Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is ready to welcome in 2019 on St. Barts with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. They continue their luxurious holiday on a superyacht that costs $42,000 per week. 

They have been together since Christmas and were seen sharing a kiss during their stay on the Caribbean island. Tender To was chartered as a charter luxury yacht and they enjoyed the sunshine on its deck on December 31st in Gustavia. 

Bezos, 57, and Sanchez, 52, were wearing matching white as they cuddled close on a bed on the back of the vessel while vacationing with friends and family, including her son Nikko Gonzalez, 20, whom she shares with former NFL star Tony Gonzalez.

Jeff Bezos, 57, and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, 52, were spotted lounging their chartered luxury yacht, Tender To, on St. Barts on December 31

Jeff Bezos (57) and Lauren Sanchez (52), were photographed lounging aboard their charter luxury yacht Tender To in St. Barts.

The two were cuddled up close when Sanchez leaned over to give her longtime love a kiss

Sanchez was snuggling up to Sanchez as they were getting close and Sanchez asked her for a kiss. 

Sanchez's sister Elena Sanchez Blair and her new husband Rob were behind her as she shared a smooch with Bezos as if they were the only two people on the luxury yacht

Sanchez’s sister Elena Sanchez Blair, and Rob her husband were there to support her while she had a kiss with Bezos. 

Sanchez was sporting a large diamond ring on her wedding finger. She has worn the ring on a number of occasions, sparking rumors that they are secret engaged

Sanchez wore a large, diamond-encrusted ring on her marriage finger. The ring has been worn on numerous occasions by Sanchez, prompting speculations that she is secretly engaged. 

They are. They had been enjoying their vacation by going on hikes and yacht trips, as well as lots of canoodling. But they were content to just sit around at midnight on New Year’s Eve. 

Sanchez was dressed in a tight white tank top and denim cut-offs as she curled up next to her billionaire beau, who was sporting a short-sleeve white button-up shirt and purple-patterned swim trunks. 

To protect their eyes against the scorching sun, both Sanchez and her friend wore fashionable shades. Sanchez added a few extra style points to Sanchez’ look by adding oversized earrings and wide-brimmed glasses. 

The large diamond ring she wore on her wedding ring was what made her stand out. It has been reported that Bezos and she have been seen with the ring at various occasions. 

Sanchez’s sister Elena Sanchez Blair and her new husband Rob were among those who were photographed milling around behind them on the yacht, but they appeared to be in their own little world. 

The couple has been on the Caribbean island with their friends and family since before Christmas

They have been spending Christmas with family and friends on the Caribbean island since January. 

Sanchez's large diamond ring was on display as she chatted with a woman who appeared to be Bezos' mother, Jacklyn Bezos

Sanchez’s large diamond ring was on display as she chatted with a woman who appeared to be Bezos’ mother, Jacklyn Bezos

The Amazon billionaire looked relaxed as she rested his head in his girlfriend's hand while soaking up the sun

While soaking in the sun, Amazon’s billionaire appeared relaxed. 

Sanchez kept her gaze forward, as she lean back on her elbows. At one point Bezos leaned in close to her, resting his head against her. He was then close enough for her to kiss him.  

Miguel Bezos (Bezos’ adopted father) was also seen aboard the yacht. Jacklyn Bezos and Mark Bezos are thought to have been on St. Barts together with him. 

The Amazon billionaire took time off from vacation on December 29 to take a photo with his mom, sharing it in celebration of his mother’s birthday.  

He captioned his Instagram photo with the words “Happy Birthday sweet mom” ‘Couldn’t feel more lucky to be celebrating you with our entire family on this special day. This is how much we love you.

Sanchez posted her photos from her December 27 trip just days before, sharing them on Facebook. She also shared a sexy photo of her wearing a bikini and Bezos leaning towards her. 

Another photo shows her giving Nikko a hug while wearing a black bikini. 

Bezos' adoptive father, Miguel Bezos (far right), appeared to be on the yacht with them on Friday

Miguel Bezos was Bezos’ adopted father and appeared to have been on the boat with them Friday 

Bezos' younger brother, Mark Bezos, and his mother, Jacklyn, are also believed to be with them on St. Barts

Bezos younger brother Mark Bezos and Jacklyn his mother are believed to also be on St. Barts. 

