The unique and unusual dog is characterized by a long neck with spots, making him more like a Giraffe than a pet. 

Louisa Crook saved Brodie, an Azawakh (a sighthound that is closely related to the greyhounds) in 2016. He was then left alone after being hit by another car.

Louisa said Brodie is between six- and seven years-old. He had to have one of his front legs and one shoulder amputated after the accident. 

Azawakhs or sighthounds already have long necks. However, Brodie’s was made even more extended by the amputation.

Louisa from the Middle East is a marketing consultant. She said that Brodie was the most stunning dog she has ever seen. Azawakhs, which I love as a sighthound, are my favourite breed.

Brodie, an Azawakh sighthound, right, had a shoulder and a front leg amputated after a car accident when he was a puppy. He was rescued by Middle East-based marketing assistant Louisa Crook

Brodie the Azawakh sighthound was right after having his shoulder and front leg amputated in a car crash when he was just a puppy. Louisa Crook, a Middle East-based marketing assistant saved him.

“Even though Brodie was in such a state when I saw him, unable to walk or in pain, he took my breath away.

“I have never before seen an Azawakh alive, since they aren’t common.

He does indeed have a very long neck. However, it appears ridiculously long at certain angles due to his missing shoulder which makes his neck appear shorter.

“So it sometimes looks as if he has just one neck and three legs.

Brodie's long neck and freckles make him look like a giraffe. Louisa said she has a special bond with the pup

Brodie has a long neck, freckles and looks almost like a Giraffe. Louisa shared a special connection with Brodie, she said

Brodie is aware that not all Azawakhs have visible freckles. 

Louisa stated that Brodie has a strong bond to her despite the dog’s unique appearance.  

Brodie and I share a special bond. Brodie has never seemed to be more grateful than he did for his new life, after escaping the terrible hell he was in following his car accident. 

He is so kind to me. He is a great companion in the morning when all of my dogs are asleep. “He is the only morning person in my life,” she said. 

Louis takes care of six dogs and 60 cats as a foster parent. He looked after them for several months until they were adopted.  

When Louisa and Brodie are out in the city, their looks frequently draw attention from curious passersby.  

Curious passers-by always ask about Brodie's breed when they see him, Louisa revealed. Pictured: Brodie, right, with another of Louisa's dogs

Louisa shared that Brodie is a curious dog who draws attention to passers-by. Pictured right: Brodie with Louisa’s other dog 

The Azawakh is a dog breed related to greyhounds and whippets and are known for their elongated limbs (pictured)

Azawakh, which is related to greyhounds as well whippets, are dogs that have long limbs. 

“People ask him what his name is every time they meet him. The breed is not well-known. He then lost his leg. “People love his freckles most of all,” she stated. 

Dog-lover Louisa  added that rescuing and caring for Brodie when he was in bad shape had been a learning curve for her.

Brodie was rescued from an Azawakh vet she claimed had neglected him. Brodie rallied to his rescue and is now doing well.  

“From Brodie, it was clear that I had learned not to lose heart. He was my only hope. I thought there would never be another. It makes me shudder just to imagine it, seeing his success,” she stated. 

“It has been a great help with Brodie and other dogs who have entered my life.

Brodie is the dog that I turn to when I’m feeling down. It was not as terrible as it was for him, but he made it seem easy and smiled the whole time.

Louisa said Brodie, pictured, is a sweet-tempered companion who loves to have her to himself at breakfast when the other dogs are sleeping

Louisa, also known as Brodie, loves having Louisa to herself at breakfast while the rest of her dogs sleep.