Jill Biden unveiled Monday’s holiday theme. This theme combines Jill Biden’s love for learning with the problems the country was facing during the coronavirus outbreak. Biden also pays tribute to those who lived before her.

“Gifts From the Heart” will be the theme First lady to announce the holiday season theme for 2021 White House. 

According to the East Wing, the inspiration for this theme stemmed from the’small acts and kindnesses that lift our spirits during the pandemic’.

More than 100 people decorated the White House’s state rooms with decorations tied to the theme over the past week, including floating candles, stacks and books as well Christmas Tree decorations that featured photos from the first family. 

Decorating the 55,000 square foot White House involved 41 Christmas Trees, 6,000 feet of ribbon, more than 300 candles and over 10,000 ornaments. 

Even the famous Gingerbread White House – which is on display in the State Dining Room – was inspired by the ‘gratitude and admiration for our Nation’s frontline workers who kept our country running through the global pandemic,’ the East Wing said in a release on the holiday decorations.

The Blue Room's main Christmas tree was decorated with peace doves and ribbons listing all 50 states

Blue Room’s main Christmas tree had peace doves decorated and ribbons that listed all 50 States. 

The White House's gingerbread display honors frontline workers

In honor of front-line workers, the White House presents gingerbread 

White House gingerbread house

White House gingerbread house

A hospital, fire station and police station are located around the White House. 

A giant bow and gift boxes greet visitors arriving to the White House's East Wing this holiday season

Visitors to the White House East Wing will be greeted with a giant bow and gift bags this holiday season 

The East Colonnade is dedicated to gifts of service

The East Colonnade is dedicated gifts of service

In China Room, FLOTUS set table 'nana style' with Obama china, flowers and candles. Wreaths are made of intertwining hands

FLOTUS set the table in China Room ‘nana’ style with Obama china, flowers, and candles. The wreaths made from intertwining hands are called wreaths.

The Vermeil Room is dedicated to visual arts and inspired by this Alma Thomas painting

The Vermeil Room hosts visual arts inspired by the Alma Thomas painting.

Paint brushes were used in the decorations in the Vermeil Room

Paint brushes were used in the decorations in the Vermeil Room

Decorations in East Room include thank you cards and notes

East Room Decorations include Thank You Cards and Notes

Giant thank you cards are on display in the White House East Room

The White House East Room displays giant thank you cards. 

Thank you cards on one of the trees in the White House's East Room

You can thank the White House by placing thank you notes on the East Room tree 

A card written to President Joe Biden from a child that is on display in the White House East Room

The White House East Room displays a card that was written by a child to President Joe Biden. 

2021 White House Christmas Decorations by the Numbers 

The White House has 41 Christmas trees.

For the White House decorations, approximately 6,700 feet of ribbon and 300 candles were used.

The White House has more than 78.750 Christmas lights.

An array of 25 traditional wreaths decorate the White House’s North and South Fassades.

Decorating the White House inside and out takes more than 100 volunteers who work full-time for one week.

The Gingerbread White House is made of 55 sheets of baked gingerbread, 120 pounds of pastillage, 35 pounds of chocolate, and 25 pounds of royal icing. 

 Source: The White House

The ginger display this year features eight replicas of community structures representing frontline workers.

Biden will unveil the White House’s decorated decorations on Monday, where she will be joined by members of her local National Guard family as well as a Maryland class of second-graders.  

Captain Maryanne Harrell, Levi Harrell, Elliana, and Marcus Harrell, their three children joined Maryanne Harrell as the first lady. Last week, the White House officially received the Christmas Tree from the Harrell family. 

Biden also invited Elliana’s 2nd Grade Class from Malcolm Elementary School, Waldorf Maryland, for a visit to the White House in order to reveal her 2021 decorations. 

According to her office the first lady will express gratitude for the 100+ volunteers who decorated White House. 

Bidens will be spending the first holiday season at the White House with their wives, first lady and president. 

“The things that we consider sacred unify us, transcending time and distance. These are the things that bind the hearts of our lives. These are the Gifts from the Heart,” President Joe Biden and Jill Biden said in a welcoming letter to the White House at the start of the 2021 White House Holiday Guide.

Public tours of the White House remain suspended due to COVID, but videos, photos and details about the Christmas decorations are available at  WhiteHouse.gov/Holidays.

