For some of us, the introduction to motorcycles happened at a young age and by the time we hit 18, we had our first bike, yet there are others who, for one reason or another, never really crossed paths with bikes. It’s never too late, as the saying goes, and even if you are middle-aged with grandkids, there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing two-wheel travel.

Freedom & Independence

If you live in the UK, when the nice weather arrives, you can uncover your bike and prepare for a few months of touring the countryside; the best big bike deals can be found at Wheels Motorcycles, a leading UK new and used bike supplier with a great reputation within the industry. The fuel cost is negligible when compared to a car and a 600cc touring bike can handle all day riding at high speeds, allowing you to go wherever you please.


Most couples merge their bike touring with camping; two people can comfortable secure enough boxes and panniers to handle all your camping gear, plus you can wear a backpack. There are campsites all over the UK and long weekends offer the chance to head off into the sunrise and explore the natural beauty of the British Isles. If you are into bike racing, there are meetings at Silverstone and Brands Hatch, which makes for a great short holiday experience. Click here for tips about getting fit using a personal trainer.

UK Bike Riding: Licence Requirements

You won’t be able to ride a big bike until you pass the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and you can apply for that coveted Class A licence that allows you to ride even the biggest bike. Start with the provisional licence, which allows you to ride a bike of 125cc engine capacity, with limited HP and within a two-year timeframe, you can advance from the A2, A1 and then the Class A licence. The awesome power of a 1200cc sports machine must be respected and you need to start with low-power machines and build up to the superbikes. Here is some UK government information about motorcycle licence and categories, which you should read.

Safety on the Roads

Big bike riding involves risk, even more so, as you are not protected by a metal box, and safe riding is essential. If you drive a car, then you already have a degree of road sense and by wearing protective gear and abiding by the road laws, you should be fine. Skin protection is critical, which is why you should wear leather clothing, which provides a layer between your skin and the tarmac, so make a point of always wearing protective clothing when riding.

Wet Weather Riding

There are several views regarding wet weather riding; most UK riders try to avoid the rain and might be labelled as ‘fair weather’ riders, while others are die-hard riders who are out in all weathers. One has to be especially careful when riding in the wet, with tyres that have good tread and avoid using your front brake too much in the wet.

It is a thrilling feeling to have lots of raw power under you and as time passes, you become more competent as a rider and can take your riding to another level.