Are YOU familiar with any of these dancers?

After Jewish teenagers were attacked by Nazi-style yobs, police have posted photos of the three men they wish to talk to.

Last Monday, London’s most famous shopping street was attacked by a terrorist.

Young Jewish teens were celebrating Hanukkah. You could see them dancing, clapping, and chanting at 8pm.

Soon after, a gang yob came and attacked them. They screamed ‘Free Palestine’ then spilt at the bus that was privately hired to transport the children on a tour of the city. 

Investigators began an investigation into the alleged ‘appalling and deeply upsetting attack’. They are now treating it as hate crime.

In the course of their investigations, the force shared images of new men that they would like to meet.

Kevin Eade from Westminster’s local police said that the investigation into the appalling incident is continuing and that three images are available of the suspects.

“Despite our extensive inquiries over the last week, we have yet to make arrests. However, I’m confident somebody will recognize the faces in these photos and would encourage anyone to get in touch with us right away.

Last week, footage from the incident was viral and the antisemitic attack on Jews was denounced by Prime Minister David Cameron who called it ‘disturbing.

The Met Police would like to speak to this man in connection with an anti-Semitic attack in London's Oxford Street last week

The Met Police would like to speak to this man in connection with an anti-Semitic attack in London's Oxford Street last week

After Jewish teens suffered an anti-Semitic attack from a group of racist yobs that spat and did Nazi salutes at their bus, police have posted photos of the men they wish to talk to.

Boris Johnson stated that ‘Racism of all kinds will not be tolerated within our society, and we will continue making every effort to root it out.

In the video of the incident on Facebook, none of the yobs’ insults can be heard because they are outside of the bus.

The terrified passengers on board can be easily identified saying, “We are all Jewish.”

Community Security Trust, a charity that monitors antisemitic events and offers security support to British Jews in need of help, claimed the bus driver was handing out food at Oxford Street when he was stopped by the group.

The Met Police would like to speak to this man in connection with an anti-Semitic attack in London's Oxford Street last week

Met Police wants to talk to him about the anti-Semitic attack that took place in London’s Oxford Street this week

Dave Rich, CST’s director of policy said that they were afraid the group that threatened them would physically assault them. They were even spitting at them.

“They felt very afraid and that it was because they were Jewish they had been targeted. It was clear to them that this was the case. 

One point in the video, the yob takes one of his shoes off and hits it against the side rail of the vehicle.

Rabbi Shneor Golders Green was director of Chabad Israeli Centre GoldersGreen. He was riding with about 40 young Jewish men on an open-top bus on Oxford Street when they were attacked by the men.

He explained that he was Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah.

“Our bus did not mention Israel but we clearly were a Jewish group.

The young men around us were not protesting; it was a racist anti-Semitic attack against London’s heart. 

He stated that they quickly became hostile and started making profane gestures, shouting “Free Palestine!” 

“Just as everyone was returning to the bus they were shouting at each other, throwing at most one projectile onto the top of it, screaming at the bus and banging on windows with their sneakers. 

Footage showed Jewish teens dancing as they celebrated Hanukkah moments before attack

Footage captured Jewish teens performing Hanukkah dances just moments before an attack.

Jewish teenagers filmed the attack

It unfolded outside Boots

On Facebook’s video, you can see the two men screaming at the teenager bus.

According to the rabbi, then the bus left and the ‘Hanukkah Party on Wheels’ went on. 

The Met stated earlier that the group in the video was not located at the time the incident occurred and no arrests were made.

“The incident will be treated as a hate-crime and officers will assess the evidence in order to determine if there are any avenues for investigation.”

This incident was condemned also by Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, Cllr Rachael Rothan of Westminster City Council. 

Cllr Robathan stated that he saw disturbing scenes from what appeared to be an antisemitic attack on Jewish teenaged Oxford Street students.

“We are outraged by these acts and we will discuss it with the Met Police. We are here to support our Jewish community.

It is understood the Met is looking at it as a potential racially-aggravated public order offence

The Met may consider it a possible racially-aggravated offense against public order

Khan claimed that Mr Khan’s actions were totally unacceptable. 

Twitter user He said: “Anti-Semitism does not belong in this society. These disgusting acts are absolutely unacceptable.” It is unacceptable for anyone to have to go through this.

Chabad is a religious outreach group that organizes for the installation of eight candelabras around London as part of Hanukkah celebrations. Mr Rich stated that the people who were on board the bus included Chabad members.

He said that they had an open-top van and drove to Oxford Street from North London. However, after the incident, they returned home. CST has been working with the police in support of the victims.

Rich stated that there have been more hate crimes against Jews in Britain.

He stated that the number of antisemitic incidents reported to CST during the first six month of the year was the highest ever.

The brazen thugs showed little worry of getting into any trouble with the police

Brazen thugs didn’t seem to be afraid of being in trouble with police 

They were  on the famous London street

Some of the gang were grinning as they attacked

As the terrified passengers hit the side, you can hear the terror in the video

CST stated in a statement that London is the place where Jews should be able celebrate Jewish festivals and live a confident, open-minded Jewish life.

“This disgusting act goes against everything that the city stands up for and should be condemned.

A viewer commented on the video: “Sorry to hear about this..disgusting, intolerant scumbags. They should be arrested, I pray they will. Peace.’

An additional comment added: “Absolutely disgusting behavior.”

Hanukkah is also called the Festival of Lights. It’s an eight day celebration which includes prayer, food and lighting of a menorah.

It is dedicated to the Jewish rebellion of the 2nd century B.C. The Greek-Syrian kingdom tried to inflict its culture upon the Jewish people. They also adorned the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem with statues depicting Greek gods.

Because a single from of oil that was enough for one day burned miraculously, the holiday is eight-days long. It runs this year from November 28 to December 6.

The holiday is a celebration of the victory of goodness over evil for many Jews.

If you have any information, please call the police at 101. 

Alternativ, you can call the Charing Cross Hate Crime Unit on 07900 608 252 or by email