A desperate drug dealer drives into an unmarked cop car, flipping onto the roof and attempting to flee.

  • Police were notified by Lathan Rees (25 years old) about Dylan Forbes.
  • Forbes, 26 years old was taken into custody in Clos John Charles of the Cwmbwrla region in Swansea
  • Officers left Forbes’ apartment to find a Ford Fiesta connected to their address.
  • The officers signalled for the vehicle to stop, but it continued driving away 

It was at this moment, that panicking drug dealer drove into an unmarked cop car and turned onto its roof.

Swansea Crown Court heard Lathan Rees, 25, came to the attention of police in connection with Dylan Forbes on October 8.

Tom Scapens, prosecuting, said Forbes, 26, was arrested in Clos John Charles in the Cwmbwrla area of Swansea, it was reported on WalesOnline.

This is the moment a panicking drug dealer rammed into an unmarked police car and flipped onto his roof

The moment panicked drug dealer ran into an unmarked cop car, and then flipped onto the roof.

Lathan Rees

Dylan Forbes

Swansea Crown Court heard Lathan Reynolds, 25, was brought to attention by police regarding Dylan Forbes (26) on October 8

The police searched Forbes’ apartment and discovered letters addressed to him. 

Also, they found crack cocaine and scales that contained traces white powder.

When officers left Forbes’ flat, they came across a Ford Fiesta in Middle Road linked to the Clos John Charles address.

Officers called for the suspect vehicle to be stopped, and it fled onto a street before hitting a police car unmarked and then flipping on its roof.

When officers left Forbes' flat, they came across a Ford Fiesta in Middle Road linked to the Clos John Charles address

Officers left Forbes’ apartment to find a Ford Fiesta on Middle Road that was linked with the Clos John Charles address.

Officers signaled for the suspicious vehicle to pull over, but it drove off and mounted a pavement before crashing into an unmarked police vehicle and flipping onto its roof

Officers called for the vehicle to be stopped, and it took off. It then climbed a sidewalk before hitting an unmarked vehicle. The vehicle was eventually taken into custody and flipped onto its roof.

Rees then got out of the window and fled, but officers pursued and captured him. They found seven packages of crack cocaine in his possession.

According to the court, whiplash was suffered by both the officers and female officers involved in the accident. The male officer also sustained injuries.

Scapens claimed that Forbes and Rees had been operating in cooperation to supply cocaine. 

Lathan James Evans of Clos John Charles in Cwmbwrla (Swansea) admitted possessing crack cocaine and intent to supply. 

Dylan Ashley Forbes of St Clears Place in Swansea admitted to being involved with the supply crack cocaine as well as an unrelated assault resulting in actual bodily injury (ABH).