Popular right-wing Twitterers have noticed a rise in their followers since Elon Musk became president. This has led to claims that their accounts were being suppressed and redirected by Twitter staffers who are woke. 

Since Musk’s purchase, many left-leaning figures such as Barack Obama and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have experienced huge drops in their popularity.  

Donald Trump Jr, who has 7.7 million followers, saw his followers surge by 87,296 on Tuesday and suggested the increase was due to an algorithm tweak targeting prominent conservative voices ahead of Musk’s arrival.

His tweet read: “While my followers are amazing and I deserve 87,000 more per day, it appears that somebody took the shackles of my account. It’s possible that they are burning evidence to get new management.

Don Jr. had been tweeting between 5,000-10,000 times per day for the last few weeks. Musk’s announcement made the increase immediately evident.  

SocialBlade statistics show that Ron DeSantis of Florida saw huge numbers on Tuesday. It is quite a leap from the approximately 5,000 followers Ron DeSantis usually gains each day.

Musk’s deal to acquire Twitter was well-received. He called it a “good deal for shareholders”, and said it raises the possibility that Twitter will become a platform where freedom of speech is allowed, rather than a means for narrative enforcement.

Dana Loesch is a conservative talk show host who long complains about account suppression. On Tuesday, her audience grew by around 9,000.

Comparatively, Musk was only a few hundred followers away from her new acquisition.   


Donald Trump Jr, pictured last week campaigning for Ohio senate candidate J.D. Vance, was among the biggest winners in the Twitter follower fluctuations

Donald Trump Jr. was pictured last Wednesday campaigning for Ohio senate nominee J.D. Vance was among the most popular winners of the Twitter Follower Fluctuations

Ron DeSantis, pictured on Friday, saw a surge in follower numbers on Tuesday

Ron DeSantis was pictured in Friday’s photo. Tuesday saw a spike in his follower count

RON DESANTIS: The Florida governor's Twitter follower count surged by an enormous 141,566 in the 24 hours after Musk bought the platform

RON DESANTIS – The number of Twitter followers for the Florida governor jumped by an incredible 141,566 within 24 hours following Musk’s purchase.

Florida Governor Matt Gaetz saw a 21,430 increase in followers on Tuesday. This is more than the 500 new followers that he receives every day.  

In contrast, liberal politicians saw their followinger numbers plummet in the wake Musk’s announcement.  

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a New York Congresswoman with 12.9 Million Followers, saw 20725 people leave her Tuesday. 

Musk purchased Twitter before she had attracted over 1,000 followers per day.

DANA LOESCH: The conservative radio host saw her followers grow by 9,309 on Tuesday - a huge spike. She has long claimed her numbers have been suppressed by Twitter, and backed Don Jr's theory about staffers changing algorithms in a panic

DANA LOESCH : On Tuesday, conservative radio host Dana Losch saw her following increase by 9.309 – an incredible spike. Her numbers are being suppressed by Twitter. For years, she has supported Don Jr.’s theory that staffers change algorithms when they panic. 

Ocasio Cortez’s progressive “squad” member, Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, saw her followers fall by 10,097 on Tuesday.

This contrasts with the thousands or hundreds of followers that she had previously attained on any given occasion.

Barack Obama was the former president  who tops the Twitter global leaderboard with 131.7 million followers, ended up with 5,063 fewer followers than before Musk’s announcement.

This figure, while a small drop in the sea compared to Obama’s vast Twitter audience is quite different to the 15,000-20,000.00 followers Obama had previously on any given day.  

MATT GAETZ: The Florida representative also tweeted about his own follower surge, which saw 21,430 more people follow him Tuesday - far more than on the average day for his account

MATT GAETZ : Florida’s representative tweeted his follower surge. Tuesday saw 21430 people following him, far more than the average day. 

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the fluctuations are natural. A Twitter spokesperson claimed that the fluctuations were natural. Many liberals are vowing to leave the platform due to Musk’s pro-free speech hardline stance. There’s also the possibility conservatives could have joined and followed right-wingers in the wake.  

