It’s obvious he is nuts. A 38-year old animal lover designs a mini complex for his backyard squirrels, which includes an INFINITY POOL and a diving board.

  • Paul Everitt is 38 and has built wooden structures for his animals.
  • The infinity pool has a diving board for squirrels, and a landing pad for pigeons.
  • He stated that he was motivated to bring a smile to people’s faces, and he enjoyed this project.  

A wildlife lover built a stunning miniature compound for animals that includes an infinity swimming pool and Christmas tree cabins for squirrels.

Paul Everitt is 38 years old and he has been building structures for various animals such as squirrels or hedgehogs.

In his spare time, he enjoys building shelters for pets and has spent the last 18months renovating houses.   

Everitt created an infinity pool from scraps of wood and made a Christmas log cabin and landing pad for pigeons out of it.

In a humorous gesture, he decided to imprint the landing pad with large letters “P”

Paul Everitt, 38, has spent his spare time building structures for animals to enjoy from squirrels to hedgehogs. Pictured: Mr Everitt has a visit from a squirrel

Paul Everitt (38), has been building structures for all kinds of animals, from hedgehogs to squirrels, in his spare time. Pictured: Everitt receives a visit by a squirrel

Grimsby Live reported that the 38 year-old had seen babies squirrels born and has also seen hedgehogs inspecting structures.  

He has been using his creative skills to get away from scrolling through his social media feeds and spending hours on his phone. 

Everitt explained that he purchased the house for renovation and eventual sale. 

The garden now sees a lot of animal guests who come to experience the wooden complex Mr Everitt has designed for them

Many animal guests now visit the garden to enjoy the wooded complex that Mr Everitt designed.

“When I got started, I saw lots of squirrels and so I built them many things.

He designed swings, a tower, an infinity swimming pool, a Christmas cabin for squirrels, and a landing pad to pigeons.

The wooden creations are now enjoyed by many animals who visit the garden. 

Mr Everitt used scrap bits of wood to make an infinity pool for squirrels (pictured)

For squirrels Mr Everitt created an infinity pool using scrap pieces of wood. (pictured)

Everitt enjoys building structures. He decided to create them for people to laugh and smile.

According to him, the last 18-months have been difficult because of lockdowns or coronavirus. He wanted to make people feel better. 

At least 10 squirrels, 7 or 8 foxes, and some hedgehogs have been seen by him. 

His playground is made up of wood structures, which he describes as a sanctuary.

He has designed a tower, swings, infinity pool and Christmas cabin for squirrels and landing pad for pigeons (pictured)

The tower, swings and infinity pools, as well the Christmas caban for squirrels and landing area for pigeons were all designed by him.