London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks ‘are OFF’

Unconfirmed reports indicate that London will enjoy a New Years Eve fireworks display, with Elton John and Dua lipa performing. 

The Annual London Mayor’s Display is usually held on the Victoria Embankment near Big Ben. But, it was discontinued in October because of concerns about the Omicron variant. 

The Sun however reports that a show will continue to take place along the River by St Paul’s, the Shard and the Millennium Bridge. MailOnline reached out to Mr Khan for clarification. 

Khan, Labour Mayor, previously stated that traditional displays, which could have attracted hundreds of thousands to Victoria Embankment had been cancelled, and blamed Covid for ‘uncertainty.

The annual display organised by the Mayor of London usually takes place on the Victoria Embankment by Big Ben. Pictured is the last display in 2020

The Mayor of London organizes an annual display that takes place at the Victoria Embankment near Big Ben. The last 2020 display is shown in this photo  

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, criticized the decision. He said there was no reason why the NYE tradition couldn’t go ahead even though the government had given the green light.  

LBC received the following statement from Tory: “Obviously, that’s a Mayor decision. But, from my point, I cannot understand why it can’t happen.”

‘I mean, I believe there’s an absolutely safe way that this can happen. So I really don’t understand that decision. However, like I said, that’s not a decision that’s for the government. The Mayor is displaying fireworks, and I wish he could reconsider. 

Mr Khan called for a NYE celebration in Trafalgar Square earlier this month. 

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, will make the decision next week on whether or not to impose coronavirus restriction to restrict indoor socialising. He stated in his New Year’s Eve message that there would be ‘challenges’ over the coming weeks.

According to The Times, Johnson will make a decision on whether or not to ban indoor mixing in England within the first week.

Although the Prime Minister chose not to place new restrictions between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, rising Covid cases are raising concerns that additional measures may be in store.

Another 189.213 coronavirus-related cases were reported in the UK yesterday, a new high. In England, however 11,452 Covid patients have been admitted to hospital. That’s a 61% increase in one week.

Today’s estimates by the Office for National Statistics suggested that 1 in 25 English people were affected by Covid over the week of December 23. That is up from 1 in 45 during the week prior to December 16.

A one-in-25 rate is equivalent to about two million people. This number has been increasing since the ONS began estimating infections in England in May 2020.

Boris Johnson will decide next week whether to impose new coronavirus restrictions on socialising as the Prime Minister said in his New Year's Eve message that there are likely to be 'challenges' in the weeks ahead. Revellers are pictured in Leeds on Thursday night

Boris Johnson will determine next week whether or not to impose coronavirus socialising restrictions. The Prime Minister stated that there were likely to be challenges’ over the coming weeks. On Thursday evening, Revellers were pictured in Leeds

Johnson declared in his New Years Eve message that the vaccination rollout has made the situation in combating the disease ‘incomparably more favorable than it was last year.

The announcement came after NHS chiefs said that they were ready to impose tighter restrictions as quickly and efficiently as necessary.

Chris Hopson is the Head of NHS Providers. He said that new restrictions’may need to be at pace if it the evidence warrants’. As he stated, health bosses “still don’t know” if there will become an increase in elderly hospitalisations. This could prompt Mr Johnson’s intervention.

A Government science advisor warned today that Omicron will likely overwhelm the NHS.

Professor Peter Openshaw sits on Government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group.