Kate Garraway, Dua Lipa and Alesha Dixon led the star-studded audience in attendance for Adele’s first concert in four years at the London Palladium on Saturday night.  

Kate (54), looked elegant in a black roll neck and matching black wide-leg trousers while she took photos on the red carpet. Dua was stunning in a skimpy, pink outfit.

Adele will make her eagerly awaited return on stage as part of an ITV Special, entitled An Audience With Adele. It will be broadcast Sunday 21 November. 

Dua was carrying a matching snake-print baguette bag in one hand, while she elevated her height by wearing strappy sandals.    

Alesha looked gorgeous in a black jacket with cut-out sleeves. 

The look was complete with gold strappy sandals, and she clutched a black leather bag.   

Fashionable: Dua carried a snake print matching baguette bag in her hand

Beauty: Her blossom coloured eyeshadow matched the outfit

Fashionable: Dua had a snake print baguette in her hands

Looking good: The songstress worked her angles as she posed on the red carpet

Look good: As she took photos on the red carpet, the singer worked all her angles.

Gorgeous: Alesha looked stunning in a black blazer which boasted cut out sleeves, which she paired with split hem black trousers

Amazing: Alesha looked gorgeous in a black jacket with cut-out sleeves. She paired the blazer with black pants that had split hems.

Anticipated: Adele's long-awaited return to the stage is being recorded as part of an ITV special, titled An Audience With Adele, which will be broadcast on Sunday November 21

Anticipated: Adele is making her long-awaited return on the stage in an ITV special titled “Audience with Adele”, which will air Sunday, November 21st

Adele recently released her new music, and will perform her number one hit, “Easy On Me”, at the gig. Also, she’ll be playing new tracks from her forthcoming album (30) – her first UK concert for four years. 

Emma Watson arrived at the event in a stylish black jacket with a touch of red across her lips.  

Alan Carr sported a sleek figure wearing a navy velvet blazer with black pants and a blue shirt. 

Angelica Bell was also present and posed for a photo with comedian Angelica Bell. Angelica was wearing pink layers of tulle to catch the attention.  

Stunner: Emma Watson also showed up to the event wearing a chic black jacket and a slick of red colour across her pout

Emma Watson was also a stunner, arriving at the event in a stylish black jacket with a touch of red across her lips

Night of fun ahead! Emma rocked up to the event in a car with a pal

It was a night of great fun! Emma arrived in her car and a friend to enjoy the night. 

Friends: The comedian posed arm-in-arm with broadcaster Angelica Bell who caught the eye in a pink layered tulle skirt

Friends: Angelica Bell, a broadcaster and comedian, posed with the comedian arm in arm. Angelica was wearing a pink layer tulle skirt.

Chic: Angelica caught the eye in a pink layered tulle skirt paired with red patent heeled shoes

Chic: She paired the look with a classic black roll neck top

Chic: Angelica caught our attention in pink layered, tulle skirt and red patent heels. 

Clara Amfo looked stunning in black tuxedo and black flatform heels. 

The look was paired with an unusual box bag that resembled a dice, with white spots. 

Meschach and Nick Grimshaw attended the evening. His black pants, trousers and white sweater were paired with his patterned silk shirt and jumper. 

Meschach carried a Dior yellow bag in his hands, while he wore a knitted white jumper with black trousers and Margiela Tabis heels.

Dawn French, a comedian and actress, walked the red carpet in her new style of pixie hair. 

Stylish: Clara paired the look with a quirky box bag which resembled a dice with white spots on

Chic: She always pulls it out the bag with her stylish ensembles

Clara Amfo (37) looked incredible in her black tuxedo and black and white flatform sneakers. 

Gorgeous: Her make up was done up flawlessly with a slick of purple lip colour and false eyelashes

Beautiful: She looked stunning in her make-up, which included a touch of purple lipstick and false eyelashes. 

Couple: Also in attendance of the exclusive evening was Nick Grimshaw and his partner Meschach Henry. He looked stylish in a black blacker and trousers paired with a white jumper and patterned silk shirt

Couple: Nick Grimshaw, his partner Meschach and Meschach were both present for the evening. The stylish Grimshaw wore a black and black trousers, paired with white pants and a patterned silk shirt.

Designer labels: Nick carried a yellow Dior bag in his hand, while Meschach opted for a knitted white jumper, black trousers and Margiela Tabis shoes

Designer labels: Nick wore a yellow Dior bag, Meschach chose a white knit jumper and black trousers, as well as Margiela Tabis shoes.

Looking good: Also walking the red carpet was comedienne Dawn French who sported her new pixie crop hair style

Good looking: Dawn French, comedian and model of the pixie hair, was also seen on the red carpet.