Sanchez and Bezos were all ears as his dad leaned onto the bed they were cuddled on to tell them something

Sanchez and Bezos listened intently as Sanchez’s dad leaning onto the couch they were snuggled up on, to share something with them, were both a delight 

While their were others on the luxury yacht, the couple only seemed to have eyes for each other

The couple seemed to only have eyes for one another, even though there were other guests on the yacht. 

Sanchez is the father of Evan Whitesell (15 years old) and Eleanor Whitesell (13) with Patrick Whitesell (her Hollywood agent husband). It’s not known if she was with them on this trip.  

Her carousel of pictures also included snapshots of her sharing a drink with friends, Bezos in a pool with his brother, and her on a hike with her longtime boyfriend.  

‘Photo dump! The writer wrote that she was closing out the holiday week, and getting ready for the New Year. “I am grateful for all of the love that surrounds and supports me every day. My spouse, my family, and friends. Your love and support are so important to me. Get it done 2022.  

On December 26, the couple took a boat out on the water with a group of friends and spent some time lying out on a raft, where a bikini-clad Sanchez cuddled up to her shirtless beau who matched her in a pair of black swim trunks. 

Sanchez made quite a few changes to his outfits during the outing.

The pair showed up fully dressed to the dock, Bezos still wearing black swim trunks with a green shirt — with quite a few of the buttons left open at the top.

The group charted the Tender To, a luxury yacht from the iconic Italian brand Leopard Yachts. The vessel costs $38,000 to $42,000 per week, plus expenses

The Tender To was a luxurious yacht built by Leopard Yachts. It costs between $38,000 and $42,000 per week plus all expenses

Measuring 88 feet 7 inches, the vessel from the iconic Italian brand Leopard Yachts was built in 2005 and can sleep up to seven people in a master suite, two double cabins, and two twin cabins.

The Leopard Yachts vessel measures 88 feet 7 ins. It was constructed in 2005 by the famous Italian brand Leopard Yachts.

When Sanchez wasn't gazing into Bezos' eyes, she was deep in conversation with the other women on board the yacht

Sanchez didn’t look into Bezos’s eyes when she was not conversing with Bezos. 

Sanchez's eldest son, Nikko Gonzalez, 20, (not pictured) whom she shares with former NFL star Tony Gonzalez, was also on the trip to St. Barts

Sanchez’s 20-year-old son Nikko Gonzalez (not pictured), who she shares with Tony Gonzalez was on the same trip to St. Barts.

The couple's friends and family happily milled around while docked in Gustavia, the capital of St. Barts

Friends and relatives of the couple enjoyed an enjoyable time at Gustavia while they docked there. 

To complete his yacht look, he added a cap, necklace and bracelets. 

Sanchez was walking hand-in-hand with him in white, high-waisted shorts, and a cream crop top. 

They began by lying side-by-side on the boat. Sanchez was able to touch Bezos while waiting for the boat’s departure. 

As they looked around, Sanchez wrapped her arm around Bezos and rubbed his ears with her fingers.

Bezos finally unbuttoned the shirt and let his stomach show, before taking off the whole thing. 

Sanchez beat the heat with a black bikini and a sheer black scarf. Sanchez covered herself in sunblock with her wide-brimmed cap and sparkled with various jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. 

Sanchez and Bezos have been making the most of their vacation with hikes, yacht outings, and plenty of romantic canoodling

Sanchez and Bezos made the most of their holiday with hiking, boat outings and lots of canoodling.

The couple seemed content lying around on New Year's Eve, just hours before midnight

Just hours before midnight, the couple was content to just lounge around New Year’s Eve.

At one point, Bezos' dad sat down on the bed with them to scroll through his cellphone

Bezos’ dad was scrolling through his smartphone at the time and sat down with them on the couch. 

It's unclear how long the group chartered the luxury yacht for, but they seemed to enjoy spending the holidays on the water

Although it’s not clear how long they had the yacht charter, the group seemed to have enjoyed spending their holidays on the water.

Bezos and Sanchez were spotted frolicking on the yacht numerous times over the past week

Sanchez and Bezos were seen frolicking aboard the yacht several times in the last week 

The couple went public with their relationship in January 2019 after Bezos split with wife MacKenzie

Following Bezos’ split from MacKenzie, their couple came out in January 2019

The pair wore swimsuits and gathered together on a boat to kiss and hug.

Sanchez changed into another sheer white button down and matching white sarong by the time they got back to the dock. 

