It was, by all standards, a very damaging briefing. The context was very toxic. 

Boris Johnson was taken off the stage after a difficult speech to the CBI. A senior Downing Street source took aim hours later.

According to a source, there is concern about the PM in the building. This was stated by Laura Kuenssberg, BBC political editor. 

“It just isn’t working.” It’s time for Cabinet to demand real changes. Otherwise, it will only get worse. He won’t act if they refuse to insist.

Although the speech of the Prime Minister was difficult, it had been a good one. He lost his place at one point for twenty seconds and mumbled ‘Forgive Me’ several times as business leaders viewed.

He also tried to spice up the discussion on Britain’s creative potential by sharing details about his recent trip to Peppa Pig World with the CBI. However, this failed. 

Even the allies agreed that it was difficult at work.

On more than one occasion, Chancellor Rishi Sunak (pictured) is said to have asked the PM's chief of staff to leave the room so that he can speak frankly with Mr Johnson. But, as multiple sources said yesterday, it is also entirely possible that the Chatty Pig is working at the heart of Government in No 10

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor (pictured), is alleged to have requested the chief of staff for the PM to exit the room in order to speak openly with Johnson on multiple occasions. However, multiple sources have confirmed that there is a possibility that the Chatty Pig might be operating in the No 10 Government office.

The ferocity in his briefing against him caught his aides off guard, prompting the latest bout of what one of No 10’s insiders described as “fear and hatred in Downing Street”. 

An ally to the PM asked: “Why would anyone at Downing Street put this out there?” It is so self-indulgent, so damaging – if that’s what you really think then you should do something about it or quit, not go bleating to the BBC.’

The speech mishaps – blamed on a junior aide handing the PM a print-out of his speech with the pages in the wrong order – are only the latest cause of disquiet.

Many insiders at No 10 were shocked that Owen Paterson was suspended for lobbying. It also caused a fortnight’s worth of bad headlines on Tory corruption.

The whips office has been criticized for its poor performance and had to offer rebel MPs the evening off so they could not vote against the Government.

The hunt for the so called ‘Chatty Pig,’ who was poisoning the BBC’s ear with his poisonous saliva threatened to break the delicate truce that existed between Rishi and PM.

While Downing Street did not comment publicly, allies to the PM suggested that the briefing came from the Chancellor’s next-door power base, and was therefore from No 10. 

JASON GROVE: The speech mishaps – blamed on a junior aide handing the PM a print-out of his speech with the pages in the wrong order – are only the latest cause of disquiet

JASON GROVE: The speech mishaps – blamed on a junior aide handing the PM a print-out of his speech with the pages in the wrong order – are only the latest cause of disquiet  

The BBC changed the attribution of the quoted quote on their website, from ‘No 10 source to’senior Downing Street’.

One ally to Mr Johnson said, “That’s the BBC saying that it’s not No 10”. I think that you should look down the street. 

Many Government officials feel that Dominic Cummings is now Mr Johnson’s chief tormentor and former chief adviser.

After losing the power struggle with Carrie, the Brexit mastermind left No. 10 nearly a year ago.

He left behind an extensive network of special advisors and aides in government. Some still have loyalty to his former No.10 supremo. Dan Rosenfield, however, has not succeeded in breaking that bond. 

It is evident that this statement rings truer than the No 10/Treasury joint team, which was set up by Mr Cummings in an effort to strengthen relations between historic rivals.

The powerful unit’s original purpose was to block the ambitious plans of the PM and take power away from Treasury. 

The then-Chancellor Sajid Javid was so alarmed by it, he decided to quit Cabinet and get rid of his special advisors.

His successor, Mr Sunak, quickly made it work for him. One source said that the unit is now a “wholly-owned subsidiary of the Treasury”.

Yesterday’s reports centered on Liam Booth Smith, the head of the unit. He is reported to have made little effort to hide his disgust for the PM.

This former boss of think-tanks has the same scruffy appearance as Mr Cummings. He is also said to be sharing some of Johnson’s critiques. 

A former colleague said he wasn’t discrete in his criticisms of the PM.

Last night, allies acknowledged that Mr Booth Smith had made disparaging comments about Mr Johnson before but insist that he’s not the Chatty Pig.

One claimed that he was not unhelpful but had spent Monday afternoon calling around MPs to try and help the Government win a crucial vote on social services. 

Sources claim that the source did not say, “This is not Liam or anybody else at Treasury.” “That suggestion is an attempt to divert the blame.”

There are still tensions simmering between No 10 and 11. Relations between Mr Sunak and Mr Rosenfield are said to have ‘not recovered’ from a bruising spending review last month in which the Chancellor was ordered to shell out a £35billion windfall rather than salt it away to help fund future tax cuts.

According to reports, the Chancellor asked Mr Johnson’s chief staff member to go to the other side of the table on more than one occasion. 

Multiple sources have confirmed yesterday that it’s possible the Chatty Pig works in Government at No 10. 

One said that the problem was that so many people are frustrated by the PM right now that it is difficult to pinpoint who may be attacking him.

Simon Case was Cabinet Secretary and his rise star is stalled ever since he formed an alliance last year with Mr Cummings.

Cleo Watson was another close friend of Mr Cummings. However, she now lives in 9 Downing Street and is part of the Cop26 climate change team.

Some blamed Michael Gove, Housing Secretary in Number 10, as well as his allies.

According to a senior source at No 10, the briefing was not given by anyone.

But the prim dismissal masks a hidden anxiety – if Mr Johnson’s staff cannot unmask the Chatty Pig swiftly, what damage might he or she cause the PM next?