Marvin Morgan’s former fashion designer partner and a footballer, Marvin Morgan, revealed his sudden death while on a business trip overseas.

Jerri Fletcher (36), who had been in a 14-year relationship with Marvin (38) told MailOnline that Marvin was at a factory making clothes for his brand ‘Fresh Ego Kid. He was there when he fell.

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku was killed in a collision with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal and Harry Maguire from Manchester United. They all shared their sorrow over his death.

Marvin Morgan's (right) partner of 14 years, Jerri Fletcher, 36, (left) told MailOnline that he was visiting a factory that made clothes for his 'Fresh Ego Kid' brand when he collapsed

Marvin Morgan’s (right) partner of 14 years, Jerri Fletcher, 36, (left) told MailOnline that he was visiting a factory that made clothes for his ‘Fresh Ego Kid’ brand when he collapsed

Former footballer Marvin Morgan and 'Fresh Ego Kid' fashion founder (pictured) has died at the age of 38

Marvin Morgan (pictured) was a former footballer who also founded ‘Fresh Ego Kid,’ a fashion brand. He died on March 38.

Ms Fletcher cried: “I received a phone call on Monday saying that Marvin had suddenly fallen and died.” Marvin wasn’t in the UK that day, but he was visiting one of his clothing factories, getting ready for the next season.

“We were together for fourteen years and I am heartbroken.” His death remains a mystery. We are not privy to all details and it is something I have yet to accept. This is very difficult. Marvin was loved by many.

With their 7-year-old son, the couple lived in Hertfordshire together.

An aunt of Ms Fletcher said: “Marvin was known to have cavernoma. But he had a positive outlook on it. He did a lot for others with it.

“A lot of people loved and missed him. He loved his family, was full of energy and had huge dreams for his label. Our hearts are broken. While we are not sure of the cause of his sudden death, we know that it was an unexpected event.

Marvin had to be on medication his entire life because he was diagnosed with cavernoma, a group of abnormal blood vessels usually located in the spinal cord or brain. They can cause strokes, seizures and, in extreme cases, death prematurely.

He was a footballer who played for 17 teams, but his best moments were at Aldershot Town or Shrewsbury Town. After falling ill during training with Plymouth Argyle, he returned to the game.

Morgan, pictured playing for Hornchurch in 2019, was a popular figure for his fashion work

Morgan was seen in 2019 as Hornchurch’s player. Morgan was well-known because of his fashion design work.

Marvin’s condition was first revealed in 2018. He described how he nearly died after collapsing two times in one day during training.

At the time, he said that he was on medication and had a condition called cavernoma. This is due to blood vessels in my brain, and I also have nocturnal seizure. When asked what led him to give up football, he stated that he had suffered a seizure during sleep. He went to training and tried running again. I had a seizure once more while running, and that made it worse.

Morgan was known for his fashion label, ‘Fresh Ego Kid,’ which saw him develop relationships with Premier League players, such as former England captain David Beckham. He was raising awareness about racism and mental health before his passing.

Romelu Lukaku, who described it as ‘s**t news’, posted on his Instagram story: ‘This is some s**t news man… RIP my brother you will be missed.’

Romelu Lukaku has previously been seen wearing Morgan's 'Fresh Ego Kid' designs

England and Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has also worn the clothing range

Morgan rose to fame as a fashion designer. He was known for his “Fresh Ego Kid” designs, which were liked by Premier League stars like Harry Maguire from Man United and Romelu Lukaku of Chelsea.

Heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua was seen wearing Fresh Ego Kid while in Brazil in 2016

Anthony Joshua, a heavyweight boxer was seen in Fresh Ego Kid during his 2016 trip to Brazil.

Lukaku penned a short tribute on Instagram: 'This is some s**t news man... RIP my brother'

Lukaku penned a short tribute on Instagram: ‘This is some s**t news man… RIP my brother’

Ashley Young, a Villa winger wrote that he was sorry to hear about the tragic news regarding Marv. My words are a bit lost, I thought we had been laughing just the other week. RIP BRO. Declan Rice from West Ham added that Declan was a “very clean-hearted, cheerful, loving, caring person” I am shocked.

Cavernomas, which are abnormally shaped blood vessels clusters found mostly in the brain or spinal cord, is referred to as cavernomas.

These vary in size, from just a few millimetres up to several centimetres.

Each year, one in every 400,000 people are diagnosed with a cavernoma.

These conditions can be passed down through the generations – each child born to someone who has inherited cavernomas will have a 50% chance of inheriting it.

Nine of ten cases cannot be inherited. On average, diagnosis occurs at 40 years.

These symptoms include strokes, seizures, weakness, slurred communication, numbness and migraines.

What does cavernova mean?

Cavernoma refers to a group of abnormal blood vessels. They are usually located in the spinal cord and brain.

These are sometimes called cavernous angiomas or cavernous hemomangiomas (CCM).

One typical cavernoma looks a lot like a raspberry. The cavernoma is filled with blood, which flows slowly through vessels that look like “caverns”.

Cavernomas can range in size from few millimetres to many centimetres.

Cavernoma symptoms

  • Although cavernomas are not often associated with symptoms, they may cause:
  • bleeding (haemorrhage)
  • fits (seizures)
  • Stressful situations
  • Neurological problems such as dizziness and slurred speaking (dysarthria), double sight, balance issues, and tremor can all be caused by neurological conditions.
  • Numbness, fatigue, memory issues, and trouble concentrating can all be signs of weakness.
  • One type of stroke is called a haemorrhagicstroke

The type and location of the cavernoma can have an impact on how severe and long-lasting symptoms are.

Cavernoma can bleed or press on specific areas of the brain, which could lead to problems.

Cavernomas are less dense than the normal blood vessels and can leak blood.

In most cases, bleeding is small – usually around half a teaspoonful of blood – and may not cause other symptoms.

Severe haemorrhages, however, can pose a serious threat to your life and could cause long-lasting complications. 

A cavernoma is a condition that causes no symptoms and affects approximately 1 in 600 UK residents.

Around 1 in 400,000 people in Britain are diagnosed each year with cavernoma.

If you do experience symptoms, the majority of people will get them before they turn 30.

Source: NHS