pictured) as detectives continue to scour the campground for clues

Cleo’s mother Ellie Smith, who is in shock, continues to post new appeals for information on Instagram (pictured), as detectives continue to search the campground for clues

Cleo's mother described her as the 'best big sister ever' to her other daughter Isla Mae (right)

Cleo’s mother referred to her as the “best big sister ever” to her other daughter, Isla Mae (right).

The incident occurred after new witnesses claimed they saw a car at Blowholes Campsite in Canarvon 50km north of Canarvon. This is where Cleo disappeared. 

Superintendent Wilde stated that the car was last seen at 3am on October 16th, when Cleo disappeared.

The car was headed towards Carnarvon, turning south from Blowholes Road. 

The timing of the car sighting coincides well with evidence from other campers, who reported hearing the sound of screeching Tyres quickly leaving the campsite around 3am.

Superintendent Wilde stated that the evidence was credible and that the witnesses only came forward after learning about the possible abduction. They didn’t consider their sightings of the car to be significant at the time.

It was not of great significance at the time it was observed by the people. They only came forward after hearing about Cleo’s news and realising the significance of his words. 

‘Fortunately, they have come forward and passed it on to us so now we are keen to talk to the person driving and anyone else in that vehicle to talk to us.

Police believe Cleo was taken from her family tent at the Blowholes Campsite on WA's northwest coast during the early hours of Saturday, October 16 (pictured, search teams)

Police believe Cleo was abducted from her family tent at Blowholes Campsite, WA’s northwest coast, in the early hours Saturday, October 16. (photo: search teams)

It comes after new witnesses told police they saw a car and heard screeching tyres at the Blowholes Campsite, 50km north of Canarvon, where Cleo vanished (pictured)

New witnesses reported to police that they saw a car and heard tyres rumbling at the Blowholes Campsite 50km north from Canarvon, where Cleo disappeared (pictured).

The witnesses were driving north on the North West Coastal Highway, on their way to work, when they spotted the mysterious vehicle leave the camping ground.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t give a description of either the car or how many people were inside it because it was too dark.

Superintendent Wilde stated, “We want the person/persons who were in that car to come forward and contact police.”

“We want to find out who they are and what they did.

We believe it was between 3:00 and 3.30 AM. It was a passenger vehicle and not a truck, according to us.

More to follow.