For beating his 36-year-old ex and holding him at knifepoint, he was sentenced to 19 months in prison.

  • Dario, 38, attacked Samantha Potts (36), during an hour-long brawl
  • According to court, the dumped lover grabbed her neck and held it at knifepoint. 
  • After dropping by McDonald’s for lunch, she arrived ‘late’ to her ‘farewell meet’ 
  • Rebac was convicted of assaulting and criminal damage, and sentenced to 19 months in prison

Dario Rebac grabbed Samantha Potts by the throat and threatened her with a kitchen knife during the hour-long ordeal

Dario Rebac grabbed Samantha Potts at the throat, threatened her with the kitchen knife and made an hour-long scuffle.

One dumped love was sentenced to jail for beating his ex-girlfriend, and then holding her at knifepoint after he stopped by McDonald’s for a ‘farewell dinner’.

Dario Rebac (38), grabbed Samantha Potts at the throat, and threatened her with the kitchen knife. The ordeal lasted an hour.

The jury was told by the father of three that he had asked Miss Potts (36) to return to his flat in order for him, and his kitchen utensils, to be collected. But, his ex-girlfriend had been hungry so she stopped by Big Mac on her way to home.

After Miss Potts managed escaped and called a passerby, police were dispatched. The hospital treated her for bleeding from the eye and bruising on the face.

Rebac from Stockport admitted to assaulting and criminal damage at Minshull Street Crown Court. He was sentenced for 19 month.

Court heard that the couple were together for five consecutive weeks, and that he moved in with her within just two days.

Kelly Cyples, Prosecutor of Kelly Cyples stated Rebac “could have drunk heavily and used cocaine as well as steroids” during their relationship.

Rebac received his sentencing from Judge John Potter.

“Your victim was reddening from the attack on her.” You attacked her with a knife and cut off her clothing as a rage attack. Your victim was then in Cheshire at the time you contacted her.

Rebac admitted assault and criminal damage and was jailed for 19 months

The court heard he and Miss Potts (pictured) dated for five weeks and he had moved in with the mother-of-four within only two days of them meeting

Rebac, left) was sentenced to 19 months for criminal damage and assault. According to the court, he had been with Miss Potts for five consecutive weeks. He also moved in with her within two days.

A dumped lover has been jailed for beating up his ex-girlfriend and holding her at knifepoint because she was ‘late’ for a ‘farewell meeting’ after stopping off at McDonald’s (stock image)

One of his lovers was sentenced to jail for brutally beating him and holding him at knifepoint while trying to make a deal with her ex-girlfriend.

You called her up and requested that she go to her home, where you were still waiting to speak to her about money. She had failed to return sooner than she expected.

You then attacked your victim with a new unlawful attack, strangling her and hitting her. You continued this behavior when you entered her apartment. She was pushed by you and you locked her door.

“You bent down on her and patted her. You grabbed a knife and began to stab your victim. The victim shouted for help from outside the apartment.

“The incident ended after the police called. Your injuries included bruising her forehead, blood in her eyes and soft tissue trauma to her head.

“You were drunk and attacked at the victim’s home. It was domestic violence. There was more than one offence. Because these offenses are serious, immediate custody may be appropriate. 

Prosecutor Kelly Cyples said Rebac ‘could drink heavily and used cocaine and steroids’ during their relationship

Kelly Cyples the Prosecutor stated Rebac could have drank heavily during their relationship and had used steroids and cocaine.

Rebac was also forbidden from speaking with Miss Potts for an indefinite time under terms of a temporary restraining order.

According to Miss Cyples, the victim told the court that although the couple was happy for the first few weeks, he would drink heavily and use steroids and cocaine.

“After two weeks, the defendant hit her on the head with a slap and pulled her hair from her living room into the kitchen. He also kicked her, causing her swelling.

“The victim fled her home after the attack and moved to the house of a friend. However, her clothes and shoes were slashed with a knife when she returned them.

Rebac is a victim of eight prior offenses, including common assault, criminal damage and harassment, as well as possessing an offensive weapons.

Ian McMeekin his counsel said in mitigation, “He has had the chance to reflect. He has a positive side and can do well for himself.

“He wants to get his life on track. “He is sorry for his mistakes and is committed to making amends.