For the journey, the group charter the superyacht Tender To. Measuring 88 feet 7 inches, the vessel from the iconic Italian brand Leopard Yachts was built in 2005 and can sleep up to seven people in a master suite, two double cabins, and two twin cabins. 

Chartering it costs $38,000- $42,000 per Week plus any expenses. 

This was their second time out sailing on the trip’s second Sunday. On Christmas Eve, Sanchez donned a bikini with a red and white pattern for the boat ride, while Bezos wore a pink and red bathing suit covered in Hawaiian flowers. He accessorized by wearing shades and a white feather choker.

It was touchy-feely fun, with them cuddling and kissing on a raft and talking and laughing. Bezos gave Sanchez a pat on the shoulder as they boarded. 

The Amazon tycoon took a break from his vacation on December 29 to share a sweet photo of himself on a boat with his mother in honor of her birthday

In honor of his mother’s birthday, the Amazon billionaire took some time off from his December 29 vacation to take a photo of him on a boat. 

In his caption, he said the entire was with them to celebrate her 'special day'

He captioned that the whole family was there to celebrate their’special day.’ 

Sanchez responded to her boyfriend's post with a birthday message of her own

Sanchez posted a birthday greeting to her boyfriend in response. 

On December 27, Sanchez shared her own photos from the trip, including a saucy picture of herself posing in a bikini while Bezos leaned in toward her

Sanchez posted her photos of the trip on December 27. She also shared a photo showing her in a bikini, while Bezos was leaning toward Sanchez

In another snapshot, she is giving her son Nikko a kiss while modeling a black bikini

She is also seen giving Nikko her kiss, while wearing a black bikini.

Earlier this week, the pair was seen canoodling on a hike on the island. The pair were dressed in sportwear and sneakers. They stopped by to admire the view and shared some kisses. Sanchez was seen to have a touch of Bezos during this time.

They continued hiking and Bezos put his arm around Sanchez as they maintained their PDA. 

After MacKenzie split from Bezos in January 2019, the couple made public their relationship. They were very handsy when they communicated with nature.

Sanchez and Bezos took a moment to rest on a bench. They sat together on the bench. Sanchez leaning against Bezos and resting her right hand on her thigh while he wrapped the other around her shoulders. 

Sanchez and Bezos were together once before on vacation to St. Barts. They were joined in 2019 by Sanchez’s son Nikko. 

Amazon founder Elon Musk has been estimated to be worth $210billion. Forbes recently relegated Tesla owner Elon to second place with a fortune totaling $276.2billion, compared to Bezos’ $203.9billion.

Sanchez snapped a photo of Bezos a pool with his younger brother, Mark. The Bezos brothers were even wearing matching necklaces

Sanchez took a picture of Bezos in a pool together with Mark. They even wore matching necklaces! 

Sanchez enjoyed drinks with her sister and Ginebra Ferreira on the yacht

Sanchez enjoyed drinks with her sister and Ginebra Ferreira on the yacht 

Bezos first became a billionaire in 1998, the year after Amazon went public as an online bookseller, and has since increased his fortune by 12,425 per cent — now raking in more than $140,000 per minute. 

Nearly 90 per cent of his wealth is tied up in his 10 per cent stake in Amazon — with each share currently worth $3,540.70 — with the rest of his money invested into other avenues such as Blue Origin and property.

After his resignation as Amazon’s CEO, he made a number of well-publicized donations to charities such as Baby2Baby and the Obama Foundation.

Just prior to Thanksgiving, he donated  $100 million to the Obama Foundation, the largest ever to the charity. Bezos estimated that the Obama Foundation gift is less than 0.1% of his $210 billion fortune.

Bezos also requested as part of this gift that the Obama Presidential Center Plaza be renamed John Lewis Plaza in memory of John Lewis, the civil rights leader and Congressman who spent decades fighting to ensure voting rights. 

He pledged nearly $100 million earlier in November to help end homelessness.  

Bezos made a pledge of $1 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund foundation in September. He was there alongside John Kerry, the climate envoy. 

Sanchez promoted her boyfriend’s environmental efforts on Instagram on December 30, writing: ‘Looking ahead to the new year, Jeff and I couldn’t be more excited and humbled to focus on our passion and commitment to climate change by helping to protect and restore nature, alongside our team @BezosEarthFund.’