If you live in the United Kingdom, you will have noticed there are many big bikes on the road during the summer months, as this is the ideal time to bring out your big bike and explore the wonders of nature. If you have decided to join the many thousands of big bike riders here in the UK, there is much to consider.

Bike Riding in the UK & Law

Of course, riding a powerful motorcycle on British roads demands that you have the right type of driving licence and for a large bike, you will need to pass a two-part theory and practical test in order to change your licence from provisional to full. This needs to be done within a 2-year framework and when you receive your compulsory basic training certificate (CBT), you can then apply for a full motorcycle licence that allows you to ride any bike.

Buying a Big Bike

Of course, there are quite a few big bike manufacturers, but Honda in the UK have some great new and used big bikes for sale at a Honda dealership. There are several common styles; the sports bike, which is very powerful, while a touring machine is more about comfort and if you fancy some off-road riding, then an Enduro type bike is ideal.

Engine Capacity & Horsepower

Generally speaking, the larger the engine, the more BHP it develops, and with either a mid-range 600cc machine, or one of 750cc and higher, the engine can comfortably handle long journeys. The 4-stroke engine is preferred, as it delivers the power to the back wheel in a smooth and constant acceleration, whereas the 2-stroke engine uses a power band that involves higher engine revolutions, which is not so economical.

Protective Gear

Even in the summer, it is essential that you are suitably dressed when on your bike; a good quality crash helmet, a leather jacket and riding pants, with gloves and boots that offer ankle support. Most riders wear a Hi-Vis vest, which helps other road users to see you, and riding with your lights on in the daytime is also recommended. When riding in wet and slippery conditions, it is essential that you take extra care and it would be a good idea to book a course on handling big bikes, as this will ensure that you can control the bike at all times. If you are old enough to remember the black & white TV days, you might be wondering why the kids of today suffer from so many allergies, which this article addresses.


If this is your primary reason for investing in a big bike, the luxurious Honda Gold Wing series offers the rider an ideal touring machine with pannier and top-box capabilities that allow you to pack all your camping gear and you and your partner can head off to the Cornish coast or another attractive region in the UK. Click here for UK government information about motorcycle driving licences.

Search online for a Honda bike dealership to see the best deals on new and used big bikes and with affordable finance, you will soon be ready to take to the roads on two wheels.

By Tolbert