As she took pictures, she chose a black dress with paisley prints and a bag that she carried. 

Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B, was seen behind the barrier wearing a leopard print, cropped jumper. 

Jonathan Ross and Honey Kinney were present at the event. 

Honey was wearing a figure-hugging, slinky, black, and white striped suit by the presenter. 

Happy! Melanie Brown, a.k.a Mel B, looked ecstatic to be at the event as she was seen behind the barriers wearing a leopard print cropped jumper

Be happy! Happy!

Having a blast: Jonathan Ross attended the event with his model daughter Honey Kinney

Jonathan Ross and Honey Kinney had a great time at the event

Doting dad: The presenter donned an ochre patterned suit, with a black and white striped shirt, while Honey wore a figure hugging slinky black dress

Details: Honey's flame red bob was styled in chic messy waves

Presenter: Honey was dressed in a black and white stripe shirt with an ochre pattern, while Honey chose a figure-hugging, slinky, black gown

Proud of her! Stormzy smiled and pointed at the sign with Adele's name on it

We are proud to be her! Stormzy smiled, and pointed to the Adele-named sign 

Looking good: Kate swept her luscious blonde locks beck into a sleek ponytail

Kate has a great look: She wore her beautiful blonde hair in a chic ponytail. 

Looking good: Samuel wore loose green trousers, and circular rimmed glasses for the affair

Samuel looked good in his loose-fitting green trousers and round-rimmed glasses to the affair 

Stormzy from Grime was also there in a camouflage bomber jacket and black T-shirt. 

Samuel L. Jackson, on the other hand, was dressed in a green top shirt with graphic T-shirts and a baseball caps for red carpet. 

Kate Ferdinand also graced the red carpet in an orange blazer, which she paired alongside brown leather flared jeans. 

Graham Norton was a stylish figure, wearing a black-patterned blazer and blue jeans with black patent shoes. 

Stylish: He wore red trainers, which blended in with the carpet, and patchwork jeans

Wow! Boy George put on a typically eye-catching display in blue bowler hat and a pink spotty denim jacket

Wow! Boy George displayed a stunning display wearing a blue bowler hat with a pink spotty jacket and denim jacket.

Happy to be there: David looked in good spirits before entering the concert

David was happy to be present: David appeared in good spirits prior to entering the concert 

Boy George put on an impressive display wearing a bright blue bowler cap and a pink spotty jeans jacket. 

Red trainers were worn by the actor, which blended well with the red carpet. He also wore patchwork jeans. 

David Tennant, wearing bright red hair and a smart suit, was also present. 

Wow: American actress Catherine O-Hara, meanwhile looked glamorous in a leopard print coat as she posed with husband Bo Welch

Wow! American actress Catherine O-Hara looked stunning in leopard-print coat while she photographed with her husband Bo Welch

Chilly weather: Richard E. Grant wrapped up warm in a grey and black scarf as he posed for pictures on the red carpet

Cold weather: Richard E. Grant dressed warmly in a gray and black scarf while posing for photos on the red carpet

Dapper: The acting vet opted for a blue checkered suit, which he paired with brown suede shoes

Acting vet: He wore a blue-checkered suit with brown suede shoes.

All smiles: Kate looked in great spirits for the event

Kate was all smiles for the occasion 

Good terms: Philip Schofield donned a grey checkered three piece suit which he paired with a crisp white undone shirt as he posed with ex Stephanie Lowe for pictures before heading into the event

Stylish: Stephanie looked chic in a monochromatic black ensemble

Good terms: Philip Schofield wore a grey-checkered three-piece suit that he paired it with a white undone shirt, as Stephanie Lowe posed for photos before heading to the event.

American actress Catherine O-Hara looked stunning in leopard-print coat while she photographed with her husband Bo Welch. 

Suranne Jones, actress, stunned in an elegant silver midi dress with frills at the sleeves and hem. 

Richard E. Grant was dressed warmly in a black and grey scarf while he took pictures on the red-carpet. 

Dapper: American actor Bryan Cranston also attended the event wearing a grey chinos and a blazer

The dapper American actor Bryan Cranston attended the event in grey chinos with a blazer

Looking good! The Breaking Bad star wore brown circular rimmed spectacles

Looking good! Breaking Bad’s star was seen wearing brown, circular-rimmed glasses 

Wow: Television presenter Nicki Chapman also wowed on the catwalk in a chic floral print black midi dress with key hole detailing above bust

Glam: The floral number looked amazing on the media personality

Wow! Television Presenter Nicki Chapman looked stunning in her chic black floral print midi dress. The keyhole detailing was above the bust.

