After the Brit Awards announcement, fears have been expressed that certain artists might miss out on receiving prizes. For its “woke” 2022 event, abolished gender and eliminated male/female categories

Bosses claim that this decision is meant to make the organization as open and relevant as possible and let people enter that don’t identify as men or women.

However, fans have reacted with fury with many calling for a boycott of next year’s show.

Critics have pointed out, however that removing gender categories could mean some acts will “miss out” on the award. 

India Willoughby, Broadcaster said today on Good Morning Britain: “It’s great that things are shaken up. But there’s one big problem and that’s that somebody this and next year will lose out. 

“I wish we had a way to recognize that there are great male and great female singers.    

“I was just thinking about the past years and one particular year. Ellie Goulding was the 2014 female singer. She is a brilliant singer and I love her. David Bowie was the male performer. Who’s going to win this? Ellie Goulding wouldn’t have won the award. 

It seems quite inclusive on the surface. However, you’re actually leaving someone out. And what happens when one woman sweeps the board. It’ll be shouts of injustice.   

All change: The Brit Awards have scrapped male and female categories ahead of their 'woke' 2022 ceremony in order to 'celebrate artists solely for their music and work'

All change: The Brit Awards have scrapped male and female categories ahead of their ‘woke’ 2022 ceremony in order to ‘celebrate artists solely for their music and work’

Podcaster Aamir Hazan praised the move in the same segment and called it a positive step for inclusion.  

Fans blasted the changes as “woke drivel”, and many called for boycotts of next year’s event.

Brit Awards 2022 will feature a battle between contenders for the title of artist of year, rather than male solo artist or female solo artist.

Best international artist of the year will be used in replace of best international female, or male solo artist.

Four new awards will be presented at the 2022 ceremony. They will include alternative/rock, hip-hop/grime/rap acts; dance acts and pop/R&B acts.

There will be three categories of ‘woken’ awards for Brits in 2022:

  • YouTube Music Artist of the Year
  • Group of Year
  • BBC Radio 1 supports BRITs Rising Star
  • The Best of the Newest Artists
  • Mastercard’s Song of The Year
  • Album of the Year by Mastercard
  • International Artists of the Year
  • International Group of the Year
  • Alternative/Rock Act
  • Pop/R&B Act
  • Dancing Act
  • Hip Hop/Rap/Grime Act

The Song of the Year Prize will now recognize featured artists as well, and not only the leading artists or the named collaborators.

After Sam Smith (singer who identified as non-binary) put pressure on organizers to remove male and female categories earlier in this year, the changes were made.

According to the three-time winner, music has been about unity and not division.

“I’m looking forward to the day when awards shows will reflect our society.”

Event planners at that time rescinded this because they feared it would be ‘counterproductive to diversity or equality’.  

But in a huge volte-face today, Brit chair Tom March announced the dumping of the long-established category names.

He said: ‘It is important that The Brits continue to evolve and aim to be as inclusive as possible.

“It’s a great time to recognize the accomplishments of musicians for their music and work, regardless of gender.

March added: ‘I’m really excited to launch four new genre awards, which create even more opportunities for artists to be acknowledged for the brilliant music they create and produce, and give music fans the chance to get involved and vote to support their artists and help them to win a Brit.

“The 2022 Show is looking really good, Mo is going be an exceptional host and I am grateful to Clara and Maya that they were part of this year’s Brits.

However, fans and commentators were furious at the new changes. They called it “woke drivel”

Malcolm Clark, a TV producer and trustee of LGB Alliance, a charity that advocates for lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex attracted told MailOnline: ‘While we’ve always loved a bit of gender bending, it’s silly to deny that the different categories reflected the fact women and men often have experiences that are as distinct as their voices. 

Broadcaster India Willoughby told Good Morning Britain today: 'It's great to shake things up but there is a big but and that is that somebody this year and going forward will miss out'

India Willoughby, Broadcaster told Good Morning Britain that India Willoughby said today that while it was great for things to change, there’s a problem. It’s that someone this year or going forward will be left out.

Popstar Sam Smith, who won the critics' choice prize in 2014 and identifies as non-binary, using the pronouns they/them, has previously called for the move (Pictured at the 2020 event)

Sam Smith (Popstar) won the 2014 critic’s choice award and identified as non-binary using pronouns they/them. He has also called for this move before.

Dua Lipa poses in the media room with the Mastercard Album award for Future Nostalgia and the Female Solo Artist award during The BRIT Awards 2021

Dua Lipa is pictured in the media area with The Mastercard Album Award for Future Nostalgia, and The Female Solo Artist award at The BRIT Awards 2021

“We see often that sex is being erased from organisations which claim it doesn’t harm the LGBT community.

“Ofcourse, it is best to inquire us about whether or not we wish to separate the sex types. 

“Unfortunately, it does not seem that there was a public consultation on whether LGB people or straight want this.  

Christina Jordan was a former MEP. It has been a pleasure to meet you. You are a great friend.

One person also posted this tweet: ‘Brit awards scrap male and female categories …..more wakeful drivel.

Dale Hammond (Guernsey) said, “Well, I’ll be scrapping while watching the Brit Award then.”

A woman called the move ‘woken, bilgewater’ and claimed that the awards weren’t for her.

One person said it online, “Usely like watching the Brit Awards. I certain won’t be viewing them now.”

One man commented on social media, “The Brit Awards obviously want their lowest ranking this year.”

Will Young, a singer who has advocated for this change in August, stated that he believed it would be difficult to create one category as fewer people would win.

He told The Independent’s Millennial Love podcast: ‘I only know of a couple of artists who identify as non-binary in the UK who would be up for Brit awards. Is it possible to move something around for as much as $0?  

Brits is made up around 1,200 experts in music from across the media, artist, label, publisher, promoter, retailer, and other industries.

Mo Gilligan, a comedian from the same city as Jack Whitehall will host these awards.

Gilligan stated that it was an honor to host the 2022 Brit Award. Being asked is an honour.

“We’re in the advanced planning stages, and all I can tell you is that I’m going to do everything I can to ensure an amazing night for music lovers everywhere. Let’s go!’

Clara Amfo, Maya Jama and Maya Jama host The Brits Are Coming. They will also host The Brits Are Coming on the red carpet.

Gilligan (pictured) said: 'It's an absolute privilege to host the 2022 Brit Awards. I'm truly honoured to be asked'

Gilligan (pictured), said that it was an honor to host 2022 Brit Awards. “I’m honored to be asked.”

The nominations show The Brits Are Coming will be hosted by Clara Amfo (left) and Maya Jama (right), who will also host the red carpet show

The nominations show The Brits Are Coming will be hosted by Clara Amfo (left) and Maya Jama (right), who will also host the red carpet show

Clara Amfo (left), and Maya Jama, (right) will host The Brits Are Coming’s nominations show. They will also host The Red Carpet Show.

Jama said: ‘I am so excited to be back on presenting duties for the BRITs 2022! Growing up, the show was a favorite of mine and I can’t believe it is my turn to present.

ITV’s ‘The BRITs Are Coming TV Special’ has been a favorite of mine for many reasons. It’s a huge celebration and everyone looks great. I also love watching so many people I admire in the music business come together to create such an amazing night.

Amfo said, “It’s such an honor and pleasure to be part The BRITs Presenting Team for 2022.”

“The spirit of celebration between the artists and the viewers is truly special, and I’m excited to see more memorable moments being made on stage and red carpet in February!”

ITV’s Brit Awards 2022 will be broadcast live from London’s 02 Arena, February 8, at 8:15 PM.