A blue whale’s yawn is something you have probably seen. The mesmerizing moment a creature deep in the sea opens its jaws.

  • A drone captured the rare Blue Whale moment of yawn in Perth waters.
  • This footage was shot over Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park waters in WA
  • Sharky Aerials videographer Blair called it an “incredible” moment  

Blue Whales can be seen swimming in South Perth’s coast off South Perth, and drone footage captured it. 

The vision was uploaded to Sharkyaerials Instagram on Wednesday, showing the mesmerising mammal glide through waters in Leeuwin-naturaliste national park. 

Blair, a videographer who owns the aerial imaging business, realized he had captured the blue whale’s yawning. 

Videographer Blair from Sharky Aerials has captured the remarkable moment a Blue Whale was caught yawning off the coast at south Perth (pictured)

Blair, a Sharky Aerials videographer captured this amazing moment when he saw a Blue Whale yawning just off South Perth’s coast (pictured).

“It is not something that you would ever see,” he stated. 

“Unless you were 50 km from the ocean or David Attenborough, it’s impossible to see what you did.”

He explained he was helping filming over 320 Blue Whales migrating from North of Indonesia.

He said, “They go down the coast, and then they come into the cape. They have to turn around and continue along the calm side.

“This is a unique opportunity to record conditions like none other.” 

The unique, crystal-clear waters of the South cape and drone technology would have prevented researchers from noticing the rare phenomenon. 

Blair said without the drone he never would have been able to capture the rare phenomena

Blair claimed that the drone would have prevented him from capturing rare phenomena.

His footage of the whales was breathtaking. He stated that what many people think are one- to two whales actually has up to four. 

“Drones are changing our game. We’re now getting better numbers.”     

Mammoths, which can reach up to 23 metres in length, are the endangered species.

Blue whales can grow up to 200 tons in weight, and females have a length of up to 10 metres more than their male counterparts. 

Most of their diet is krill (a shrimp-like creature), with blue whales often eating up to 40 million per day.