Please, Santa!  

Oprah Winfrey (67) hosted a big welcoming party for Gayle King’s grandchild Luca on December 23. She had a very strict policy that her guests followed – one which even her closest friend did not follow. 

On Instagram, the celebrity stated that all Christmas guests must be tested and vaccined. ‘Stedman [Graham]Because I am so serious about this, it is called “The Policy”.

“This was the release day of our bubble, and we knew that we needed to host a celebration for Baby Luca (who none of us have met yet). She wrote it on Instagram. 

King, who is 67, couldn’t miss ‘The Policy.’ King was forced to miss the Lion King-themed party because she had not ‘completed the policy’. 

While it’s not known what missing step King was, she wrote that she didn’t receive her test results. It’s so. [I’m] cleared to join the group…so happy!’ 

The New York Daily News also suggested King’s busy schedule with CBS Mornings didn’t allow the news anchor enough time to quarantine in time for the party. 

Oprah did not specify whether her guests were required to remain in quarantine for the recommended 10-day Centers for Disease Control and Prevention time limit or for a shorter duration. The CDC decreased the quarantine period to five days Monday. 

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Oprah, 67, (pictured in white) welcomed best friend Gayle King's grandson Luca to her multimillion-dollar home in Montecito, California, but guests had to follow a strict four-step policy to come - causing King to be a day late. All guests had to be vaccinated, boosted, tested, and quarantined before arriving

Oprah, 67 (pictured here in white) hosted Gayle King’s grandson Luca at her Montecito home. But guests had to comply with a strict 4-step process. This caused King to arrive a little late. Before arriving, all guests needed to have been vaccinated and boosted. 

Gayle King, 67, arrived wearing festive pajamas the next day and made sure to snap a picture with her bestie and grandson. It is unclear what step caused King to be late to the party

Gayle King, aged 67, was dressed in festive pajamas on the day following and snapped a photograph with her granddaughter and bestie. King arrived late at the party, but it is not clear what she did.

Bundled in a blanket decorated with pirates and superheroes, Oprah dotted over the infant who she said she had been 'waiting' to meet

Oprah covered the infant in a blanket decorated by superheroes or pirates.

Oprah gathered with King’s daughter Kirby Bumpus and her partner Virgil Miller – who got married at the billionaire’s house in 2020 – along with grandson Luca, the talk show host’s long-time boyfriend Stedman and a few others. 

On the first steps of their multimillion dollar Montecito home, they welcomed the new member to the family and sang the Lion King’s Circle Of Life. 

Oprah decorated front steps of her home with blue balloons, which were wrapped around front columns by Bumpus as she carried her son up them. 

While gushing about the child, the billionaire lavished her affections on the infant. She wrapped him in a knights- and pirates-themed heroes blanket.

Despite arriving a day late to the celebrations, Gayle didn't waste any time cuddling with her grandson

Gayle was a late arrival to the celebrations but didn’t hesitate to cuddle with her grandson 

“You’ve been patiently waiting to meet me,” she said. “I have been waiting for you.”  

King wasn’t there, so no one was hurt. He joined the “bubble” the next day. Oprah ensured that her favorite dessert was served to her: monkey bread. 

Oprah said that monkey bread is her favorite treat, as Oprah filmed the chef explaining the south’s southern delight to the camera. 

King arrived in festive green pajamas and said, “This is beauty.” Monkey bread is my favorite food. We are grateful. 

They ate the entire dish and ignored all of the grand desserts around them. 

King was meticulous about taking lots of pictures from the event. King even shared a photograph of Oprah with Luca and a lot more grandma snuggles. 

According to CBS Mornings, the anchor was “nuts” about her grandson. She soaked every moment of it.  

Oprah has a long policy, but it is timely as America sees an increase in COVID patients and Omicron’s highly contagious variant.

Besties that know your favorite dessert, stay together: Oprah made sure her late comer friend had a slice of monkey bread straight away

Friends who know the best desserts of your friends will stay together. Oprah ensured that her friend, Oprah, had monkey bread right away

A daily average of 235,269 Americans tests positive for the disease every day. That’s a 98 per cent increase on two weeks earlier.

Monday’s 512,553 cases of new infections were reported to the U.S. This was the largest single-day total.

Omicron accounted in the US for 59 percent, according to the CDC Tuesday. 

California’s unemployment rate increased by 126 per cent in the two previous weeks. New York saw an increase of 226percent. Texas has a 226 per cent increase. reached Oprah to request comment.  

California had a 126 percent in the last two weeks, while New York dominates the cases with a 235 percent increase. Texas isn't too far behind with a 226 percent increase

California saw a rise of 126 percent over the past two weeks. New York, however, is the leader with a 226 percent increase. Texas has a 226 per cent increase.