All the way from the back cover to the front! Dominic Calvert-Lewin, style icon and fashion editor, poses in a DARING outfit for fashion magazine Homme+. The look includes flared shorts and a suit jacket. Everton striker is still out due to a quad injury

  • Dominic Calvert Lewin appears on The Homme + Magazine’s 56th Anniversary Front Cover
  • A dedicated fashionista, he has a long history of wearing bold outfits.
  • The man is wearing a suit and flared shorts, white socks this time. 
  • Calvert-Lewin, Everton’s striker is currently sidelined with quadriceps injuries
  • Before his August injury, the 24-year-old had scored three goals in just one game. 

Dominic Calvert Lewin doesn’t shy away experimental fashion options and took to Twitter on Tuesday to show that once again.

Calvert-Lewin captioned the photo with a butterfly emoji and took to Instagram to announce that he would be featured on The Homme + Magazine’s front cover for Issue 56.

The Everton and England striker is dressed in a white Polo Dot shirt with a black tie and jacket. He completes his bold look by wearing flared suit pants, white socks, and shining black loafers.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin is on the front cover of The Homme + Magazine wearing a daring fashion design

Calvert-Lewin in action for Everton earlier in the season

Everton player Dominic Calvert-Lewin uses his football injury as a cover for a magazine

This outfit was created by Harry Lambert, a fashion stylist. 

England’s 24-year-old striker for England isn’t afraid of wearing stylish outfits. On his Instagram, he proudly displayed his bold blue velvet suits as well as Chanel handbags.

His Everton Fashionista colleague Tom Davies was perhaps more daring than Calvert Lewin, who was seen with Calvert Lewin in New York, wearing a blue dress and brightly colored shoes.

Calvert-Lewin, a guest on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football was recently asked his opinion about being a style icon.

‘It’s just a way of expressing myself and something I enjoy,’ he said.

“It’s confidence I possess on the pitch, and I believe that as I mature into the player and coach I am, the pitch has taught me to not care about the opinions of others or the clothing I wear. I’m just being me.’

Calvert-Lewin is a dedicated fahionista - he is pictured here in New York with Everton team-mate Tom Davies, with both wearing bold outfits - including Davies' dressing gown

Calvert-Lewin, Everton’s team-mate and dedicated fanatica, is seen here in New York wearing bold outfits including Davies’ dress.

Here Calvert-Lewin wears a blue velvet suit in an Instagram picture

While here the England striker dons a white suit with no shirt or socks, with black loafers and accessorised with a Chanel handbag

Here Calvert-Lewin wears a blue velvet suit in an Instagram picture (left), and a white suit with no shirt or socks, with black loafers and accessorised with a Chanel handbag (right)

Calvert Lewin’s fashion career continues, however Calvert Lewin has an ongoing injury which prevents the forward from continuing his success in the footballing industry.

He suffered from a quadriceps problem and a torn toe during the initial month. Since scoring the win over Brighton, August 28, he has been absent.

Rafael Benitez, Everton’s manager, had hoped that he would return in October. However on October 20, the club issued a statement saying that Everton’s centre forward suffered a setback. He will be out for several weeks more.

Calvert Lewin was Everton’s best scorer, scoring in three of Everton games before being ruled-out.

Calvert Lewin’s new image was met with praises from his followers on social media.

One praised him as ‘cool as ****’, while another said he was ‘breaking barriers’. Another fan wrote, “It will only help others become your true self,”

However, one critic said tongue-in cheek that the white socks worn in this ensemble was “getting away from murder”. 

The Toffees lost two matches out of all nine competitions in his absence.

Salomon Rondon decided to forgo joining Venezuela’s national side due to the plight of Salomon and Calvert Lewin. He wants Everton better.

Calvert-Lewin began the season in prolific form, scoring three goals in the first three games

Calvert-Lewin started the season on a high note, scoring three goals in her first three games

But he has not featured since injuring his thigh after Everton's 2-0 win at Brighton on August 28

He hasn’t played since his injury to the thigh following Everton’s 2-0 victory at Brighton on August 28,

Although he was supposed to be playing for Peru and Ecuador, the 32-year-old is now determined to make the most of the extra time to improve his health so that he’s ready to face the Toffees.

Rondon, who arrived in Everton on the deadline day from Dalian, China, has not been able to attend pre-season training. Although he was fit and healthy, he has not been able the hard work of summer sessions to get back up to his best.

Salomon Rondon will not play for Venezuela this month as he wants to get fitter for Everton

Salomon Rondon is not going to play this month for Venezuela because he’s trying to get stronger for Everton

The 32-year old Toffees striker was due to play for his country against Ecuador and Peru

Toffees’ 32-year-old striker for Toffees was scheduled to represent his country in a match against Ecuador and Peru