The baby is onboard! Dramatic moment: A woman gives birth at TESLA, Midtown Manhattan. She went into labor after which the infant was delivered before the EMS crew arrived.

  • At around 4:45 p.m., the woman and her husband were driving a black Tesla X model Tesla in traffic to 585 Fifth Avenue. 
  • According to the father of an expectant child, he tried to reach a hospital nearby but was afraid he wouldn’t make it. 
  • The NYU Medical Center was escorted by officers, who had to turn around. [the hospital]Due to heavy traffic,” said NYPD Sergeant Edward Riley 
  • He added that officers noticed that the car behind them had stopped. They discovered the female passenger had been born in the vehicle after checking the occupants. 
  • According to police, the mother and her baby girl were taken safely to hospital. They are both happy and healthy. 


The birth of a little girl by a mother in labor in New York City ended Sunday’s wild ride in a Tesla. 

Police say the couple, who are not being identified, were riding in a black Tesla Model X at approximately 4 p.m. on traffic near 585 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. 

According to the father of an expectant, he tried to reach a hospital nearby after his wife’s water broke. However, he believed they would not be able make it. So they dialled 911 to seek help. 

“Officers started escorting the car to NYU Medical Center, but they had to redirect to another location. [the hospital]”Due to heavy traffic,” stated NYPD Sergeant Edward Riley. 

A woman had to give birth in a Tesla Model X SUV stopped in Midtown Manhattan traffic on Sunday

One woman was forced to have her baby in a Tesla Model X SUV, which she found stuck in Midtown Manhattan traffic.

The unidentified mom was stretchered away after giving birth and being lifted out of the electric car's gull wing doors

After giving birth, the unidentified mother was taken to a stretcher and lifted from one of the electric cars’ gull wings. 

Monday's drama began while the couple were en route to the hospital in their Tesla Model X, only to get stuck in traffic

Monday’s drama started while the couple drove to the hospital in their Tesla ModelX. But, they got stuck in traffic.

The officers then observed the car behind them slow down,’ he said. “Officers then noticed the vehicle behind them stop,” he added. 

The New York Post reports that the car’s ‘falcon wings’ doors, which are open vertically and allow the newborn and mother to climb out, were a great help.  

This car’s list price starts at $105,000  

The mother and her baby girl were safely transported to hospital by an EMS crew. Police report that they are both happy and healthy.    

Surprisingly this isn’t the first Tesla birth this year. 

In January 2008, Allison Goldfarb delivered Jordan one week earlier than expected in the front row near the George Washington Bridge. 

The mother and her new baby, a girl, were taken to a local hospital via EMT and are now happy and healthy. The baby's dad is pictured cradling his newborn daughter in the back of an ambulance after her sudden arrival

Both the mother and daughter, a girl, were rushed to an EMT station and taken to hospital. After her unexpected arrival, the baby’s father is seen holding his daughter in an ambulance. 

The father can be seen caressing his newborn daughter in the background as an EMS prepares to transfer them

In the background, an EMS crew prepares to transport them. The father is seen caring for his baby girl.

The expectant father told the authorities that he was trying to get to a nearby hospital but that he thought they wouldn't be able to make it in time

According to the father of an expectant child, he tried to reach a hospital nearby but was afraid he wouldn’t make it.

The woman appeared shocked by what had just happened to her, although both she and her baby are doing well

The mother appeared stunned by the events that had occurred to her. However, both her and her baby are well. 

She was filmed resting her hand against her head, as a FDNY paramedic prepared to load her into an ambulance with her partner and their newborn

As a FDNY paramedic was preparing to load her in an ambulance, she rested her hand on her head as he prepared for her to rest it against hers.