Following Martine McCutcheon’s recent Instagram post, fans have expressed their concerns about Martine McCutcheon. 

Martine, 43, who found fame as Tiffany on EastEnders and played Natalie in Love Actually, has showcased her toned physique with increasingly regularity in recent months, including in elegant swimsuit shots.

Many of her followers were not happy with the snap that she posted yesterday in which she posed in a skirt made from leather in her garden.

Some advised her to ‘not lose more weight’ while others commented, “How did you become so small all at once?”

Fans have voiced their concern for actress Martine McCutcheon, 43, calling the Love Actually star 'too thin' after her most recent Instagram post

After Martine McCutcheon’s latest Instagram post, many fans expressed concern about Martine McCutcheon.

In the snap, Martine could be seen posing in a garden while wearing a midi-black leather skirt with a grey striped jumper

Martine can be seen in the snap posing in a park while wearing a leather skirt and grey-striped jumper. 

Another said, “Beautiful as usual but just a touch thin.”

Another commented, “Don’t lose weight baby.”

“Where are you going?” A fourth person wrote, “Very worrying how much weight have you lost.”

“You are gorgeous, get your help.”

The Eastenders and Love Actually star has always been known for her good looks (pictured, at the Love Actually premiere in 2003)

She is a Love Actually, Eastenders and Love Actually actress. 

Martine can be seen in the snap posing in a green garden wearing a leather skirt and grey-striped jumper.

While holding an enormous bouquet of flowers, she could be seen moving her hands through her dark hair.  

Martine was a teenager when she made her TV debut with her kids. She has previously spoken out about her struggle to lose weight after growing up in public. 

In a 2016 interview, she stated that “I was conscious that I wanted to be as thin as possible.” It looked great on camera. I was able to fit in size 8 samples sizes. And it was cheaper and easier with stylists. 

However many of her followers said they were left 'worried' after the mother-of-one shared a snap posing in a leather skirt in her garden yesterday

Many of her fans were instead worried after she shared an image in which the mother-of-1 posed in a leather skirt and a hat in her backyard yesterday.

When she was asked about the hurtful comments she received, she said that there were hundreds and she felt body shamed “loads of time”. 

‘People spoke about me like I was a piece of meat and I can’t believe that’s still going on in this day and age,’ Martine added. 

Her figure was the focus of national attention in 2003 when Natalie from Love Actually, teased her about her weight. 

Her father calls her ‘plumpy,’ while other characters refer to her as ‘chubby. The film ends with the Prime Minister, Hugh Grant, saying, “God, your weight is a lot!” as he takes her to his feet.

Starting out: Martine walks the BAFTA red carpet in 1999, the year after leaving EastEnders. The actress, who made her children's TV debut as a teenager, has spoken previously about how growing up in the public eye made her aware of her weight from a young age

Beginning with Martine, who walked the BAFTA red-carpet in 1999 after she left EastEnders. She has talked before about the fact that she was made aware of her weight by growing up in the public eye.

In the spotlight: Martine's figure became the subject of global discussion when her 2003 Love Actually character, Natalie, was teased for her weight (pictured with co-star Hugh Grant)

In the spotlight: Martine’s figure became the subject of global discussion when her 2003 Love Actually character, Natalie, was teased for her weight (pictured with co-star Hugh Grant)

Glamour girl: Martine in 2016. The star is looking even more toned and trim in photos today

Martine in 2017

Glamour girl: Martine On Loose Women 2016 (left), and 2017 (right).

Lockdown chic: Martine shared this photo at home during lockdown last year

Lockdown Chic: Martine shared the following photo taken at her home last year during lockdown

In interviews that followed, she defended the film and said it was intended to teach women how beautiful they can be.

‘Every woman thinks there’s something wrong with them when in actual fact… they are perfect and lovely as they are,’ she said. 

‘[Natalie]was intended to represent that. I believe sometimes people overlook that.

Martine released several videos of exercise routines a decade back. She has been more frequent on Instagram in the past year making it easy for her fans to view how stunning she is.  

She has opened up about her use of Botox to keep her skin looking youthful. In August, she posted a video showing her latest treatment.   

Soaking up the sun: Martine stretches out her toned legs in an Instagram snap from June

Take in the sun with Martine: Martine shows off her toned legs and takes an Instagram photo from June

Fresh-faced: The actress poses in a strappy black dress in a photograph taken in August

Young and fresh: This is the photo of actress Jennifer in her strappy black gown in an August photograph

Chic: She looked more youthful than ever as she soaked up the last of the summer sun in a pair of large glamorous sunglasses. This photo was shared on her Instagram in September

Chic: As she took in the sun, chic looked younger than ever. In September, she shared this photo on Instagram.

Martine shared her love for Botox in 2016

She shared how her first facial was a difficult one. However, she persevered with the procedure and found that it made her feel more beautiful.

She stated that she was afflicted by a severe illness and tried to recover quickly. It showed in my face, which made it look worse.

“I just looked at the mirror and realized that my skin has changed. It used to be beautiful and I am now glowing.

“So, I tried Botox, but it was not what I wanted. It made me feel a little strange. But then, the second time I did it again and it turned out to be a great experience. I felt like myself, except that it wasn’t creased like a pillow.