Two eccentric French television stars BOTH succumb to Covid in a matter of days at 72. Former heartthrobs Igor Bogdanoff and Grichka Bogdanoff rose to prominence with the 1980s series, before they became infamous for sharing a love of plastic surgery.

  • Today, Igor Bogdanoff was 72 years old. He died six days after Grichka, his twin brother.
  • After suffering Covid-19 complications, they were admitted to intensive medical care December 15.
  • Both were not vaccinated against the coronavirus, it is believed.
  • They are well-known for presenting Time X on French TV, and an obsession with plastic surgeons that left them unrecognisable 

The Covid death of twins, an eccentric French TV show host and star of a sci-fi series in 1980s France, occurred within just a week. 

Igor Bogdanoff, his twin brother Grichka and his close family members passed away today from coronavirus.

Grichka was admitted to intensive medical care the day after his brother. He had Covid-19 complications.

It is believed that none of the twins had been vaccinated against coronavirus. 

Their 72-year-old twins were well known for being eccentric in their personalities and fashion choices, as well as storytelling and television hosting. 

They were frequently mocked because of their enduring obsession for plastic surgery that began in 1990.

The twins in Temps X (Time X)

Igor and Grichka in Paris in 2019

Grichka, 72, and Igor were well known for their elegant personalities as well as clothing, stories, and plastic surgeons.

According to Le Figaro, they were both born in Gers in 1948 and rose to stardom on French TV in the 1980s thanks to their charming looks.

The star role they played on the sci-fi program Temps X in 1979 was enormously successful and ran for 8 years.

The show featured cosmonauts in cosmonaut suits and scientists sharing scientific facts.   

The twin brothers attend a DJ set at the VIP Room in Saint Tropez in August 2013  (pictured)

The twin brothers attend a DJ set at the VIP Room in Saint Tropez in August 2013  (pictured)

People were stunned when they appeared on red carpet at 60 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Chopard.  

It was understood that both had undergone a series of chin- and cheek implants along with botox, fillers and other procedures.

The look on their faces was reminiscent of Jocelyn Wildenstein’s, the socialite who is known as the “bride of Wildenstein”.

Pictured: The men starring in popular French sci-fi show Temps X

Pictured: Men starring in the French Sci-Fi show Temps X 

They denied that they had ever been obsessed with plastic surgery, but both were intelligent and well-read, having been influenced by Roland Barthes’ seminars and the 15,000 books in the family library. 

They launched a weekly TV show called Rayon X (X Rays), on France 2 in recent years. 

They also presented an August 2004 special 90-minute program on cosmotology.  

The brothers smile in their younger years on French television (pictured)

In the photo, they smile as children on French television.

The brothers became involved in the 2001 “Bogdanoff Affair”, where papers written by brothers on the Big Bang were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Later, it was discovered that these papers had no scientific value.

Igor Bogdanoff, who had six children from his first marriage, married Amelie De Bourbon-Parme in 2009.

The brothers present a small computer to the Ecole Poletechnique in Paris in 1985

At the onward gala screening in Paris in February 2020

However, the brothers were implicated in an 2001 scandal called “Bogdanoff Affair”. Papers written by the brothers on the Big Bang were published in peer-reviewed journals.

Pictured: The best awards gala in Paris in 2018

Photo: Paris’s best gala awards in 2018.

His second wife was his mother, and he had two children with her. He divorced her in May 2018.

Grichka was not known much about his personal life, but it is known that he did not have any known children or relationships.

They were most recent to appear on “French Masked Singer” in 2020.

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2013

In Saint Tropez in 2013

They are pictured right and left, respectively.

The Bogdanov brothers in Serbia in 2019 (pictured)

Pictured: The Bogdanov brothers of Serbia, 2019