Amazing drone footage captured the moment that a swimmer floats on his back in water at Sydney’s top beaches.

  • Maroubra’s unwitting swimmer is right behind grey nurse shark
  • Incredible drone footage captures an amazing incident close to shore 
  • A shark-lover captured the drone footage and said that grey nurse sharks were docile.

While swimming in shallow waters, a Sydney swimmer accidentally came within inches (or more) of a grey nurse Shark.

Incredible drone footage captured above Maroubra Beach, Tuesday at 6.30pm. Sharks often come closer to shore during this time of the day.

The video shows a board-shorted man facing the sea in waist-deep water. He is being carried by the tide towards the two-metre-long grey nurse shark.

The wave pulls him forward and drops him into a spot, where the shark can be seen just right of his left shoulder.

A swimmer at a major beach has unwittingly come within inches of a big shark while floating and walking in shallow water at Maroubra

Unwittingly, a swimmer on a beach had come within inches (in Maroubra) of a large shark when he was floating in the shallow waters.

A wave carried the man to within inches of the shark, which looked uninterested in him

The man was carried by a wave to the shark’s feet, where it looked completely uninterested.

Tom, a self-confessed shark lover, shot the footage from a drone. He said that the shark was spotted in shallow waters for around an hour near surfers.

Tom was not worried about the swimmer while he shark-spotted with his drone.

“Those are grey nurse sharks. Although they look intimidating, they’re very docile.

He stated that the shark captured on camera was not feeding but was still interested in fish. 

Tom claims that he’s swum with grey nurse sharks several times in Sydney and other parts of NSW. While it can be annoying to see them, it is not dangerous.

“If it were a great white shark? Different story.

Although attacks on grey nurse sharks are rare, these incidents do occur.

Grey nurse shark attacks are rare but they do happen. The species is endangered

While grey nurse shark attacks may not be common, they are quite possible. It is considered endangered.

One man suffered a bite on his stomach and leg while swimming in July from Shelly Beach, Sydney at 5.30am.

He survived the attack.

Tom stated that he once saw 18 grey nurse sharks swimming in under two meters of water at Seal Rocks.

“Some were less than one metre deep, and their stomachs hit the sand. Their fins weren’t in the water.”