Dog walker relates how her German Shepherd scared away a’strange’ man who followed her while she was outside.

  • Lorraine Scott, 40 years old, was woken up by an ‘unusual man’ on Sunday morning.
  • Toby, her German Shepherd was going for a run along Leasowe’s beach.
  • Lorraine’s dog barking scared away a man who got too close to her. 

One woman shared the story of how her German Shepherd saved them from a man who followed her while she was walking. 

Lorraine Scott from Birkenhead was going for Toby, her German Shepherd, to go on a walk along Leasowe Beach in Wirral, at 5am, when she was accosted by an unknown person.

According to the 40-year old, “I went into the parking lot for the beach and spied this car in maroon on my right.”

“I drove down to the beach steps because I think it was easier for my dog, and stopped at a vacant vehicle.

“I started to organize everything, such as getting my wellies on and Toby organized. I noticed that Toby was looking in the wrong direction and the maroon car was pulled up next to me.

I knew that whoever it might have been had noticed I was driving by on my own, but it didn’t matter to me at the time.

Toby (pictured), a three-year-old German Shepherd scared away a strange man when he got 'too close' to Lorraine in an isolated car park in Wirral

Toby, a 3-year-old German Shepherd who scared off a stranger when he came too close to Lorraine in a Wirral carpark.

Lorraine observed a man getting out of his car to slowly approach Lorraine as she prepared for her run.

While he “scanned the area”, the man slowly moved towards Lorraine’s front seat.

Lorraine added: “At this point I started getting really panicky, and I just frozen.

Lorraine’s 3-year-old German Shepherd intervened after the man approached too closely.

The brave dog began barking when he saw the strange man.

Lorraine stated that Tombo started acting crazy at him, and then he jumped straight into his car. He drove off very fast.

“I am just so happy that I had my protector. I am naturally protected by him because he’s a protector breed.

Lorraine claimed that the incident made her feel ‘freaked’ despite having been trained in kickboxing.

File photo: The incident occurred near Leasowe beach (pictured), where Lorraine intended to take her German Shepherd for a run at around 5am on Sunday

File photo: The incident occurred near Leasowe beach (pictured), where Lorraine intended to take her German Shepherd for a run at around 5am on Sunday

Lorraine wrote in a Facebook post: “If I was on my own this could have been an entirely different story. Fortunately, my German Shepherd protects me.

“I have been to this beach before, and nothing like this has ever happened. There are always people sleeping on the beaches so I don’t think it strange that people would be parked there.

“Hopefully, this will alert people to the fact that there are some strangeos around and to be extra cautious. So glad to have a German Shepherd as my protector.

The reports state that the man was dressed in a black tracksuit with a crew neck black t-shirt.

According to reports, he is approximately 5ft 8in tall with very slim builds and short hair.