Caroline Michel, a glamorous literary agent, once stated that Sir Martin Sorrell was her best career advisor: “Impossible is Nothing and nothing is impossible.”

Their relationship is all that’s left. The ‘power couple’ has split.

A mutual friend confirms that he has heard the words, “It’s so sad but it’s over,” They couldn’t get it to work.

According to some reports, Sir Martin fell in love with Caroline so much that it was thought he might make her his third spouse. After a lengthy friendship, the pair had begun dating in 2020.

Glamorous literary agent Caroline Michel once said advertising tycoon Sir Martin Sorrell had given her some of the best career advice she¿d had: ¿Impossible is nothing, nothing is impossible'

Caroline Michel was a beautiful literary agent. She once claimed that Sir Martin Sorrell, an advertising tycoon had provided her with some of the most valuable career advice: ‘Impossible Is Nothing. Everything is Possible’

Caroline Evans (63), who has worked with Bear Grylls and other TV personalities, is one the capital’s top networkers. She was also the ex-wife Lord Matthew Evans, Labour peer and publisher, who passed away in 2016.

This split marks the latest in a turbulent career of Sir Martin (77), who transformed WPP from a small ad agency into a giant global company before he left under a cloud in 2018. He was accused of paying for a prostitute through funds from the FTSE100 firm, but he denied these allegations. He was allowed to leave as a “good leaver” after an investigation.

He said his rumoured £100 million divorce from his second wife, Cristiana Falcone, an Italian almost 30 years his junior, was not related to the allegations.

Sir Martin, whose £70.4 million annual pay package sparked a shareholders’ revolt at WPP in 2016, was previously married to American-born Sandra Finestone.

The £30 million divorce settlement — which included a Georgian townhouse, two underground car parking spaces at Harrods and £23.5 million in cash — was the biggest in British legal history at the time.

He faced allegations, which he denies, that he paid for a prostitute using funds from the FTSE 100 firm. After an investigation he was allowed to walk away as a ¿good leaver¿. He said his rumoured £100 million divorce from his second wife, Cristiana Falcone, an Italian almost 30 years his junior, was not related to the allegations

He denied the allegations that he had paid for a prostitute through funds from FTSE 100. Following an investigation, he was permitted to leave as a “good leaver”. He said his rumoured £100 million divorce from his second wife, Cristiana Falcone, an Italian almost 30 years his junior, was not related to the allegations

Eugenie sits up for her Hollywood pal

Princess Eugenie, whose wedding guests included the Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Liv Tyler, has gained another bosom buddy from Tinseltown.

Camila Alves, the Brazilian-born designer and model Camila Alves was photographed with King’s niece.

¿They seemed to be great friends,¿ reports a fellow diner at Chucs, an Italian restaurant in Notting Hill, West London. The pair left in the same chauffeur-driven car

“They appeared to be great friends,” said a Chucs guest. Chucs is an Italian restaurant located in Notting Hill. Both men left the car with the same chauffeur.

According to a Chucs diner, the pair seemed like great friends. They left together in the same chauffeur-driven vehicle.

It’s not clear how the 32-year-old Princess, who works for art gallery Hauser & Wirth, knows Alves, 40, but they are both involved with charities.

One sings in the shower, while David Beckham watches television with his wife Victoria. Darryn Lyons, a photographer says that Victoria Beckham used to come up to her in London’s most famous hotels. Bryan Morrison (manager for George Michael) was also present when she met Victoria Beckham. [at the time]And she replied, “I was just watching Sky News in the bathroom with David, on our new TV screen for our shower,” 

Keira moved to Ukraine by the diary of Ukraine girl 

Keira Knightley from Hollywood has agreed that she will narrate an audio version of the moving diary written by a 12 year-old Ukrainian girl.

Right, the 37-year-old English actress says Yeva Skalietska’s You Don’t know What War Is (right) had a profound effect on her. “It’s an extremely important story to share,” she said.

“It’s an honour to tell Yeva’s story of bravery and inspiration.”

Craig from Strictly has ‘two left feet’

Craig Revel Horwood is a tart-tongued Strictly judge. Frank Skinner claims that he can’t even dance.

“At the beginning” [of the show]The ladies and gentlemen are the judges, so they have a dance. Craig cannot dance,” he said. He is like an unmarried, embarrassing uncle. He’s awful.

“And I have thought that this guy is a great choreographer.” Skinner says that it can be difficult to learn dance moves in just 20 seconds.

65-year-old comic adds that he has been offered Strictly many times. However, I feel so self-conscious when dancing that I may faint. I could be the old comedy guy and it’s not something that I can live with.

Robert Harris is a best-selling author whose thriller The Ghost was about a thinly disguised Tony Blair. He can’t find enough material to write a page about Labour’s leader.

He told the Cliveden Literary Festival that he doesn’t think Keir starmer is excited about Keir starmer.

Trinny, the half-brother of the humorous posh couple who advised ‘fashion catastrophes’ on BBC’s What Not To Wear said that there is one piece of clothing she doesn’t like.

The beauty entrepreneur at age 58 declares that she would not wear jeans. I don’t have legs or the proper proportions for this.

Emin’s no slave to the kitchen… 

Tracey Emin (59), is well-known for her bed art, but her mother Pamela wouldn’t let her use a stove.

‘My Mum was completely against me cooking, and when we were cooking at school, my mum actually wrote me a letter saying, ‘My daughter will not learn how to cook — my daughter is not going to be a slave to any man’.’ Margate native and Kent-born artist adds that she put me on the Pill in my teens to keep me from becoming pregnant. My mother did all she could to prevent me becoming a single, young mother.

Jack warns naive diners 

Jack Dee said that Jack’s irritable humor was another reason he became a successful waiter.

“People came in saying that they wanted the rude waiter to serve our stag party. “I would grab the 20-person table and announce: “Right, everybody, please shut up. If you make a mistake, I won’t hold it responsible.” ‘

He said, “If anybody really annoyed me especially if it was a date or some other reason, I would ask my chef to make sure that their meal is garlic-laced so the evening doesn’t go as planned.” Someone who snapped at me with their fingers did not like it, so I heated the water. His fingers burned.