His mother pleaded with the judge to spare him prison for going too quickly and crashing into his girlfriend. He had’suffered enough’. 

Jay Waters (22) was found guilty on August 3rd of inflicting the death of Katie Robley via careless driving. The accident occurred October 25, 2019.

Katie was 19, and was riding in Jay Water’s Ford Fiesta as a passenger when the driver lost control. The vehicle collided with another van.

A day later, she died from injuries in the hospital.

Jay Waters, 22, was found guilty in August of causing the death of his girlfriend Katie Robley by careless driving following the crash on October 25 2019. Pictured: Jay Waters and Katie Robley

Jay Waters (22 years old) was found guilty of the careless driving that caused the accident on October 25, 2019, which resulted in the death of Katie Robley’s girlfriend. Jay Waters, Katie Robley

Rebecca Taylor, her mother, pleaded with the judge to not send Waters into prison at his sentencing hearing. She said that he’d’suffered enough.

Ms Taylor claimed that Waters and Taylor were in a “loving relationship” and would not have deliberately hurt Taylor’s daughter. 

Speaking to judge Douglas Courthouse on the Isle of Man, she said:  ‘I urge you, please, do not send Jay to prison because we’ve all been through enough.

“I believe Jay has experienced enough.

“We continue to see Jay as a part of our family. Although we no longer have an intimate relationship, I am still able to maintain a close relationship with Jay.

Her mother Rebecca Taylor begged the judge not to send Waters to prison during his sentencing hearing last week because she said he had 'suffered enough'. Pictured: Ms Taylor and her daughter Miss Robley

 Her mother Rebecca Taylor begged the judge not to send Waters to prison during his sentencing hearing last week because she said he had ‘suffered enough’. Pictured with Ms Taylor, her daughter Miss Robley

Waters received a suspended sentence of 12 months in jail and a ban on driving for 5 years.  

Waters, Miss Robley and their car collided on October 19, 2019. 

The car was seen by witnesses overtaking three others cars, and travelling at approximately 40mph.  

The crash occurred on the A5 near Santon Motel on the New Castletown Road (pictured)

Pictured: The accident occurred at the A5 just near Santon Motel.

Waters then lost control as he turned a corner and struck a kerb. Waters was hit by a car and spun into another van.  

The prosecution claimed Waters was simply driving too fast into the corner to meet the conditions.  

Jim Travers, the defense attorney acknowledged that there were no witnesses at the accident scene and stated: “We will never find out what happened around that bend.” 

The crash happened in October 2019, when Waters was driving along the A5, near Santon, in the South of the Isle of Man with Miss Robley. His car had been seen overtaking three other cars by witnesses and was travelling at around 40mph. Pictured: Miss Robley and Waters

Waters and Miss Robley were driving on October 19, 2019, along the A5 in Santon. Waters’ car was seen by three witnesses to be travelling around 40 mph. Miss Robley and Waters 

Waters sustained a serious head injury in the crash, and said that he has no memories of it.

Unnamed van driver collided with Waters and received treatment for his leg injuries.   

Ms Taylor claimed that the death of her daughter had caused anxiety and stress, leading to her experiencing a mild heart attack December 2019.  

Her mother stated that she can take some comfort in the knowledge of her daughter as an organ donor, who has saved three other children’s lives after her passing.  

Anthony Robley, Ms Robley’s father, told court that it was difficult waiting to resolve the case after Waters’ initial not guilty pleas.  

Ms Taylor (pictured) said her daughter's death had caused stress and anxiety which resulted in her having a minor heart attack in December 2019

Ms Taylor, (pictured) stated that the death of her daughter had brought on stress and anxiety. She suffered a slight heart attack December 2019, according to Taylor.

The death of his daughter had broken his heart. He was so sad that he could not walk her down the aisle, or witness her having children.   

In sentencing Judge Graeme Cook stated that Waters had not been sentenced. [driving]Exceeding the speed limit but driving faster than the limits.  

Waters’ initial plea of not guilty was a sign that Waters did not feel remorseful immediately. Suspended sentences are often imposed upon those who plead guilty.   

Judge Cook stated that the court was not there to exact revenge and added, “Nothing I do or say will bring Miss Robley home.”

“You will live with it for the rest your life. 

Waters was also ordered to pay £4,000 prosecution costs and ordered to take an extended retest.