Even though the Chelsea Football Club recommends that supporters wear coronavirus masks, the Deputy Prime Minister was not seen wearing one at a Chelsea match.

Dominic Raab (47), was present at Wednesday’s Stamford Bridge match against Brighton.

Raab (the Secretary of State for Justice) appeared to have sat beside someone wearing a mask.

Chelsea informed fans that they would require masks for all indoor spaces of the stadium. This includes the concourses. Although masks may not be required when sitting or walking around the stadium’s perimeter, they can be recommended.

Raab self-isolated December 9, having come into contact with an positive case. Raab denied any wrongdoing.  

The spokesperson claimed that he “followed all the rules at every time” given that federal guidance says masks should only be worn indoors in sport stadiums.

The Guardian was told by a football fan near Raab that the photo of him showed: “Personally, I find it rather surprising that a senior minister would choose to sit in an overcrowded public arena while disregarding health advice to wear a mask during Omicron surge.

‘For me, it’s his decisionmaking that should be questioned. He can easily be spotted in a football match, and the number of Covid cases is high. He doesn’t really care about being the best.

Dominic Raab has been pictured without a mask at a Chelsea match this week, despite the club having urged fans to keep face coverings on while seated in the stadium

Dominic Raab was seen without a mask during a Chelsea match, even though the club had asked fans to wear face covers while sitting in the stadium

Britain's Secretary of State for Justice Dominic Raab walks outside Downing Street in London, Britain, December 7, 2021

Dominic Raab, Britain’s Secretary-of-State for Justice, walks in front of Downing Street, London, Britain on December 7, 2021

Earlier this month a trio of cabinet ministers went into self-isolation after being in close contact with the Australian deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce.

Joyce was positive for Covid. Raab Shapps, Grant Shapps, and Michael Gove pulled out from events until they were negative.

On the day of the match there had been 183,037 new infections reported as Omicron began to rage across the UK. 

Boris Johnson has been accused not once but twice of leading a poor example in coronavirus protections. 

While visiting a Northumberland Hospital last month, the Prime Minister wasn’t wearing a mask.

Raan appeared on Sky News as a representative of him and said: “Like many others, we accept the guidance and advice that we have in various settings. That’s right for politicians, and that’s right for the public.

In November a global study suggested mask-wearing was linked to a 53 per cent cut in the number of Covid cases worldwide.

Nadhim Zhawi Education Secretary also advised that all school personnel, visitors, and students in Year 7 or above wear masks in communal spaces.

The football match between Chelsea and Brighton ended 1-1 in London on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Chelsea beat Brighton 1-1 in London.

Infection rates are incredibly high but are not currently translating into hospital patients

While infection rates in the hospital are high, these are not translating to patients.

Covid lateral flow tests are handed out for free in boxes of either seven or 20 tests to residents in Slough, Berkshire, yesterday

Residents of Slough in Berkshire receive free Covid lateral flow testing in boxes of seven or twenty.

Restrictions on current Covid Facemasks

The following locations are where you must use facemasks:

  • Transport public;
  • Retail shops;
  • Salons for beauty treatments
  • Hairdressers;
  • Banks;
  • Post offices
  • Takeaways;
  • Estate agents;
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Taxis;
  • Instruction cars.

Those caught flouting the restrictions will be fined £200 for a first offence, which will double on each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £6,400. 

Teachers in primary education and below should also follow the guidance – but not pupils, the Department for Education said.

The Prime Minister made last month the announcement about facemasks being returned.

He said that the border control rules and the masking regulations were ‘targeted’ and ‘proportionate’ measures needed for scientists to fully understand the Omicron variant and to determine how it could evade vaccine protection.

He stated, “First, we must slow down the seeding for this variant in our nation.”

‘We need to buy time for our scientists to understand exactly what we are dealing with, and for us to get more people vaccinated and– above all – to get more people boosted; as well as to help our NHS prepare in what is an already challenging winter.

The new rules came in November 30 and initially heralded a crackdown on mask-flouters in London at least.

Tube officials rebuked commuters who failed to cover their faces and threatened to fine them £200 if they were caught breaking the rules again. 

Covid rules made it mandatory for facemasks to be worn on public transport in England and shops, such as post offices, banks and hairdressers, that they were also required in England.

Those caught flouting the restrictions will be fined £200 for a first offence, which will double on each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £6,400.