Alec Baldwin, a man with an umbrella, was captured running towards a reporter outside Woody Allen’s Manhattan home.

Baldwin attempted to contact Jon Levine of the New York Post but failed to make contact. Levine was also confronted by Baldwin’s latest allegations about his fatal shooting a cinematographer in a western.  Alec was questioned by Levine about his claims regarding Halyna Hutchins’ accidental death.

Baldwin said that he had not pulled the trigger to fire the bullet that killed Hutchins. However, cops claimed that he did. 

Allen was filmed in his Upper East Side house Monday evening. Hilaria Baldwin, the 37-year-old wife of Baldwin, was seen scolding Allen while holding her cellphone’s camera. She then apparently filmed him. 

‘Mr. Baldwin, I must ask you, how did you get to New York City?’ Jon Levine from the New York Post asked Baldwin’s wife. Levine filmed Baldwin at Allen’s ornate front door.

Hilaria said, “I asked you leave,” 

Baldwin jumped toward Levine when he asked about the owner of the property. 

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Alec Baldwin turned on his heels and sprang toward reporter Jon Levine, as he continued to ask him questions outside the director Woody Allen's Upper East Side home

Alec Baldwin began to stray toward Jon Levine after he had asked questions about Woody Allen from his Upper East Side residence.

Before fed-up Alec Baldwin snapped at Jon Levine, Hilaria Baldwin scolded him and brandished her phone camera

Hilaria Baldwin was furious at Alec Baldwin’s rage and snapped at Jon Levine.

Baldwin shouted “You are not permitted to photograph on someone’s private residence,” gesturing tightly with his umbrella in hand, and sending Levine running onto the sidewalk. 

Hilaria pulled Baldwin’s hand back, as Baldwin repeated his statement. Before he turned away from the door, Baldwin grabbed Hilaria. 

Levine mumbled, “This isn’t…this is public property,” he said, and regained his composure. 

Hilaria said, “Go away, it’s not happening,” as Allen opened his door in white tie and dress. Baldwin then stepped into the house, inviting Hilaria inside. 

“Did the trigger really come off?” Are you sure it happened without your pulling the trigger? It was a mistake? Levine asked the Baldwins from the sidewalk, as they closed the Baldwins’ door behind them.   

Woody Allen invited the disgraced actor to his family home (pictured), assessed at over $17 million, where he lives with wife Soon-Yi and youngest daughter, Manzie.

Woody Allen invited actor and disgraced actor Woody Allen to visit his home, valued at more than $17 million. He lives there with Soon-Yi, his youngest daughter Manzie, as well as their wife, Soon-Yi.

Baldwin and Woody Allen are pictured in 2013 while filming Blue Jasmine. They are longtime friends, with Baldwin defending his pal against sex abuse claims

Baldwin and Woody Allen photographed in 2013, while shooting Blue Jasmine. Baldwin is defending Woody Allen against claims of sex abuse. 

Halyna Hutchins was described by Baldwin as 'fantastic', as he paid tribute to her vision and professionalism in a Thursday interview with ABC

Baldwin described Halyna HUTCHINS as “fantastic”, as he paid tribute in an interview on Thursday with ABC to her visionary and professionalism.

Baldwin broke down last Thursday and said that he hadn’t pulled the trigger. The gun ‘went away’ as he was holding it on set at the movie’s New Mexico location on October 21. Hutchins died, while director Joel Souza sustained injuries.

“I let go the hammer. Bang. The gun sounds. The gun goes off. They’re shocked. In an interview with ABC, he stated that it is loud. 

“Someone is to blame for the events, I don’t know who but it’s not myself.”

New York Post journalist Jon Levine (pictured) posted video of the tense interaction to Twitter on Monday

Jon Levine, a journalist for the New York Post (pictured), posted video to Twitter Monday of their tense exchange

Baldwin stars in many Allen films including “To Rome with Love” in 2012, and “Blue Jasmine” in 2013. 

Star actor, Dylan Farrow has been an outspoken defender of his director friend, through allegations that Dylan Farrow was molested by her father, 85 years old. The claims were revealed in 1992. They were brought to light with the Netflix documentary, Allen v. Farrow. Farrow.’

As Baldwin is under national scrutiny over his Rust actions, Allen invited Baldwin to visit his home in Allen’s family, valued at more than $17million, where he resides with his wife Soon-Yi, and his youngest daughter Manzie.

