People who had forgotten to buy presents tomorrow were seen running into stores on Christmas Eve.

As families realized they didn’t have enough gifts for their loved ones, the tradition of last-minute gift buying was apparent across the nation.

As supplies for the Christmas Dinner, fresh meats were also available from butchers.

Many festive shopping transactions have been made online this season due to Omicron virus and other viruses.

At the Silverlink Retail Park in North Tyneside before 9am people had packed the car park waiting for stores to open

People had gathered at the Silverlink Retail Park, North Tyneside just before 9am to wait for the stores to open.

People in the village of Haddenham in Cambridgeshire queuing at dawn to pick up their Christmas turkey from the local butcher on Christmas Eve morning

Residents of Haddenham are seen queuing up to collect their Christmas turkey from the Butcher in Cambridgeshire at the crack of dawn.

Christmas Eve shoppers queue for George Bower Butchers in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, this morning for their supplies

Christmas Eve shoppers line up at George Bower Butchers, Stockbridge, Edinburgh this morning to get their supplies

Christmas shoppers in Northumberland today as the government refused to rule out introducing further restrictions to slow the spread of the Omicron variant

Northumberland Christmas shoppers today, as the government refuses to exclude the possibility of imposing further restrictions that would slow down the spread Omicron variant

The strain has been deemed to be less severe than the others.

People waited in the parking lot at the Silverlink Retail Park, North Tyneside for the stores to open.

Outlets such as Marks & Spencer, Sports Direct and JD Sports were in high demand at the hub ahead of Christmas Day.

Argos also proved to be very popular. There was a long line at the beginning of each day for people who wanted to enter the catalog shop. 

Christmas shoppers fill the car park at a Tesco in Ashford, Kent, as they drove to the store to try and get some supplies today

The car park of a Tesco store in Ashford was filled with Christmas shoppers as they drove into the store today to pick up their supplies

Christmas Eve shoppers queue outside the Argos store at the Silverlink Retail Park in North Tyneside for last minute gifts

Christmas Eve shoppers line up outside Argos’ North Tyneside store, Silverlink Retail Park.

Christmas Eve shoppers on Northumberland Street in Newcastle this morning looking for last minute gifts inside stores

Christmas Eve shoppers in Newcastle, Northumberland Street this morning searching for last-minute gifts within stores

Christmas Eve is traditionally a time for much last-minute shopping and this year was no exception. North Tyneside pictured.

Christmas Eve has a tradition of being a day for last-minute shopping. This year, it was no different. North Tyneside as pictured.

There were people waiting to get into Selfridges department store this morning to pick up some of those last minute items

People waited in line to grab last-minute items at Selfridges departmental store.

Shoppers in Northumberland were keen to hit the streets and do some shopping ahead of Christmas Day tomorrow

Northumberland’s shoppers wanted to get out and shop before Christmas Day.

Cheese was also in hot demand in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve today as shoppers queued in the rain for the dairy treats

On Christmas Eve, cheese was hot in Edinburgh as customers waited in the pouring rain to purchase the tasty dairy treat

Northumberland was also home to thousands of brave people who braved the cold and wet conditions just to make it to the shops.

London’s Selfridge’s was looking great, as people waited outside to get in. 

Many people were still out and about in Haddenham, Cambridgeshire early in order to get their local business started.

Hundreds of people waited in line at dawn for their Christmas turkeys to be delivered by the butcher. 

Christmas Eve shoppers on Guildford high-street, Guildford, Surrey, head out to look for some of those last minute presents

Christmas Eve shoppers in Guildford High-Street, Guildford, Surrey go out looking for last-minute gifts

Fresh food seemed very important to many, with the butcher in Haddenham, Cambs, a big draw for many villagers today

Fresh food was important for most people, and Haddenham, Cambs’ butcher is a major draw for many villager today

Queues at the Windsor Farm Shop which is situated in the shadow of Windsor Castle, where the Queen is staying this Yuletide

Queues form at Windsor Farm Shop in Windsor Castle’s shadow. Queen Elizabeth II is here this Yuletide.

The story was the same in Stockbridge, Edinburgh where shoppers lined up for George Bower Butchers.

The queues were long at Windsor Farm Shop, which is located in the shadow Windsor Castle. This is where Queen Elizabeth is spending this Yuletide. 

Many businesses will be unable to comfort customers who visit stores in the UK.

Boris Johnson’s government hinted that new restrictions will be imposed after Christmas to stop Covid spreading.

However, there is no information available about the implications of this. This leaves firms in uncertainty.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s £1bn fund to help businesses hit by the rise in Covid cases, announced two days ago, has been seen by some as a signal of rules to come.