A runaway driver pulls off a “Fast and Furious”-inspired stunt to pin a cop vehicle and flip it during wild chase

  • Douglas Johnson Jr., a Maryland driver was charged and arrested after intentionally flipping a cop vehicle during a chase.
  • Johnson hit a Virginia trooper’s vehicle on I-95, Prince William County. He fled the scene that started the chase.
  • The trooper was hit twice by him, forcing it off the road. He then pinned it against the wall, causing it flip to its side.
  • Johnson was finally caught by Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office officers and was charged for felony speed to escape
  • A trooper injured in the incident was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries

On Thursday, an escapee driver performed a spectacular ‘Fast and Furious’-style act on a Virginia highway after he had pinned down a cop car and flipped the vehicle while trying to evade police.

Douglas Johnson Jr. of Maryland, 31 years old, is accused of starting the chase following a collision with a trooper’s vehicle on Interstate 95. The driver fled the scene.

Johnson deliberately rammed the patrol car two times and caused it to veer off the road into a wall.

Johnson was arrested and taken into custody by Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office Deputies. Johnson was arrested and charged with felony speeding to escape.

The trooper was wearing a seatbelt and was then taken to Fairfax Inova Hospital, where he received minor injuries. 

DailyMail.com reached Fairfax County Sheriff’s Department.  

Maryland driver Douglas Johnson Jr, 31, pulled a Fast and Furious stunt on a Virginia state trooper on Thursday after he pinned his squad car against a wall and caused it to flip over

Douglas Johnson Jr., a Maryland driver, pulled off a Fast and Furious act on a Virginia trooper after he had pinned his squad vehicle against a wall and made it flip over.

The trooper had been in pursuit of Johnson after he struck his car with his Chevrolet Malibu and fled the scene. The trooper was taken to Fairfax Inova Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries

Johnson was being pursued by the trooper after Johnson hit his Chevrolet Malibu. The trooper fled the scene. The trooper was taken to Fairfax Inova Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries

The crash scene appeared to emulate a stunt from the film series Fast and Furios which are widely known for their vehicle action sequences

It appeared that the crash scene was a recreation of a Fast and Furios stunt, which is well-known for its vehicle action sequences.

High-speed film chase began in Prince William County at 5:05 p.m., when a Virginia trooper assisted his fellow with a traffic stop on the shoulder.

Johnson was travelling northbound along the highway, when he hit the squad car. The emergency lights were on and Johnson had his Chevrolet Malibu. 

Johnson ran from the scene. The trooper pursued Johnson and tried to stop him.

Virginia State Police also sent out a “Be on the Watch” alert in an effort to locate the Malibu.

Johnson’s car was finally stopped by the trooper. He then drove into Johnson’s car twice, forcing it off of the road. 

The trooper's vehicle remained on the shoulder of I-95 as police investigated the crash

As police probed the incident, the trooper’s truck remained on I-95 shoulder.

Deputies from the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office caught up with Johnson and used the PIT maneuver, a tactic to stop fleeing vehicles, to end the pursuit

Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office officers caught up with Johnson. They used the PIT maneuver to stop the fleeing cars and ended the pursuit

Johnson again pinned Johnson against the wall, until Johnson flipped the squad car on its side.

Johnson ran northbound and escaped the scene, leaving the squad car on Johnson’s shoulder.

Fairfax County police were already on the way to help the trooper when they saw the Malibu fleeing and joined the pursuit.

After using the PIT maneuver (a technique used to stop fleeing motorists), the officers ended the pursuit in the vicinity of I-395/Duke Street.

Johnson was able to escape the Malibu after he inflicted severe damage on the front. At the scene, he was arrested.

Investigations into the crashes continue.