Acting vet chose a blue-checkered suit that he paired it with brown suede boots.   

As he photographed with Stephanie Lowe, Philip Schofield donned an elegant grey-checkered suit and was paired with a plain white undone shirt. 

Bryan Cranston (American actor) also attended the event, wearing grey chinos and an oversized blazer.

Wow: Robbie Williams' wife, Ayda, looked sensational in a black minidress which boasted a white lace trim round the neck

Wow! Robbie Williams’s wife Ayda looked stunning in a black minidress with a white lace trim around the neck.

Gorgeous: She wore skin tight black thigh high boots as she strutted down the red carpet

Beautiful: As she took to the red carpet, she was wearing black skin-tight thigh-high boots

Nicki Chapman was also the television host. She wowed with her chic black floral print midi-dress and key hole details above her bust. 

Ayda Williams, Robbie Williams’ spouse, looked stunning in a black minidress with a white lace trim around the neck.  

While she danced down the red carpet in black, skin tight boots with high heels were her choice. 

David Seaman, a former footballer, posed on the red carpet with Frankie Poultney. They wore matching black monochromatic ensembles. 

Cute couple: Former footballer David Seaman posed with his wife Frankie Poultney on the red carpet, and the couple opted for matching monochromatic black ensembles

Cute: The pair have been married since 2015

Beautiful couple: Ex-footballer David Seaman and his wife Frankie Poultney posed on the red carpet with their matching black monochromatic ensembles

Oops! Adele's fans gathered outside of the London Palladium on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the superstar singer, before realising she entered through a side door

Oh no! On Saturday, Adele was seen by a crowd outside the London Palladium. They were able to see her from the front of the venue before they realized she had entered via a sidedoor.

Earlier on Saturday, Adele fans gathered outside of the London Palladium on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the superstar singer ahead of her much-anticipated comeback show in the capital. 

They were clearly disappointed that they didn’t get to see Easy On Me 33 year old hitmaker before her show at the historical theatre. She had slipped in through a side door. 

People waited patiently outside the nearby Liberty department store as they blocked Argyll street, where the concert was to take place.   

Awkward: The crowd were no doubt left disappointed when they did not get to see the Easy On Me hitmaker, 33 ahead of her performance at the historic theatre; pictured on Friday evening

Awkward: Crowds were disappointed not to be able to witness the Easy On Me singer, 33 years old, perform at the theatre’s historic venue. PHOTOS: Friday evening 

Adele is currently in Los Angeles working on her new album. She has been absent from the UK since then, but she will return for this one-off special later in the month.

According to The Sun, the concert will feature performances of classic songs in front of an invited audience that includes family and friends as well as her personal heroes.

Insiders claim that “Audience with Adele” will be this year’s most popular show.

‘They’ve invited some of the biggest names in music and celebrity to be part of the event.’

Stood around: The hoards of people blocked Argyll Street, where the concert will take place, and stood outside Liberty waiting patiently

Stamped around: The crowds gathered at Liberty to wait patiently for the concert on Argyll street.

Anticipated: The star will perform record-breaking number one single Easy On Me at the gig, along with new tracks from her forthcoming album, 30 - in her first UK concert in four years

Anticipated : This star will perform her new single “Easy On Me”, which broke the record, and also play tracks from her upcoming album 30, in what is her first UK concert for four years. 

“David and Victoria” [Beckham]While they are not able to attend the event, many stars like Sir Elton John, Noel and Little Mix have been invited.   

Katie Rawcliffe is Head of Entertainment Commissioning ITV. She said about the show, “As one the most in-demand celebrities around the globe, we are beyond delighted to bring this special night to ITV.

Adele is an extraordinary artist. This will be a special event.

Adele played the UK’s final leg of her 25 World Tour on June 29, 2017. She was at Wembley Stadium.

Before performing an intimate concert at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles (California), the singer met up with the host of Chat Show to conduct an interview.

Lorraine Kelly shared a sneak peek of Tuesday’s special with viewers on her ITV program and commented: “She sounds incredible, doesn’t she?” Looks fantastic.’  

Adele will release three titles on the forthcoming release: Cry Your heart Out, Love Is A Game (I Drink Wine), as she gives us a candid look into her 2019 divorce with Simon Konecki, her ex-husband.

Adele releases 30 for the first time since 25 (2015), her album.

Red carpet roll-out: She will be reportedly be joined by Alan Carr, Elton John, and Little Mix for the ITV special, An Audience With Adele

Red carpet roll out: Adele will reportedly be joined at the red carpet by Alan Carr and Elton John.