A wind gust caused a jump castle to fly 10 metres high into the sky, killing four kids and threatening their lives. It happened during a school’s annual end-of year celebration. 

At 10:10 on Thursday, tragedy struck Hillcrest Primary School near Devonport, north-west Tasmania. 

Police officers who were distraught were seen assisting each other on the spot of the tragedy while parents trying to determine if their children are dead or alive were also seen. 

Darren Hine, Tasmania Police Commissioner said that four of his children had died while four others are still in critical condition. 

These victims were all Year 6 students. Another five are currently in hospital, four in critical condition and one with’serious injury.

“On a date when these children were meant be celebrating their final day at primary school,” Commissioner Hine explained.

“Our hearts are broken for the family members, friends, and schoolmates of these young men who have been taken far too early.  

Two police officers console each other at Hillcrest Primary School, in Tasmania, after four children were killed when a jumping castle flew ten metres into the air

Hillcrest Primary School is in Tasmania where two officers of police console one another after the deaths of four children who were hit by a jumping tower ten meters into the sky. 

Paramedics and police are pictured at a scene at Hillcrest Primary School after four children died in a jumping castle incident

Paramedics and police are pictured at a scene at Hillcrest Primary School after four children died in a jumping castle incident

Investigators are currently investigating the number of children who were at the jumping castle during the tragic events.  

Commissioner Hine stated, “It is an emotionally difficult day for all who are tragically affected by today.” 

“I have seen photos of officers who are quite distressed, just as you would expect,” said a witness. All teachers and emergency service personnel will be affected. 

One schoolboy saw the tragic scene and realized that he almost was involved. 

He said to The Mercury that it was his turn next. The Mercury reported that Grades five and six were the first to go.

The jumping castle was blown into the air by a freak gust of wind, killing two kids and leaving several injured (paramedics are pictured at the scene)

Two children were killed and several others injured when a gust of wind blew their jumping castle to the sky. Paramedics were also present at the scene.

Bob Smith said he had seen children playing on the ground near his home.

He said, “There was one strong gust of wind during a beautiful day.”

“At first, we believed it was an emergency service training exercise. Then the truth of what was actually happening hit us.”

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein shared his thoughts with the community.

He said, “My thoughts are with the parents and the emergency service personnel who have sustained injuries to their children.”

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister, described it as “unimaginably heartbreaking”

“Young children enjoying a day of fun with their families, and it ends up in such tragic tragedy. It just breaks your heart at this time of the year,” he stated while visiting the NSW Central Coast.  

“It breaks my heart.” 

Multiple ambulances and two helicopter rescue teams were dispatched to the scene.  

Two rescue helicopters and multiple ambulances were sent to the scene on Thursday (pictured)

On Thursday, two rescue helicopters (photo) and several ambulances arrived on the scene.

Inflatable castles were part of an event to celebrate the end of school. It also featured zorb balls and slippery slides. 

Police released a statement saying that a wind storm caused the jumping castle to rise into the sky.

“Several children were found to have fallen from about 10m above the ground at 10:10 am.” 

The area has been advised to be avoided by residents. 

She said, “Tragically, I can confirm that there were two children who died today after an incident at Hillcrest Primary School,”

Paramedics are pictured at Hillcrest Primary School, near Devonport in Tasmania. Two children have died and several others left in a critical condition after they fell from a jumping castle at the school

Pictured at Hillcrest Primary School near Devonport, Tasmania are paramedics. After falling from the jumping tower at Hillcrest Primary School, two children died.

The primary school said in a statement there had been an accident and the site would be closed for the rest of the day

In a statement, the primary school stated that there was an accident at the site and would close the area for the remainder of the day.

“Counselling services are being offered to all families in this situation, as well as first responders.

The scene was captured in images that showed paramedics trying desperately to rescue those injured by a wall of tarpaulin sheet. 

Comm Williams claimed that officers were dispatched to a’very distressing and confronting scene.  

According to the statement from the primary school, its grounds were closed until the end of the day.  

According to the statement, “We ask parents that their children be collected as soon as possible.”

At a Covid conference, Premier Peter Gutwein spoke out about the incident on Thursday. He stated that it was believed there had been serious injuries.

The school is in Devonport in northern Tasmania (pictured). Hillcrest Primary School had posted online before the accident advertising its 'Big Day In' celebration to parents

Pictured: The school can be found in Devonport in Northern Tasmania. Hillcrest Primary School advertised its Big Day In celebration online just before the tragedy.

He said, “As more information becomes available, we will supply it. However, as this is a primary school, my thoughts are with those involved and their parents.”

Ambulance Tasmania claimed it was responding a major incident and advised motorists from the northern part of Tasmania to move to safety. 

Facebook user, a woman said that a friend was “racing to the school” and “saw ambulances everywhere”.

“I just spoke to my friend, who was driving to school. She’s a complete wreck,” the woman said.

Hillcrest Primary School pictured.  'Several children fell from a height of about 10 metres about 10am,' a Tasmania Police spokesman said

Hillcrest Primary School.  A spokesperson for Tasmania Police said that several children were seen falling from about 10m above the ground at 10 am.

Ambulance Tasmania said in a statement that it was responding to a 'major incident'

Ambulance Tasmania claimed in a statement, that they were responding to a major incident

On Facebook, locals said that the wind wasn’t as strong Thursday night and that the castle was blown to pieces by a gust of wind.

One person said, “It’s just not that windy down there,” 

Before the accident, parents had seen an advertisement on the school’s website advertising their ‘Big Day In’ celebration. 

The school stated that students will be able to participate in a variety of activities together with their classmates. 

A GoFundMe was launched shortly after news of the tragedy broke, raising $23,958 in three hours. 

Devonport-raised, the organizer said she felt moved by the tragedy. She wanted to provide support for the families throughout Christmas. 

She wrote that all funds would be donated to the loved ones of those children tragically injured or killed. 

“Any donations are greatly appreciated, and we hope that the amazing community of Devonport can unite to support these deserving or hurting individuals.”