The Nativity Story has been retold by a Welsh church, with the help of a cast entirely made of dog-lovers.

The re-enactment of the Christmas story was performed by canines including ‘three wise whippets’ and a pug-cross standing for the baby Jesus at Gellionnen chapel in Swansea.

The hilarious video shows the dog dressed in costume and standing still as the church reverend speaks out about Mary’s and Joseph’s trip to the stable where Christ was born.

After they have run out of rooms in the inn’s innkeeper, the collie-cross appears to play the role. The innkeeper is seen leading them gently to stable. 

This clip took hours to create and also features a pup dressed in tinsel as the Star of Bethlehem. 

Worshippers at Gellionnen chapel in Swansea, South Wales have retold the story of the Nativity using their dogs - including 'three wise whippets' and a pug-cross to stand in for the baby Jesus

Swansea worshippers, Gellionnen chapel in Swansea in South Wales, have recounted the Nativity Story using their dogs. They used a mix of ‘three wise whippets’ and a pug cross to replace the baby Jesus.

As a way of bringing joy and cheer to their community, Reverend Rory Castle came up with this idea for the canine cast.

Because the chapel is dog-friendly, the team set the stage to welcome their dogs.

Revered Castle stated: “We have an event organizer team who was inspired by the idea for a dog nativity.

We thought it was crazy, but we soon stopped laughing and decided that we could do it.

Hilarious footage shows the dog in costumes standing attentively as the church's reverend does a voiceover of Mary and Joseph's journey to the stable where the Son of God was born

This hilarious footage captures the dog wearing costumes and watching attentively while the reverend of the church speaks over Mary and Joseph on their journey to the stable, where Jesus was born.

The production had around nine dogs involved and the crew decided not to have auditions but to choose the dogs that best fit the key roles. Pictured: A small pug-cross plays the baby Jesus

It was a production with nine dogs. Crew decided not to hold auditions and to pick the most suitable dogs to play the important roles. Pictured: The baby Jesus is played by a small pug-cross.

Nine dogs were involved in this production. Crew decided to not have auditions and instead choose the most suitable dogs to fill the important roles.

Reverend Castle added, at 34: “When we started it, we were talking about things like, “Which breed of dog looks most like baby Jesus?” There are many conversations that can be had about what breed of shepherd dog is best.

“Despite the fact that we spent a lot of time with our dogs, it was great fun and it required us to take a lot of photos.

He said, “We had lots of treats on-set. It was a carrot and stick approach off the camera.

'Three wise whippets' were used to deliver the gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh

To deliver gold, frankincense or myrrh to recipients, “Three wise whippets” were used.

A dog as a 'shepherd' with their cuddly toy sheep

The star of Bethlehem

Clip took “hours” to make. The video also featured a dog wrapped in tinsel as the Star of Bethlehem (right), as well as a sheepherd with a cuddly toys pretending to be a lamb (left).

“It was definitely chaotic filming with many unpredicted characters but it turned out great.

Three Whippets were perfect for wise men, and the star role was taken by a pug mix.

Reverend Castle stated that editing was our biggest challenge and that Sean, one of the members responsible for this is our greatest credit.

The film was produced over a period of several weeks and was put together by the director seamlessly. This was difficult work considering that dogs can only “act” for very short periods at a given time.

Reverend Rory Castle and his faithful congregation came up with the canine cast idea as a way to bring festive smiles to their local community. Pictured: The dogs cast of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

The canine cast was an idea Reverend Rory Castle came up with in collaboration with his faithful congregation to spread joy to the local community. Pictured: Mary, Joseph and Jesus are represented by the canine cast. 

Reverend Castle, 34, added: 'One we got into it, we were having discussions such as, "Which dog looks most like a baby Jesus? Which breed of dog would be the best shepherd," which are odd conversations to have'

Reverend Castle added, at 34: “Once it got into it we were having discussions like, “Which breed of dog looks most like baby Jesus?” It is a strange conversation to engage in.

“He added special effects to make the experience even more enjoyable.

A lot of these dogs are rescues and many members of the cast also walk with the Gellionnen Mountain Mutts, a group that runs dog walking groups.

Reverend Castle stated that the main goal of his ministry was simply to make people laugh.

“After the last 18 months, it’s time to feel that Christmas fuzzy feeling. People are understandably concerned about Covid and the impending restrictions. This time of the year can be hard so we wanted people to have a good time and make us smile.

“The responses have been amazing, and we’re overwhelmed by all the nice messages. We wish everybody a happy Christmas.”