Twitter released a statement saying that while we will continue to pursue accounts violating our spam policy, which could affect followers counts, the fluctuations are largely due to an increase of account creations and deactivations.

Twitter spokeswoman told NBC News the accounts that experienced the largest drop-offs were those of high profile accounts.

This pattern is repeated often: Left wingers win, but right wingers lose.

Barack Obama, the most followed person in the world with 131 million followers, saw a decrease in followers since Musk's Monday announcement

Barack Obama, who has 131 million followers worldwide, experienced a drop in his number of followers after Musk’s Monday announcement.

BARACK OBAMA: The former president saw his follower count drop by 5,053 on Tuesday - a sudden change from the tens of thousands of new followers he usually attracts daily

BARACK OBAMA – The ex-president saw his number of followers drop to 5,053 Tuesday – a dramatic change from the tens or thousands of new followers he normally attracts every day 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pictured on Sunday in Staten Island, saw her followers drop by 20,725 on Tuesday

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pictured on Sunday in Staten Island, saw her followers drop by 20,725 on Tuesday

AOC: The progressive congresswoman saw her followers slump by 20,725 Tuesday and 16,038 on Monday. She normally gains up to 1,500 new followers a day

AOC, The progressive congresswoman witnessed her followers drop by 20,725 on Tuesday and 16,038 the following Monday. Her average daily gain is up to 1500 followers 

Marjorie Taylor Greene was the Georgia rep who saw her score rise by 41.181, while Matt Gaetz (the fiery Florida congressman) went up 24,929.

‘It really is something how conservative accounts are getting massive follower increases today….’ Gaetz tweets on Tuesday.

Rachel Maddow (the MSNBC anchor loved by the left) lost 18,648 followers Tuesday while Tucker Carlson, Fox News competitor, won 129.873.

This was also true international: Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro had his total increase 65,268, to over 7.7million, while Justin Trudeau (Canada’s leftist prime minster) was 2,833 down to six million.

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter likely caused the rise and fall in Twitter user accounts that were left-leaning.

Many believed that the 50-year old would reinstate Donald Trump’s account and remove restrictions against hate speech, as he stated that he wants Twitter to be a better platform for discussion.

Taylor Green shared a tweet listing those who are currently prohibited from spreading misinformation and inciting violence.

She said, “Bring back President Trump,”

‘Bring back my personal account. Robert Malone must be brought back. Alex Jones should be restored.

‘Bring back Milo Yiannopoulos. The nation which was canceled must be restored. Freedom of speech.

Ilhan Omar - another vocal progressive on Twitter - saw her followers slump too

Ilhan Omar, another progressive voice on Twitter saw her numbers plummet too 

ILHAN OMAR: The progressive Minnesota congressman saw her  followers slump by 10,097 after Musk's acquisition

ILHAN OMAR: The progressive Minnesota congressman saw her  followers slump by 10,097 after Musk’s acquisition

“Bring Back America!”

Jameela Jamil, a celebrity, announced that they will no longer be using the platform.

Social media users who are right-leaning could have also reactivated accounts that they had never used or registered to the site for the first and last time.

Trump Jr. said that he believed there was more to fluctuation.

He repeated right-wing speculations that the followers of their Twitter account had been suppressed in an attempt to minimize their support and influence.

Musk also indicated that the controls were being removed before Musk appointed new management. This would avoid embarrassing revelations.

“While I think that I’m amazing and completely deserving 87,000 new followers each day it seems as though someone has taken the shackles from my account. Do they want to destroy the evidence so that new mgmt can enter?

Dana Loesch, a conservative podcaster, also echoed Trump Jr.’s speculation. 

She tweeted: “Noticing an increased in followers, engagement after losing huge amounts (or static follower counts for weeks),”

“Also, seeing tweets by people I don’t see on their accounts and not having to re-follow them repeatedly.

“It is too early for Musk to do this, but I wonder if someone changed something to reduce their footprint in favor of transparency.