The White House will provide interactive viewing experiences on Instagram, Google Maps Street View, Snapchat, and other platforms throughout the holiday season. 

The Crosshall is dedicated to gifts of faith

Crosshall is dedicated gifts of faith

FLOTUS wanted this replica of the stained glass window at Camp David included

FLOTUS requested this reproduction of Camp David’s stained-glass window.

Every state room and wing in the White House have their own themes this year. They tie into the overall theme “Gifts from the Heart”. Each of the 10 executive areas has unique decor that relates to their subject. 

The White House’s East Wing, home to the offices of the First Lady, houses frontline workers as well as first responders under a “Gift of Service”.

To illuminate the corridor, iridescent shoot stars and doves are scattered throughout the East Colonnade. They represent the calm and light that workers provided during the coronavirus epidemic. 

Poinsettias Topiaries are located opposite Jacqueline Kennedy Garden’s windows.

You will find the Gold Star Tree in East Landing, honoring the service men and women who died serving their country.   

Biden, an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College gave the library the “Gift of Learning” to recognize educators who found new ways to teach and connect during the pandemic.

The White House Library holds approximately 2,700 volumes of books, focusing primarily on American history and literature.

The holiday decor include stacks of books as well as butterflies and birds made of recycled paper to remind Americans ‘with the Gift of Learning, we can soar to places we never imagined and rise to meet any challenge,’ the East Wing said.

The Vermeil Room, which celebrates the “Gift of the Visual Arts”, is furnished with paint brushes as well as paint swatches that are representative of American artists.  

The China Room houses the china used by former presidents. It celebrates “The Gift of Friendship and Sharing”.  

All throughout the White House, Gifts from The Heart

To reflect the theme of “Gifts from the Heart”, the White House’s state rooms are designed with a distinctive theme. These themes can be complemented by:

• Faith

• Community

• Family

• Friendship

• The Arts

• Learning

• Nature

• Gratitude

• Service

• Peace

• Unity

 Source: The White House

The East Wing wrote that the China Room would inspire them to make warm memories, share laughters and comfort our loved ones this holiday.

Christmas trees fill every state room of the mansion and the ones in the China room have garlands in the form of intertwined hands symbolizing friendship, fellowship, and merriment.

As part of the theme ‘Gift of Faith and Community,’ floating candles can be found on the White House main floor in the Grand Foyer and Cross Hall. 

Alcoves in hallways and trees displayed on tree stands depict winter scenes from American cities.

The East Room honors the Gift of Gratitude.’ This is represented by small acts of kindnesses and handwritten letters. 

The East Room, the largest public reception room of the White House, also holds the Neapolitan crèche of the manager scene, with over 40 figurines from the eighteenth century, It has been displayed here every holiday season since 1967.

The Green Room honors ‘Gift of Nature’ and its decorations include purple trees accented with natural orchids.  

The Blue Room has the White House Official Christmas Tree and a theme of the “Gift of Peace and Unity”. 

The peace doves are seen descending the tree carrying a banner with embossed names from each territory and state of the United States.

This year’s tree is an 18 ½ foot Fraser Fir from Jefferson, North Carolina.  The Eisenhower Administration began the tradition of having a White House Christmas Tree.

Jill Biden welcomed the White House Christmas tree last week

Jill Biden received the White House Christmas tree this week

Red Room celebrates the Gift of the Performing Arts. Brass instruments are hung from the mantel, along with tap shoes and ballet slippers.  

The Red Room also features two cranberry topiaries. This tradition began in 1975.

The State Dining Room celebrates the ‘Gift of Family.’

Hanging from the fireplace is the Biden family stockings. The inscription, known as the White House blessing, reads: “I ask Heaven to bestow all the Blessings upon this House and every one who shall live thereafter.” Under this roof, may only honest and wise men ever be ruled.

It is a quote from an Abigail Adams letter dated November 2, 1800 that President John Adams wrote to her. 

Christmas Trees found in the State Dining Room feature ornaments that include photographs of families from both past and present. 

This room is also home to the Gingerbread White House. 

55 sheets of baking gingerbread were used by the White House pastry team. They also used 120 pounds pastillage, 35lbs chocolate and 25lbs royal icing.