Claudia Webbe is a disgraced MP and must await four months before she challenges her harassment conviction. Claudia was convicted of threatening acid to boyfriend’s girlfriend. She has also been warned that the sentence could increase.

  • Claudia Webbe (56), called Michelle Merritt “slag” and threw acid over her
  • Following a trial at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, she was convicted for harassment
  • Webbe was not guilty of the crime and Webbe appealed.
  • For her three-day Southwark appeal hearing, she will need to wait until March 

In March, a Labour member who threatened acid attack on her rival for love will seek to overturn her harassment sentence and conviction.

Claudia Webbe (56), called Michelle Merritt “slag” and claimed she would send her naked photos to her family. A court was informed.

Webbe was expelled by Labour following a Westminster Magistrates’ Court trial. Webbe was sentenced 10 weeks imprisonment, with a suspended term of two years and 200 hours of unpaid labor.

She was also ordered to pay £1,000 to Ms Merritt, 59, in compensation by District Judge Paul Goldspring last week.

Webbe said that he was certain he intended to alarm Webbe and cause her distress.

I find contact, particularly the threat to Acid her and sharing intimate photographs to be designed to cause considerable distress. The threat to Acid Ms Merritt is particularly serious.

Judge Deborah Taylor, Webbe’s counsel told her today: “No doubt she has been informed sentences can go down as well as up,” Raj Chada said.  

A judge described Webbe (seen today) as 'vague, incoherent, illogical and untruthful' and said she had 'made up evidence on the spot'

Webbe, as seen today, was described by the judge as being ‘vaguely incoherent. illogical. and untruthful.’ She also claimed that she had “made up evidence on-the spot.” 

Lester Thomas with Claudia Webbe in a Christmas picture taken before the court case

Claudia Webbe with Lester Thomas during a Christmas photograph taken in front of the court.

Webbe launched her harassment campaign following suspicions about Ms Merritt’s relationships with Lester Thomas, Chelsea FC scout.

It was 15 years since he had been with Ms. Merritt.

Webbe was elected to the Commons on December 19, 2019, replacing Keith Vaz (Britain’s oldest-serving Asian MP), who resigned from the Parliament after a scandal involving sex.

Between 2010 and 2018, she served as a councillor for Islington, where she also was a member on the Labour National Executive Committee.

Claudia Webbe, 56, made a string of threatening calls to 59-year-old Michelle Merritt. She is seen with hand in hand outside court today with her partner, Lester Thomas

Claudia Webbe (56), made several threats to Michelle Merritt, 59, during a series of calls. Hand in hand, she can be seen today outside court with Lester Thomas as her partner.

Ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described Webbe (both pictured above) as a 'warm-hearted person' who is particularly 'dedicated' to issues of social justice

Ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described Webbe, both pictured above as a warm-hearted individual’ and ‘dedicated to’ social justice issues.  

Webbe was previously a political advisor to Ken Livingstone, then the mayor of London.

Following her conviction for harassment, Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s leader has asked for the resignation of Leicester East MP.

Webbe from Islington denied harassment but was convicted between 1 September 2018 – 26 April 2020.

On March 9, she will be subject to a three-day appeal hearing at Southwark Crown Court.