Don’t cancel nativity plays but take a test before belting out the carols, says Boris Johnson – and Christmas parties are also still OK (this year)

  • Boris Johnson announced stringent limitations as part of Plan B in order to combat Omicron
  • People are instructed to start working from home starting Monday and use face masks more often.
  • However, the Prime Minister has ruled out cancelling Nativity Plays or office parties
  • The No10 Press Conference: Party attendees need to be cautious
  • This comes amid fury over allegations that Downing St hosted a party while it was under Tier 3 restrictions last year 

Boris Johnson said that schools shouldn’t cancel nativity plays, and that office Christmas parties can still be held – even though Monday was restricted.

The Prime Minister refused to allow schools to send their children home, cancel nativity plays, or ask office workers to cut back on festive parties because of rising infection rates.

This comes amid an increase in Omicron Covid case numbers every 2 to 3 days, which has led to the government pushing forward plans for implementing restrictions throughout England starting next week.

Johnson had just minutes earlier, however, presented the government’s “Plan B” to combat the virus in his opening speech.

Boris Johnson has said companies should not be cancelling their office Christmas parties - despite also telling people to work from home from Monday

Boris Johnson said that companies shouldn’t cancel their Christmas party at work – even though he also advised people to work remotely starting Monday

The workplace should allow employees to work remotely if they can, and from their office only if necessary. Public spaces will be included in the new rules concerning masks.

Covid passports for large groups will be mandatory at all hospitality venues.

The Telegraph reporter asked The Prime Minister whether he was telling companies to end Christmas party season for city workers.

The PM replied: ‘No in my view they should not be (cancelled)… We think that it’s ok currently on what we can see to keep going with Christmas parties… but obviously everybody should exercise due caution.

Speaking about school closures, he added: 'We don¿t want kids to be taken out of school before the end of term not - not that there's long to go now. We don¿t want nativities plays to be cancelled'

Speaking about school closures, he added: ‘We don’t want kids to be taken out of school before the end of term not – not that there’s long to go now. We don’t want nativities plays to be cancelled’

‘Have ventilation, wash your hands, get a test before you go – a sensible thing to do – to give everybody else at the party the confidence to know they’re going to be meeting someone who is not contagious. These are easy things people can do.

Speaking about school closures, he added: ‘We don’t want kids to be taken out of school before the end of term not – not that there’s long to go now.

‘We don’t want nativities plays to be cancelled.’ 

Plan B is the best option to make sure that Christmas goes as normal as possible.

‘Irritating though it may be it is not a lockdown, it is what we set out a while back, and to get your boosters and get your jabs…is the best way forward.’ 

Johnson was also confronted about Downing Street’s Christmas party last year for officials – this is currently being investigated by the Met Police as well as the Cabinet Secretary.

However, the PM maintained that the rules had been followed to the best of his knowledge. He could not be specific about what was actually happening.

After intense criticism from the public over the past week, today’s PM declared that Simon Case, Cabinet Secretary, would submit a report on the rule violation of December 18, last year. 

At the time, the government’s guidance specifically said that there should not be Christmas parties.

London fell under Tier 3 restriction on the 18th of December 2020. The law stated that indoor gatherings were not allowed unless they are’reasonably essential’ to work.