One mother who wanted to cheer up a disabled teenager after 49 years of treatment received 500 cards for Christmas.  

Nicholas Black (16) is from Deland in Florida and suffers from several serious medical conditions. He was forced to live with his family at a hospice during the holiday season.

Elizabeth, his 38-year-old mom wanted to bring a smile to her son’s face this year during the holidays. So she turned to social media to get help.

She shared his diagnosis on a number of Facebook groups, and requested that people send her cards. 

Nicholas was delighted to receive hundreds of postcards from all over the world. It has made his day brighter and gave him something to smile forward to.

A disabled teen who has undergone 49 surgeries received 500 Christmas cards from strangers - after his mom put out a request on Facebook in an attempt to 'cheer him up'

One mother who wanted to cheer him up posted a Facebook post asking for 500 Christmas cards.

Nicholas Black, 16, from Deland, Florida, has several severe medical conditions and has been forced to spend the festive season living in a hospice. He is pictured in 2018

Nicholas Black (16 years old) is from Deland in Florida. He has multiple severe medical conditions that have forced him to live with his family at a hospice. Here he is in 2018,

As a baby, he was diagnosed with scoliosis, hydrocephalus, syringomyelia, and Chiari malformation and now, he needs 24/7 care from doctors. He is pictured on Halloween in 2016

When he was a baby, he had scoliosis and hydrocephalus. He also suffered from syringomyelia and Chiari malformation. Now, he requires 24/7 medical attention. In 2016, he was pictured at Halloween.

This year, his mom, Elizabeth, 38, wanted to do something to make him smile during the holiday season - so she asked for help on social media. They are pictured together in 2019

Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s 38-year-old mother, decided to give her son a holiday smile by asking for social media help. The two of them are seen together in 2019.

Elizabeth, who is a single mom staying at home, stated that it was a wonderful surprise and put a smile on her son’s face when he needed it. 

She said, “Nicholas is thrilled when the mailman delivers him mail. So I thought it cool to post our address on Google to see who sends it.”

‘He can get very down and it’s so difficult to watch him go through it and I hoped it would cheer him up.

‘I never expected this many – I expected he’d get maybe three cards a day – but he gets more than 30 cards to open each day!

‘It has put a huge smile on his face – it really brightens his day and gives him something to look forward to.’ 

Nicholas, as a newborn, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and scoliosis.

The conditions mean he is unable to walk and has to have a constant supply of oxygen – so he lives in a home hospice under 24/7 care of doctors and nurses.

She posted about his diagnosis in a few different Facebook groups and asked people send him some cards - and she was shocked by the response she got. They are pictured in 2016

He was diagnosed by her. She asked for help and received a lot of support. In 2016, they were photographed together.

Nicholas has now received hundreds of cards from all around the world - which has 'really brightened his day' and 'given him something to look forward to'

Nicholas now has hundreds of greeting cards from around the globe – this has “really brightened him day” and “given him something positive to look forward too”.

The teen has had 49 surgeries in his lifetime and can't go to school, so Elizabeth said he doesn't have many friends and often gets 'down.’ He is pictured in November 2020

The teen has had 49 surgeries in his lifetime and can’t go to school, so Elizabeth said he doesn’t have many friends and often gets ‘down.’ He is pictured in November 2020

Elizabeth said getting the mail in the morning has become 'something for him to look forward to every day' and has given him the boost he needed. He is pictured in 2018

Elizabeth stated that getting his mail every morning is something he looks forward to and it has helped him get the energy he needs. Pictured in 2018.

Elizabeth stated that the teen had 49 operations in his life and cannot go to school. She said that he has no friends and is often ‘down’. 

Besides the hundreds of cards, Nicholas has also received some gifts – like wrestling figurines – since he loves to watch the sport.

They came from everywhere – even Canada, Puerto Rico and Italy.

Elizabeth shared that Elizabeth says getting mail each morning was something she looks forward to, and gave him the lift he needed.

“We had no idea that so many people wanted to send one. But it was amazing. “People are incredible, and I will never forget them,” she said.

Send your cards to Nicholas Black, 924 North Amelia Ave. Deland Florida 32724

Here’s a breakdown of Nicholas’ conditions 

  • Nicholas was diagnosed at the age of three with scoliosis and hydrocephalus. He also had Chiari malformation.
  • A sideways curve of the spine is called scoliosis. Scoliosis is a severe curve of the spine that reduces the volume in the chest. This can make it hard for the lungs and other organs to work properly.
  • Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. Excess fluid can increase the volume of the ventricles which puts pressure on your brain. It can cause a range of brain function problems
  • Syringomyelia can be described as the growth of a fluid-filled cyst within your spinal cord. The cyst may grow over time and cause damage to your spine cord, pain, weakness, and stiffness among others.
  • Chiari malformation describes a situation in which the brain tissue extends into a spinal canal. This happens when a part of your skull is smaller or misshapen than normal, pushing on the brain and forcing the it down.
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