Following the success of Bridgerton’s racy Netflix period drama Bridgerton she thought Hollywood was hers. However, Phoebe Dynevor recently revealed that she has returned to Britain.

The 26-year old actress says, “I came for season two of Bridgerton, and I’m so glad to be back,” she adds. She grew up in Greater Manchester, with Sally Webster, who is best-known as Sally Webster on Coronation Street.

Phoebe says, “London’s my place,” “I will not be moving any time soon.”

She used to go out with Pete Davidson an American comic, but she is now seeing Kim Kardashian.

The Bridgerton star who was also the role of Clarice Cliff (the pottery pioneer) hinted that this could be her final season. 

“There is something to be said about not limiting everything to a period drama.”

Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor (pictured) has revealed that she's moved back to Britain

Phoebe Dynevor from Bridgerton (pictured) revealed she has returned to Britain.

The star, who also played pottery pioneer Clarice Cliff in recent film The Colour Room, hints this may be her last season on Bridgerton (pictured)

The Bridgerton star who played Clarice Cliff, the pottery pioneer, hint that this could be her final season (pictured).

With a reputed fortune of £220 million, Ed Sheeran scarcely needs to give music lessons. 

The singer will be giving tips for songwriting during an online seminar in January.

The course won’t come cheap, with aspiring stars needing to part with almost £1,000 for the weekend masterclass. 

Sheeran won’t take any money, but he will be doing it for Luke Concannon as a gesture of goodwill.

Sheeran was a desperate worker before he reached the top. He claimed that he had learned everything imaginable about playing, writing, and singing from Concannon.

Miriam Clegg, Sir Nick Clegg, and Miriam Clegg never miss an opportunity to show off their right-on credentials. 

Lady Clegg even put a snowman on her tree this year to highlight diversity. 

‘There is a white man at the very top — Silicon Valley encapsulated into a Christmas tree,’ she says. 

Is she forgetting her husband? A failed politician who is now a top Silicon Valley executive at Facebook and a white man. 

Sienna: Social media has never been a friend to mine

Sienna Miller is a celebrity who has become too obsessed with social media.

39-year-old actress says that she does not like Instagram or Facebook, because “a lot of the world is made by people that were slightly on the right side.” [autism] spectrum. A ‘like’, a “friend” or “respective friend” to anyone on the spectrum is sufficient.

Sienna Miller, 39, says she avoids the likes of Instagram and Facebook

Sienna Miller (39), says that she avoids Instagram and Facebook.

‘You’ve got this many ‘followers’ or this many ‘friends’ — even the words freak me out. It’s almost cultish.

She added: “Even my closest friends, who seem to be really engaged with it,” she said.

After canoodling with Lily James in real life, Dominic West, the Affair star, was pardoned by Catherine, his loving wife. 

He still considers himself a baddie. 

The 52-year old says he is too tired to be the next 007 and dismisses the possibility of him becoming the new one. It’s something I want to do, but it’d be great to be a bad guy.

Lily, when asked about her high-jinks with West in Rome, replied demurely, “Ach, that’s not something I want to discuss.” I have a lot of things to share, but it’s not the time right now.

It’s all white for Toff on her pal’s big day

Georgia Toffolo, looking stunning in a strapless ivory dress and holding a delicate white bouquet, could be mistaken for Georgia.

She wore white to the wedding in White of Polly-Anna Monckton’s friend Polly Anna Monckton (niece of Margaret Thatcher’s eccentric friend Viscount Monckton), and was an I’m A Celebrity Winner.

Georgia Toffolo (pictured far right), 27, was not afraid to wear white at the wedding of her best friend Polly-Anna Monckton

Georgia Toffolo (pictured at far right), 27-year-old Georgia was comfortable wearing white to the wedding of PollyAnna Monckton.

Toff joked that she tried to steal the show but failed miserably. Emilia Wickstead was her royal favorite dress. She then added: “What a wonderful day.”

My guess is that Polly-Anna (lawyer) would have forgiven Toff for his fashion faux pas. Her father, a monk of St Benedict, was once her partner in marriage.

Mx and match titles on Fortnum’s “woke” Fortnum’s

That bastion of tradition, Fortnum & Mason, has gone ‘woke’. 

A Queen’s grocer now caters for gender-neutral customers, and offers the title “Mx” when they submit details online.

The Piccadilly store is a London-based shop that offers a variety of titles for those looking for less trendy titles. These include Brigadier and HRH, Dame, Colonel, and General.

Some people who don’t believe they are male or female prefer to call themselves Mx and campaign to have this allowed on official documents.