After a dog walker attacked her in broad daylight, a female claimed she suffered a severe burn to her face.

Rachel Matusiewicz 36 from East Goscote (Leicestershire) claims that she was struck on the head by a rock, pushed to the ground, and laughed as she walked a miniature Dachshund 12 weeks ago.

According to the complementary therapist, the attacker pushes so hard that Rolo the dog flew in the air and land on his back.

Ms Matusiewicz says she was shoved

She claims the attack happened while she was walking her puppy

Rachel Matusiewicz 36 (pictured) claims that her face was bruised after she received a stone thrown at. 

He screamed, she said. It made her think he had broken his back.

Ms Matusiewicz claims the attack took place in Bradgate Park, just after 2pm on November 24. 

“I only had Rolo about 4 weeks before this occurred, so he didn’t have his second vaccine. I remember walking through the park holding him in my arms.

“I just let him down for the sake of seeing if he’d use the restroom.”

I am six feet tall and have always considered myself strong.

I’m afraid for my own safety. But the scariest thing to me was Rolo’s shrieking sound after he flew out of my arms into the air. He landed on my stomach.

I couldn’t see the world around me, because blood was pouring in my left eye from the time he hurled the rock at my head.

‘During our walk I saw a male with two Labradors on the lead.

Rolo was still just a puppy, so he shouldn’t have been mingling with other dogs. So, Rolo instinctively picked Rolo up once again.

Ms Matusiewicz says the attacker pushed with such force that her puppy Rolo (pictured) went flying in the air and landed on his back

According to Ms Matusiewicz, the attacker pushes so hard that Rolo the dog (pictured), flew in the air and land on her back

Ms Matusiewicz later said: 'I am a six foot woman and I have always considered myself to be a strong person. Although I was terrified for my own safety, the most traumatic thing was the sound that Rolo was making after he was sent flying out of my arms'

Ms Matusiewicz later said: ‘I am a six foot woman and I have always considered myself to be a strong person. While I was scared for my safety, what was most frightening was Rolo’s shrieking sound after he was released from my arms.

“The man eyeballed me. It felt so uncomfortable and invasive. He was able to linger, say hello, and smile.

“I smiled back, but didn’t speak.” 

Ms Matusiewicz says that after the man had walked past her, she went to put Rolo back down on the ground.

She looked at her dog before she let go, but he continued to watch her. 

She added: ‘It was a brief but really strange exchange. It was repeated by him. He assumed that it was because I was picking Rolo up after they left, so I explained it to him.

Ms Matusiewicz said that since the incident Rolo (pictured out on a walk) 'hasn't been the same' and has been 'more wary and scared'

Ms Matusiewicz claimed that Rolo has become more cautious and afraid since the incident.

He replied that I was not mentally well and had serious mental issues. What he said really shocked me.

“So I picked Rolo up from the ground and began walking in the opposite direction. A stone flew over my shoulder as I was walking away and narrowly missed Rolo.

“I realized that he had just thrown it at my face and turned to look. He laughed in the distance.

“So, I took out my cell phone so that he would see my face. I was thrown a brick at him. He had thrown a stone at my puppy, 12 weeks old. It was like someone wanted to cause harm.

“I approached him with my camera recording him. Then he abruptly turned on himself, and the next moment he was standing next to me.

“I was then touched on the arm. Rolo flew through the air after he grabbed my arm and shoved me to the ground.

Rolo was taken to the vets after, Ms Matusiewicz said

Rolo was taken to the vets after, Ms Matusiewicz said

Rolo had fallen on his stomach and was screaming. It was quite traumatizing, as I believed he had broken his back.

Ms Matusiewicz claimed that she felt immediately a sharp object launched at her forehead after being shoved.

He pleaded for me to get my number so that I could call him.

“I held Rolo in mine arms, and I knew that I had to find him a partner. His noise was so loud that I couldn’t stop screaming in pain for his help.

“I couldn’t see my left eye because of the blood. A head injury was something I had never experienced before.

“I kept going fast until I finally found people who could help me along the footpaths and called the police.

“The police took me back in my car by the police. After I spoke to them, Rolo was taken to the vets.

“He just waved his tail as they examined him and scrubbed him, because he was so covered in blood.”

“He’s become more fearful and anxious since then.

Ms Matusiewicz says she was struck in the head with a rock and shoved to ground while walking her new 12-week-old miniature Dachshund Rolo (pictured)

Ms Matusiewicz claims she was struck on the head with rock, and had to be shoved to the ground as she walked her 12-week-old miniature Dachshund Rolo.

“I went to the hospital that evening to have my head examined because it was still bleeding. The deep cut was cleaned and then glued together.

“It really has impacted me but it’s made her go out to Rolo, as I don’t want him to be hurt.

“It drives me out. Because of the constant play in my head over and again, I can’t sleep.

“I feel more unsafe when I am passing men, and I’m jumpier than ever before.” This whole experience has made me feel very weak from how it has affected me.

“I felt powerless.

I don’t feel especially supported by the police as they haven’t posted an appeal on their site. This has almost resulted in second-hand trauma.

Leicestershire Police stated that they are still investigating a report from Bradgate Park about a robbery last month.

Shortly after 2.45pm, Wednesday 24th November, it was reported a man had hit a woman with his rock and caused her to have a head injury.

Before running, he also stole her cell phone.

There have not been any arrests at the moment and investigations are ongoing. Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting reference 21*685830.’