Baldwin stated that he would have killed [himself]”If he feels responsible for shooting Hutchins during the Thursday ABC interview where he talked about the aftermath of that fatal shooting.   

Baldwin said he 'would have killed [himself]' if he felt responsible for shooting Hutchins in the Thursday ABC interview (pictured) where he discussed the aftermath of the fatal shooting for the first time since it took place

Baldwin stated that he would have killed [himself]”If he feels responsible for shooting Hutchins (pictured), where he discusses the aftermath of that fatal shooting for first time since the event

She’s trying to tell me how to position it. All is under her control. To her mark, I draw the gun. I don’t aim to shoot through the lens of my camera, but I do not intend to. In her direction. It was an incidental shot that might not have been included in the final film.

Baldwin claims he fired the gun. He was also discussing how it appeared on film with Hutchins. 

“I am just showing.” Then I ask, “How do you think that works?” That works? Do you see it? Are you able to see it?  She then says, “Yeah! That’s great!”

“I let go the hammer. Bang. The gun sounds. The gun goes off. They’re shocked. It’s loud. Their earplugs are not in. 

 ‘No one was – the gun was supposed to be empty. The gun was empty. If it was cosmetic rounds with no charge, the flash round would suffice. 

I wondered if she had fainted. I didn’t realize there was a live round in the gun until probably 45 to an hour after that.

He continued, “Well she’s lying there and I’m going to, “Did she hit the wadding?” Did she hit by wadding? There may be a wadding within the blank round that holds the gunpowder. Some wadding may come out. This can cause people to feel a bit poked. 

Baldwin has been a staunch supporter of Allen, pictured, throughout claims that the director sexually abused his eldest daughter in 1992, which have gotten renewed attention since the documentary 'Allen V. Farrow' hit Netflix this year

Baldwin, shown here, has been an unwavering supporter Allen throughout allegations that Allen sexually assaulted his oldest daughter in 1992. These claims have received renewed attention after the Netflix documentary “Allen V. Farrow” was released this year.

“But no one could comprehend. Was she having a heart attack or was it just a coincidence? You see, it was not possible to imagine someone putting a live bullet in a gun. 

“I have never pulled the trigger.” No, no, no. It would not be possible.

 But many have continued to question Alec Baldwin’s version of events since the interview aired on Thursday. 

Filming a scene inside an Old West-style church, Baldwin apparently aimed towards the camera and pulled the trigger, accidentally killing Halyna Hutchins (pictured) as she filmed him, and injuring Souza, who stood behind her.

Baldwin was filming an Old West-style scene in a church. He apparently pointed at the camera, pulled the trigger and accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins (pictured), and injured Souza who stood beside him.

Bryan W. Carpenter is a weapon armorer for Dark Thirty Film Services. He said that he doubts Baldwin ever pulled the trigger.

Carpenter stated to Fox News, “To make the gun light, first you need to place your thumb onto the hammer. Next, turn the hammer backwards until it is fully cocked. Then, pull the trigger to fire the gun.” This is very important, because the gun must have a two-step process in order to light. The trigger had to be pulled and it had to be cocked.

Carpenter said, “Once you have cocked the hammer back on an old west gun, it doesn’t take much to get that trigger off.”

He made these comments after Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Medoza stated to the outlet that guns don’t simply go off. You will need to do whatever it takes to control the firearm. [Baldwin]Did that, and it was in my hands. 

Social media users were skeptical about Baldwin’s claims that he did not pull the trigger. 

“The trigger mechanism of any firearm will not fire if it is pulled, or the trigger is squeezed hard with older guns. I.E. One user tweeted, “I.E. dropped, banged heavy.” “Do you really believe that people can believe what your stupidity?

One person tweeted, “Good grief his acting is horrible.” The shooter must either first cock the handgun in Western style, or he can ignore it. This weapon was pulled the trigger. The trigger was not pulled.

The colt pistol accidentally went off and pierced Halyna Hutchin's chest on Thursday

Inadvertently, the colt pistol went off and punctured Halyna HUTCHIN’s chest.

@AlecBaldwin was the one who had it and killed Halyna as well as another. Man up, already.’

Investigators are currently investigating whether Seth Kenney (51) a Hollywood veteran, was sent blanks and dummy rounds to film, according to an affidavit by the Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

There are still investigators investigating Hutchins’ death and they have not filed any criminal charges.