Actor Sir Ian McKellen invited an actress to join her for a surprise.

Millie, 17, is an activist for Down’s syndrome. She took a photo of herself in front the Theatre Royal in Windsor. After watching Sir Ian McKellen perform in The Cherry Orchard, Theatre Royal Windsor.

The Lord of the Rings actor saw the post and reached out to Millie to give him a tour of the city. 

Together, they spent nearly four hours enjoying coffee and chocolate, as well as watching the changing the guards. They also enjoyed dining together at Millie’s favourite restaurant. Millie even invited him to visit her home where he met Lola, her dog.

Millie, 17, who is a model and Down's syndrome activist, got an 'amazing' surprise when actor Sir Ian McKellen asked to hang out with her. Pictured, outside Windsor castle

Millie (17-year-old model and Down’s syndrome activist) was surprised when Sir Ian McKellen invited her to have a drink with him. Pictured, outside Windsor castle

The pair spent four and a half hours together and enjoyed eating fudge, drinking coffee and dining at Millie's favourite restaurant (pictured)

They spent 4 1/2 hours together, enjoying fudge and coffee as well as dining in Millie’s favorite restaurant (pictured).

Amongst the snaps, the pair can be seen posing beside a missing cat poster which reads: 'A cat has either gone missing from or has escaped to Windsor Castle'

In one of the pictures, you can see the couple posing alongside a missing cat poster that says: “A cat has either disappeared from Windsor Castle or escaped there.”

Millie Anna wrote this Instagram message: “Ian saw my posting when we went to the theatre in Windsor.

“He messaged to me to inquire if I wanted to show him around the city. It was amazing! Our time together was great, I laughed and talked as we visited my favorite places. It was the most amazing day of my life, and I am so grateful that he picked me as his tour guide.

“I laughed because he made it so special! Wow! 

Millie was more than happy to assist and shared her great day with us on her Instagram account.

Millie took a snap of herself outside the Theatre Royal in Windsor after watching Sir Ian McKellen perform in The Cherry Orchard at Theatre Royal Windsor. After seeing the post, the Lord of the Rings star reached out to Millie's dad to ask if she could give him a tour of her hometown. Pictured, meeting

Millie took this photo outside Theatre Royal Windsor, after seeing Sir Ian McKellen in The Cherry Orchard Theatre Royal Windsor. Millie, the Lord of the Rings actor reached out after seeing the photo to her dad and asked if he could take Millie on a tour of the town. Pictured, meeting

Millie said she felt 'so lucky' he chose her to be his tour guide - adding that was just the 'best day ever'

Millie claimed that he was so lucky to choose her as his guide, and added that it was the best day of her life.

Millie said that what Millie said that what 'I just think what he does is spectacular. 'I just think what he does is spectacular.

Millie claimed that the work of Sir Ian McKellen is spectacular. They are shown together during their day.

Sir Ian McKellen and Millie stopped off for a coffee on their tour of Windsor (pictured, together)

Millie (and Sir Ian McKellen) stopped for coffee while on their Windsor tour. 

Among the snaps, the pair can be seen exploring the cobbled streets and admiring Windsor Castle

You can see the two of them exploring Windsor Castle’s cobbled streets in the photos.

Ian shared a photograph of his Down’s Syndrome cousin on Instagram and said: ‘I happened upon a photo by Millie Anna (17 years old) outside Theatre Royal with Martin Shaw (me in the background).

Millie Anna was an aspiring model who is outspoken about Down’s Syndrome. My cousin had the same condition. She has now shown me around Windsor under Jeffrey’s loving direction, and snapped with us.

Among the snaps, the pair can be seen exploring the cobbled streets and admiring Windsor Castle.

They stopped to pose for a picture next to the missing cat poster that read, ‘A cat either went missing from Windsor Castle or has escaped there.

“I’m sure he has returned to home by now, but please let me know if Wolfgang is out and about.

The model and aspiring actor took a snap of herself outside the Theatre Royal in Windsor

Millie had watched Sir Ian McKellen perform

The actress and model, who is also an aspiring actor, took a picture outside Theatre Royal Windsor following Sir Ian McKellen’s show in The Cherry Orchard at Theatre Royal Windsor. Photo: Left and Right

Millie (pictured) said that she wants to be an actress - adding 'hopefully, just like Ian'

Millie (pictured), stated that she would like to become an actress. She added, “hopefully, just as Ian.”

Millie appeared also on BBC Breakfast Monday, to talk about her day with the actor.

I think that his achievements are simply amazing. I love that he has good energy… he is iconic,’ she said. “We visited Windsor Castle. We ate cobbles. Finally, we went for dinner at my favorite restaurant Enzos.

“We had both pizza and pasta. His personality was incredible and he was a joy to have around.

Elle praised McKellen’s communication skills as being’spot-on’, while Jeff, her father, called him an ‘incredibly kind man.

Millie said, “I would like to become an actress.