Trinity and Buck bark together as they reunite at doggie daycare 18 months after being apart.

  • Two dogs were reunited at Petsmart Hotel in Ajax, Ontario after 18 months
  • Playmates, an Alaskan Malamute and a Pekingese mix, excitedly barked at each other
  • This heartfelt reunion was shared on TikTok, and it has received more than 88,000 hits.

When they finally got together, the two dogs had been frustrated by their separation for over 18 months. 

The adorable video was posted by Tara Zapp, who works at the Petsmart Hotel in Ajax, Ontario where the two friends were filmed after their owners dropped them off.

In the clip a small Pekingese cross called Trinity can be seen yapping in excitement as Zapp leads it through a door and towards a caged grey and white Alaskan Malamute, Buck.

Buck initially seemed hesitant as he looked at the little brown dog excitedly, but he soon joined in and gave a sincere howl.

Trinity leapt, yapped, and barked vigorously beside him. 

Zapp said later that the pandemic forced us to close down our facility. Before we closed down, all the dogs were picked up and returned home.

“This is their reaction after we reopened.

Buck the Alaskan Malamute joins in with Trinity's excited barks as the pair are reunited at Petsmart Hotel in Ajax, Ontario

Buck the Alaskan Malamute joins in with Trinity’s excited barks as the pair are reunited at Petsmart Hotel in Ajax, Ontario

Video has received more than 888,000 views since it was uploaded to TikTok in October 2. It has nearly 119,000 hits.

Commenters found the touching reunion hilarious and charming.

Laura Burgert stated: “Bless their hearts. It is so wonderful to be together.

While Buck appears hesitant at first as he stares at the excited little brown dog, he quickly joins in with a heartfelt howl

Buck stares intently at Buck the first time he sees him, but soon he joins in and lets out a deep howl.

Trinity races ahead to see his playmate after being away from him for more than a year

Trinity is excited to go see his playmate Trinity after being absent for over a year

User Raceck commented: “Why does it feel like the malamute is saying, “Look, we split up.” You’re a prisoner dog. You’re not mine anymore.

Another comment added: ‘That husky heard it, looked at it, first thought was “who is that little bada** making that noise’ then remembered.’

A TikTok video later showed Trinity and Buck playing outdoors, Buck running enthusiastically around her.