A pair of drug dealers who filmed themselves tossing money around while bragging  they are so rich that they ‘throw fivers in the bin’ are now facing prison.

Shakeel Amin, 29, and Zain Mushtaq, 22, were caught on camera laughing as they discarded £5 notes while counting cash in a bedroom.

Mushtaq can be heard asking Amin during the brief video: “Shakeel” What do you do with your fivers? We put them in the garbage.

During a trial that lasted six weeks at Derby Crown Court, nine defendants, including Amin, Mushtaq and others, were shown the video to jurors. The case was part of a conspiracy against drugs.

In court, the judge heard about how police seizing just one phone led to detectives launching an investigation into a gang that supplies class A and/or D drugs throughout Nottinghamshire.

Police discovered messages that were exchanged between members of the group via Mushtaq’s mobile phone. These messages suggested they may be concerned about the supply of large amounts of drug.

Analysing the phone resulted also in an apparent drug list and additional videos that showed Mushtaq bragging about designer clothing and jewellery.

Images of large amounts of cash and marijuana packaged in large bags into blue bags were also found.

A covert surveillance operation was launched by police on Amin’s behalf on May 4, 2019, according to the court.

Police officers witnessed four deals in drugs, which they logged and witnessed, before it was discovered that the group had been renting two garages separately in West Bridgford.      

Mushtaq, meanwhile, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs after attending St Ann’s Police Station for a separate matter.

His car was searched following his arrest. The bag, which contained cannabis, cash and his ID as well as a special gym membership, was also seized.

Amin was later seen by plain-clothed officers at West Bridgford’s stash garage.

An operation to seize large quantities of MDMA and cocaine as well as cannabis, was conducted at the location. Also, 10 kilograms Boric Acid (a cutting agent) were seized.

Additional warrants were issued at several addresses within the region, and more drugs of class A or B were found. 

The ringleader of this gang was Amin’s 31-year old brother Jamil.

Shakeel Amin and Zain Mushtaq filmed themselves bragging about throwing £5 notes in the bin while counting cash in a bedroom

Shakeel Amin and Zain Mushtaq filmed themselves bragging about throwing £5 notes in the bin while counting cash in a bedroom

Amin is seen laughing as he sits on a bed counting money. He is one of nine gang members now facing prison

Amin can be seen laughing while he counts money on a bed. Amin is just one of the nine Gang members currently in prison.

The short video was shown to a jury during a six-week-trial at Derby Crown Court. Three men who denied being involved in the supply of drugs have been convicted

During a six week-long trial at Derby Crown Court, the jury saw the short video. Three men who claimed they were not involved in drug supply have been convicted

Amin was seen covering his face during one part of the short video as he and Mushtaq callously laughed together

Amin could be seen covering his face while Mushtaq laughed in unison during one portion of the video.

Their cousin, Rabeena Kausser, also had her phone seized as part of the investigation.

An analysis revealed she’d allowed them access to her home to package and store drug since 2018.

Further investigation into the conversations led to officers searching for Saad Essa, who was found and taken into custody in London on October 3. 

Officers concluded the 18-month investigation last year when they made their final arrests.

The trial revealed that three members of the gang were found guilty of their roles in the supply and distribution of Class A and B drugs.  

Jamil Amin, Aspley Park Drive Beechdale; Essa 24, of Briar Road Harrow; and Kieran Neilson 22, of Colchester Road Aspley were found guilty by a jury. 

Six other gang members pleaded guilty before trial to drug offences.

Shakeel Ain of Beechdale in Nottingham and Mushtaq of Mapperly (Nottingham) admitted to conspiring to supply controlled substances. They were joined by four other defendants.

Shamus Gulfraz and Ben Jones, 26 and Shamus Jones, 28, of no fixed address. Rabeena Kausser (34), of The Meadows in Nottingham, and Heather McCrory (27), of Bulwell, Nottinghamshire pleaded guilty. 

All of them will be sentenced to Derby Crown Court in December 16.

From Nottinghamshire Police Detective Constable Steven Fenyn stated that it was a long but worthwhile investigation. It involved many complicated operations and warrants, as well as covert tactics, to bring all the suspects to justice.

“One phone was seized, which led to an entire drug conspiracy being exposed. It was crucial to stay patient and strike when it is right for us to have the evidence and be able to take all nine of them into custody. 

“The sheer number of not guilty pleas presented us with a problem, but ultimately we were able prove their involvement before the courts during the trial.

“I am extremely pleased with this verdict – it’s a testament of the team and the effort they put into the operation.”