The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge welcome in 2015 with a delightful photograph that shows William and Kate wearing tuxedos and Kate in sparkling, gold-coloured dresses.

  • Duke and Duchess lead dignitaries, celebs at 2022 Welcome Party
  • The couple shared a photo with  William in a tuxedo and Kate in a sparkling dress 
  • Prince Charles and the Duchess Of Cornwall also wish people a happy new year

The Duchess of Cambridge and other dignitaries lead the way in welcoming in 2019 today. 

They shared this charming picture of William wearing a tuxedo while Kate was dressed in sparkling gold.

William’s dad Prince Charles, and the Duchess Cornwall also wish people happy new year with a Twitter photo collage.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a charming photograph featuring William in a tuxedo and Kate in a sparkling gold-coloured dress as they wishes people a happy New Year

A charming picture was shared by the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge, showing William and Kate wearing a tailored suit while Kate wore a sparkly gold-coloured gown as they wish everyone a happy new year.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall said it was 'a joy to see so many of you this year' and wished people a 'very happy and restful New Year'

According to the Duke and Duchess, it was an honor to meet so many people this year and they wished everyone a happy and peaceful New Year.

Charles and Camilla shared photos of themselves with music playing over the top on social media

Charles and Camilla shared images of themselves with their music overlaid on social media.

They also shared a photo from the same event the Cambridges used for their New Year's photograph

The couple also shared photos from the same event that the Cambridges used to photograph their new year’s celebration.

William and Kate posted on Twitter, “Wishing everybody a happy new year!”

Charles and Camilla shared the following: “A joy to again see so many people this year, whether it be with elbow bumps. handshakes. or just a friendly wave.

“Wishing all of you a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.”

 Other celebrities have started to welcome in the new year as well.

Victora Beckham shared a photo of herself dancing on Instagram as she celebrated the 'New Year's Eve mood'

Victora Beckham posted a picture of her dancing to Instagram during the New Year’s Eve celebrations

Victora Beckham uploaded a selfie of herself on Instagram and captioned it, “Hoping you all have an spicy one,” along with a peace sign & a love emoji. 

This is ahead of the celebrations in England for New Year’s Eve.

The expectation is that people from Scotland and Wales will be able to leave their country’s Covid restrictions to move to England.