Thai drivers rescued a stray kitten from an engine after he heard it meowing on the way to work.

Settachet Guedchai The cat’s faint, low-pitched cries could be heard coming from the car of his commuter on October 21, as he was stuck in Bangkok morning rush hour traffic.

He was baffled and pulled his vehicle over. Couldn’t locate anything. He was shocked to discover a male kitten in his engine when he followed the sound.

Settachet coaxes the terrified ginger cat into a safe spot so he can rescue him. The engine is too far away for the ginger cat.

Settachet Guedchai was nearing the end of his 18-mile commute when he heard the cat's faint cries coming from his car during the morning rush hour traffic in Bangkok on October 21

The baffled driver pulled over and followed the sound that he was surprised to discovered a male orange kitten inside his car engine

Settachet Guedchai was driving in Bangkok’s morning rush hour on October 21, when he heard the cries of a cat. He found a kitten inside his engine and was shocked to hear them.

The driver attempts to find the most effective way to get the animal. But the cat cries desperately as the driver struggles to make it move.

After more than a minute, Settachet manages to coax the cat along to a clearer area in the engine and he is able to reach down and pull the kitten from his engine by the scruff of its neck.

Settachet strokes the kitten lovingly and the kitten appears afraid while it inhales quickly.

The driver brought the kitten home safely and then adopted it as his pet.

He stated that he was surprised the cat survived. The drive from the house to the office was over 30 km (18 miles).

This isn’t the first occasion that motorists have heard a cat crying. Two kittens were saved from an engine of a Malaysian car by a Malaysian driver back in September. 

According to the man, he witnessed a mother cat running out of his car. He also heard their cries as he turned his engine on.

The adorable footage shows the man reaching inside the bonnet in an attempt to rescue the kittens who had been hidden in the engine compartment.

Heartwarming footage shows Settachet coaxing the frightened cat to a spot where he could reach into the warm car engine and rescue it

Settachet manages to get the cat to move along to a gap in the car engine and he is able to reach down and pull the kitten from his engine by the scruff of its neck

This heartwarming video shows Settachet coaxing the cat from fear to reach a point where he could rescue the animal by getting into the car’s warm engine.

After rescuing the lucky kitten and bringing it safely home, kindhearted Settachet decided to adopt the tiny moggy to raise as a pet

Settachet saved the cat and brought it home safely.

This clip starts with the unnamed guy trying to grab the kittens from under his bonnet. He is not able to do so because the kittens are hidden in corners.

He uses a broom then to bring the baby kittens to his feet. 

He then reached down and pulled each kitten by its scruff.

The footage shows the man leaving the kittens on his porch. After the video ends, the mother cat lifts them into her mouth to take them home. 

He stated that he saw a mother cat run out from under his car and then he heard the slow sounds of kittens inside my car’s hood.

I spent approximately 5 minutes looking for the kittens. The kittens weren’t crying and were quite easy to spot.

The kittens were on one side of the car, which made it hard to catch them. So I took a broom to get them in the middle. After that I was able take them one at a time.

“I knew that the mother cat would find the little kittens, so I placed them on the front porch and the mother cat took the children to safety.

As agile cats are drawn to warmth and comfort, they can get trapped inside cars. Sometimes though they’re able to climb out of it again.

In December 2018, pet cat was rescued unscathed by a fire crew after being driven around for an hour trapped inside the engine of its owner’s car in London.

A junior doctor named Dominic Pimenta had just dropped his wife off at work and was parked in front of a grocery store when Dr. Pimenta heard something.

It is not the first time that a lucky feline's cries were heard by a motorist, as two kittens were rescued from a car engine by a Malaysian driver in September

This isn’t the first occasion that motorists have heard a cat crying. Two kittens were saved from a Malaysian driver’s car in September by an individual who was driving there.

Adorable footage, taken in Alor Gajah, Malacca, on September 23, shows the man reaching inside the bonnet to save the kittens, who were hidden deep in the engine bay

The adorable footage of the man reaching in his bonnet to rescue the kittens from the engine bay, was captured in Alor Gajah in Malacca on September 23. 

As he frantically looked under the wheels of his motor, he initially thought he might have injured another pet. 

 Dr Pimenta eventually dialled 999 for help and it took five firemen to finally squeeze the cat of his hiding place after dismantling part of the engine.

And just two years before, a kitten amazingly survived with just minor burns after it was trapped for 20 miles in a car engine in north Wales.

Andrew Higgins drove from Rhyl (north Wales) to his destination. But after only 20 miles, the car lost power on the A55. 

He pulled over when he lost power and opened the bonnet to find his neighbour’s kitten Paws, a six-month-old tabby, who incredibly only suffered minor burns. 

In Yorkshire, two-year-old tabby was found trapped in a car engine when the driver called a mechanic – a week after the cat went for a nap under the bonnet.

Lucky was the new name for Lucky. The Nissan Primera broke down in Malton (North Yorkshire) in September 2014 and was left behind.

The cat may have climbed in the engine, and hid between cables to make the 30-mile trip from Ryedale (North Yorkshire) to Rufforth (near York).

One week later, the car had broken down in Malton (North Yorkshire) and an engineer was dispatched to diagnose it.

Ian Brindle (Mechanic) opened his bonnet and found the pet starving starving starving starving starving. He said she made a lucky escape.