A hungover woman filmed the moment she eagerly cut into a Greggs sausage roll only to discover it was an empty shell with no sausage inside – leaving people to joke ‘it’s vegan’.

When Kayleigh O’Brien woke up at home in Warwick on October 9 feeling a bit worse for wear from the night before, she decided some food would perk her up.

The 30-year-old personal assistant was thrilled to see Greggs delivered to her house as she wanted a sausage roll.

When her meal arrived, she noticed that the bag containing the pastry delights felt lighter than normal. She also realized that one of the rolls was missing an important component.

Kayleigh took a look at the gutting footage and saw that one of the baked goods was completely empty of sausage meat.

Kayleigh O’Brien (pictured), 30, from Warwick, said she was left 'gutted' when she realised the sausage roll she had ordered as a hangover cure was devoid of its sausage

Kayleigh O’Brien (pictured), 30, from Warwick, said she was left ‘gutted’ when she realised the sausage roll she had ordered as a hangover cure was devoid of its sausage 

“I was devastated. Kayleigh said that Greggs sausage rolls are loved by everyone and she was able to get one for herself. The meat inside is an important part of the experience.

“I had been out the night prior with my boyfriend, so when we woke around midday, we were a bit overeating and just needed some food.

‘We didn’t fancy a McDonalds breakfast and then I noticed Greggs was on Just Eat. We ordered two sausage rolls, a chicken bacon baguette, tuna sandwich, and a couple more coffees.

“When the food arrived, I opened the bag to find that one of the sausage rolls felt hollowed and very light. I turned to my boyfriend and said this hasn’t got a sausage in it, and he didn’t believe me.

Kayleigh ordered two sausage rolls (pictured) for her and her boyfriend, pictured, but one was completely empty

Kayleigh ordered two sausage roll (pictured) for herself and her boyfriend. However, one of the sausage rolls was completely empty 

The 30-year-old took a video to prove that the pastry did not have a sausage, and shared it online (pictured)

The 30-year-old shared a video online to prove that the pastry didn’t have a sausage.

‘I couldn’t understand how they didn’t tell there wasn’t a sausage inside. I took a video showing me opening it for proof.

Kayleigh and her boyfriend had to split the sausage roll before Kayleigh sent the video evidence over to Just Eat.

‘We shared the full sausage roll,’ explained Kayleigh. ‘My boyfriend had started eating that one but I had to tell him mine didn’t have any sausage in.

‘I’ll pop into Greggs whenever I need some lunch but I didn’t know they delivered.

“Normally, I would drive to get it, but I was too hungover to go. I decided it was safer and easier to order from the Just Eat app.

At first, the puff-pastry sausage roll appeared to look like any other sausage roll sold by Greggs, pictured

The puff-pastry sausage roll initially looked like any other sausage roll sold at Greggs. 

In the video, Kayleigh filmed herself cutting the sausage roll in half with a kitchen knife

Once it was cut, viewers could see the sausage roll didid not have a sausage

Kayleigh, who was shown cutting the sausage roll in half, used a kitchen knife to reveal that it was empty.

The 30-year-old said she was 'gutted' to find her sausage roll did not have sausage inside and had to share the other one with her boyfriend

The 30-year-old shared her boyfriend’s sausage roll with him because she was ‘gutted” to discover that her sausage roll didn’t have sausage in it. 

“I sent the video over at Just Eat and they issued a refund. I also tweeted Greggs with the footage and they sent me a £5 voucher.’

Kayleigh’s video has been viewed more than 442,000 times online, with many people joking the sausage roll ‘was vegan’ while others said they were ‘hurt’ for her.

‘Ohhh this is the new vegan sausage roll,’ joked one commenter, while a second penned: ‘Plot twist…it’s vegan.’

A third person wrote: ‘From one Kayleigh to another Kayleigh, I’m so sorry. I love sausage rolls,’ while another asked: ‘How did they not even notice it being different?’

Meanwhile, a further commented: ‘I’m hurt for you.’

Greggs spokesperson: “Oh crumbs!” We certainly didn’t intend for our sausage roll to be given to this customer without the sausage.

‘Our crisp, golden puff pastry is certainly delicious, but it’s the seasoned sausage within that makes it such a favourite with millions of people across the UK. 

“The customer was refunded and given a coupon so they could get a free sausage roll from us.” 

People joked the roll was actually 'vegan' because it didn't have sausage inside. Others said they 'hurt' for Kayleigh

People laughed that the roll wasn’t filled with sausage and was actually’vegan’. Others said they hurt Kayleigh.